Killers how do you make DBD interesting and or fun for survivor?

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In a pool of Blights, Nurses and Weskers with your typical meta perks and builds (Lethal Pursuer, Scourge Hooks, Eruption etc) how do "you" make the game more fun to play or interesting for other players?


- I play weaker killers like Clown and Trapper (I play 13 killers in total)

- I "sometimes" use non meta perks and builds like for example, Distressing Hag, Clown, Trapper and Wesker (Sloppy Butcher/Claurophobia/Unnerving Presence/Distressing)

- Although i like Wesker i stopped using him bc there are too many Weskers right now

- I play Hag

- I play Body Block Hag

- I play No Way Out Trapper

- I play Twins

-I play all Hexes on killers sometimes

- I "never" burn moris ever

- I never use iris

Good thing for players like me and your welcome! )



  • Objectively_speaking

    I play pig with this build

    Terminus\Noed if you do not have Terminus

    Survielence <For listening to gens and being able to chase with no worries can be swaped out for fun>.

    DeadLock <For people who work on gens even with a headtrap on this forces them into a lose lose situation>

    Hex plaything <If all four are lit you can just walk everywhere and it makes them have even more to do>.

    Addons can be whatever you want but Rule Set 2, and slow release toxin help with them losing no matter what.

    I use this build to jumpscare survivors and it is pretty decent with ambush addons too!.

  • Sava18
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    Welp I play 100% blight when im not duoing survivor. I play for chases and Usually take no slow down or only pain res. I'll slug in end game against really altruistic swfs but everything else is on the survivor. If you have a chance for a good chase then there should be nothing to complain about, right?

  • Veinslay
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    I play insidious camping Bubba to give the hook rescuer a big jump scare! Then I hit 'em on the hook

  • HugTheHag
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    Though I think the killer should be fair so that no one's experience is ruined, I don't think the killer has to make the game fun for survivor.

    That being said, I put comedy above efficiency as killer, so I will tend to :

    Give them unsafe unhooks. If the person I'm chasing runs towards the hook to unhook before stage 2 because no one else did, I'll pause the chase a couple of meters from the hook and resume chasing the unhooker after they're done saving their friend.

    Give them a second chance if they trapped themselves. I've seen my fair share of survivors hiding in a corner where I could get my first hit / down them for free, but I'll generally look at them for a second, walk back and gesture for them to run, give them a little chase.

    I don't think everyone should play like this and I don't expect the same when I play survivor, I just think it's funny and I truly do not care if a couple more survivors escaped because I played a bit goofy. :)

  • mizark3
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    I just don't play in a manner that I wouldn't want to face when playing Survivor. If they play in a way that feels cheesy or annoys me they lost my desire to not do that back to them.

    There is nothing I dislike more than when they betray my trust. For example taking back the gift item to me when I gave them Hatch/Gate. I have started to injure gate Survivors just be be able to down them should they try anything funny. That being said if I'm looking for Hatch and wiggle you off my shoulder because I gave up, feel free to pick your item back up. I've already alt-tabbed waiting for you to find it.

  • Nirgendwohin
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    today out of 45 games two were funny because of boop the snoot.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    My builds are always randomized, so I like to think survivors will get an unexpected build that maybe shows off a power that actually makes it a little more challenging to understand what I have.

    If a survivor is clearly new, I'll go easy on them after the first hook, and whilst I ignore clicky survivors for attention, the one time I won't is if the survivor I'm chasing is clearly learning, and their more experienced friend is trying to save then.

    I avoid tunnelling mostly, although if an injured survivor who has been rescued wanders into my path I will attack them if there's nobody else, especially to hope they get the message to escape somewhere safer in future.

    Finally, if there is clear messing about going on, I'll get involved, so long as it's not working with a survivor to get the others. In fact, when a survivor has tried that, or is BMing another survivor, I will punish that idiot.

  • PaintedDeath
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    I just try not to be a jerk about it. I dont tunnel, or camp. Slugging if it's part of my game plan, Ala Oni or something, but that should just be expected.

