BHVR is going a little too far


I understand BT base kit, but now you are giving community more base kit perks. You shouldn't really do it becouse in no time community will start asking for more, and BHVR being BHVR can't say no. If they dont stop we will soon have Kindred Basekit, Tenacity Basekit, Selfcare Basekit and worst of all probably ######### load of killer perk's basekit.

Soon you will have a problem of no killers, becouse everyone will leave due to game being too survivor sided. What are you going to do then? Probably buff killer to the point where survivors will leave, and then you will buff survivors so killers leave again Repeat

Also keep in mind that giving survivors basekit stuff like UB is a horrible idea just becouse camping and tunneling will SKY ROCKET.

Just say ,,No'' if someone asks for X perk basekit. It's not like they are going to leave the game just becouse of it.