    I always try to come up with insidious and creative builds to give them a run for their money

  • TicTac
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    I try to give survivors a challenge. I try to win. Really hard. Well, im not using facecamping or busted addons. But if i can force a second stage/dead, im doing it. And im not toxic. No endless slugging, hook hitting etc.

  • TotemSeeker91
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    Not tunnel or camp

    I'm not really returned with a thanks or a meme moment, but it's whateves, I never plan on doing those tactics

    ... I guess unless I play trapper, I'll put a trap in the closest patch of grass after I hook a survivor, but I won't put it directly under the hook

  • TotemSeeker91
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    Yes, don't be the change you want to see, just add to the problem

  • Akumakaji
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    One of my favorite builds is a full blown late game Myers: NoWayOut, RememberMe, BloodWarden, NOED

    Well dosed application's of Myers power keeps the survivors on their toes and I usually make it my goal for the round to hook everyone at least once and to give the obsession some extra love for full RememberMe stacks. I sometimes kill someone off when given the opportunity, but the true fun begins Inc the endgame when the survivors can already taste the victory.

    Most don't expect a NOED with Myers and often the panic is palpable. Ideally I down two then wait for the exit gates to open and proc bloodwarden.

    I usually let 1 or 2 go, but last week had a game were I got a 4k through Bloodwarden. The last survivor was a good sport and called me "utterly evil".

    Another good one is Dredge with BBQ, Lethal Pursuer, Jolt. Because BBQ isn't meta anymore few to none survivors try to counter it anymore and I get so many jumpscare attacks at survivors who are just chilling in a corner, self caring, when I suddenly burst out of a locker and am all over them.

  • Edilibs
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    People complain about Blight "alot" and rightfully so! He's top 2 killer in the game and very common to go against. For these reasons although he "can" be fun to go against Blight is your typical "top tier" so not alot of positive things will be said about him.

  • ChurchofPig
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    When I play killer how do I make the game fun for my opponents? That's easy, I don't. It's not my job. My job is to kill them.

  • Sava18
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    Depends a lot of time I am running shadowborne, bbq and lethal only with random sets of add-ons. 90%(at least) don't really know how to play vs blight so they hate him. Half the player base will still attempt w vs him. But with out the 3 busted add-ons he has there is lots of room for counterplay. Most people don't even know what a wiggle is. Plus unless my queue times are long then I get people sweating, they know what they are getting into.

  • RaSavage42
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    Sometimes I play "The Observer Wraith"

    I run:


    Faster Cloaking and Faster action speeds while Cloaked (I forgot what they are called... LOL)


    TOTH- To know when a Survivor either cleanses or Boons a Totem (or all of them)

    Fire Up- To have my action speeds increased (plus it's not all that effective with how I play this... more on that later)

    Discordance- To know when Survivors group up on Gens (again more on that later)

    Whispers- To know where Survivors are (for the most part)


    I stay Cloaked for the entire match... sometimes I fake coming Uncloaked... and just observe what the Survivors do... maybe take a chase or two... not hook anyone

  • BaschFonRonsenburg

    I don’t want survivors to ever think it’s the killers responsibility in any way shape or form to make the game fun and entertaining. That’s up to them to decide as it’s completely subjective. I play to have fun, not to make sure other players are having fun

  • xni6_
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    i play the game. if i try to make it "interesting" 5 gens will be done since ive done some strange thing that wasnt pressuring survivors, or ive run perks that dont help with gens or give me info.

    so i just play my best, survivors dont do anything to make the game interesting for me, so i dont with them.

    if survivors started running off meta, and started being interesting instead of comp dropping every pallet and playing as efficiently as humanly possible, then maybe id start playing with more interesting builds, but the game just doesnt allow for that right now

  • Laluzi
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    I like weird builds. Devour and Plaything are staples (the latter is really fun with Retribution), but I've also been playing a few wacky builds lately - 'where is she' Sadako with Dark Devotion, Nemesis, Rancor (RIP), and Coulrophobia has been a favorite, though the lack of gen regression means she gets blitzed hard if they're organized. Some others include pallet melter Ghostface with Brutal Strength and Fire Up, and Mega Legs Myers with Bamboozle, Superior Anatomy, and Coup de Grace.

    I'm pretty non-tunnely and I'll go for the unhooker if I can. I don't like removing players from the game too early and if I keep running into the same survivor while the others haven't been hooked much, I'll give them a few freebies where I slug them instead of death hooking them. (All bets are off when there's 1-2 gens left, though.)

    If I end up totally dominating, like 8 hooks at 4 gens left, I usually feel bad and just ######### around. If the survivors acknowledge me, we can meme and I'll let them all go - if not, I'll let them get a few more points before they die.

    No Mither survivors are gigachads and I'll always let them go unless they're playing gross unhookable builds. Similarly, I won't kill anyone who brings streamers/cake (you can tell who used what in the offerings screen as long as every survivor brought something.) I also like to mess around and I'll let people go for being cute or surrendering, which is why my MMR is low enough to get away with playing no-slowdown builds and still sometimes winning.

    Pretty sure people still despise me for playing Plague, Hag, and Artist, though. (Other frequent fliers are Nemesis, Whiskers, Pig, and Wraith.)

  • DoritoHead
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    My attitude toward the game in general is if I wouldn’t enjoy playing against it, I don’t do it. This doesn’t really apply to what killers I play but it does apply to builds, tactics, and addons.

    Knowingly using builds and tactics the other side doesn’t enjoy only because they “don’t appreciate it when I play nice” is really entitled imo.

  • VicRatlhead
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    I play pretty similarly. Although if the other three survivors allow that first hook to get all the way through I shift to total no mercy mode. It's funny how much it pisses me off to watch a survivor I left alone on hook get through both phases with no rescue.

  • Ricardo170373
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    if i try make survivors happy or make their match fun or try anything else, i will suffer and be bullied. so, Never. This game was a casual game, today every game seems a world championship where you need save your mother's life. for the both sides.

  • Akumakaji
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    His meme add-on that gives you a terror radius while cloaked is surprisingly effective and a lot of fun.

    The fast moving terror radius messes with survivors perception and they don't know what to expect. You can also hound them down while cloaked, it feels a lot of fun.

  • Ricardo170373
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    Ok, sometimes i try play Sadako with dragons grip and insidious, it a quite fun sometimes.

  • duygu
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    i'll always play the most "tryhard" way (as some ppl would call it) because i will hard tunnel, hard camp, and use the best builds, but that being said sometimes i will let the remaining survivors finish generators and escape, when i realize that they are genuinely bad at the game, so that they can get their bloodpoints and excuse the unfair matchmaking.

  • BenOfMilam
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    I enjoy having little moments with the survivors. I play normally for most of the game, not try hard'ing and not going easy on them. If a chance to meme and enjoy a funny moment together comes along, then I take it. I win most of my games, so I'm not really worried about losing for the sake of having fun with a stranger for a few moments.

    I also like to go for 360 quickscopes with Deathslinger, as well do some funny nodders and do the dance of my people in front of the hook.

  • RaSavage42
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    Yea... maybe... but I haven't been able to play for a while (lack of access and WI-FI

  • Shaped
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    Just run clou, distressing and sloppy every game like most.

  • Edilibs
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    Yeah but some survivors deserve to get slashed on hook! )

    Im not saying that! I try to 4k every game that's not saying anything. You can still play non meta builds or something to make things more interesting and challenging if your into challenging yourself.

    90% of players? Lol that's highly overexagerated! I survived Blights numerous times and i've seen others do too its just hard but also map dependent as well. People go against Blight all the time so it would only make logical sense that they would know how to go against him.

    I gotta say...when people do things like this it makes the game really boring! This is no different than farming to me but not as bad as holding the game hostage!

    Just wanted to add i so respect this! )

    To be fair you cant really blame survivor for playing non-meta! Majority of the time when i use non meta builds my teamates live but i am the only survivor that dies because im thinking of others and not myself!

    Perfect example, earlier i had a game where i used Sabo/Dead Hard/Breakout/Empathy with a Alex's toolbox and the speed and charge add-ons! Saved people from getting hooked three different times against a Blight and i wasted so much of the killers time that they got all the gens done. Problem? The killer was tired of my sh** and basement hooked and camped and "no one" took the liberty of trying to get me, well two of them did but the one i saved the most just opened the exit gates showing his lack of empathy (ironically lol) and made no effort to get me with the team and just left with the other two.

    Prime example! I just tried to play different and save my team while they made little to no effort to return the favor but that's dbd solo que for you.

    I totally get you and players like me can be underappreciated and people still be obnoxious by teabagging and trying to make you feel bad but for me personally it also has to do with the fact that im challenging myself which can give me negative results but i do it anyway again to keep things interesting both for me and survivor.

    Lol Claurophobia/Sloppy Butcher/Unnerving Presence/Distressing i love this build on some killers. Survivors really be distressed and they be messing up those skill checks lol

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  • GolbezGarlandGabrant

    As chill as I am, it's hard being a chill killer without coming off as wanting to farm and I know people hate farming killers.

    Probably same when I play survivor. It's impossible to know what is fun for the killer.

    Probably the only way to seem fun is be ghostface and go for jumpscares.

  • edgarpoop
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    I try to play the killer well, not play the build well. There's a big difference between a clearly skilled killer vs a player who is completely carried by their build and add ons. As a survivor, I'm ok with straight up getting outplayed. I'm not ok with losing a 15-20 minute game because someone sucks at chases but has the unga bunga gen kick build with ultra rare add ons. The former is extremely rare and the latter is depressingly common.

    So when I play killer, I'm not loading up on the BS I could take. I'm not playing double range Nurse with 4 slowdowns or MDR/Cherry Blossom Spirit. I'm not running a full on auto-pilot build like CoB/Overcharge/Eruption/Pain Res.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Other than not tunnelling or camping, there isn't anyway to make the game fun for everyone. No matter what you do someone will always be complaining.

    For example you said you play Hag, Trapper, and Twins to make the game fun but I know a LOT of survivors hate those killers, especially Hag.

    You can't please everyone so as long as you are not a jerk, just play what you want.

  • whammigobambam
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    I don't play killer anymore. Too much to manage, not enough reward for the stress involved. I can't imagine a killer going in and worrying about the survivors fun. Any killer that does that must be prone to injury irl.

  • Marigoria
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    I just don’t tunnel or camp.

    I still use any perks/killers I want.

    As survivor sure some killers/perks are boring but I feel like the playstyle is the only factor that can turn a match to completely boring for me.

  • humanbeing1704
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    I usually try to not end games extremely fast because I can understand like a 4 minute game is extremely lame and boring

  • kaeru
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    I don't use noed and gen slowdown perks.

    I can't say I care about survivors fun but I do feel sorry when they lose at 5 gens.

  • HoodedWildKard
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    If a team is struggling against me i tone it down a little, ill avoid tunneling, occasionally slug someone and run after someone else so they can get picked up. And i usually i let the last one go provided they weren't toxic or just hiding the entire game.

  • PlaysByShady
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    I don't go into a match caring about the survivor's fun. I play for my own amusement, their enjoyment is on them.

    That said, if a survivor or two DC early 'cos they're cry-babies, and the remaining players appear to be genuinely trying to play for their objectives, then I'll go easy on them (i.e. slug one at a time) so we both practice chase whilst the other is pushing gens (and then I'll switch targets). And I'll let them escape.

  • Neprašheart
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    I do mostly play with Rin Yamaoka, Minotaurus, or Anna (gotta respect the Mordeo ritual), mood dependable. I do literally never touch other killers, besides Daily rituals.

    I do never run gen. regression perks, unless I've used to run them back then, and in such cases, it's Call of Brine or Oppression, so nothing to complain about.

    I do try to never slug; If I know, they're in SWF or have flashlights, I may slug for around ~20 seconds or so, dependable on the tile's size to see if there's a hiding savior nearby.. Then I hook and run from the hook, mostly trying to intercept the saviors to force one more survivors to leave generators. Works pretty well, or at least used to.. If nothing, I get to generators.

    When it comes to tunneling.. I will literally always ignore my obsession when it comes to Rin, as I have gotten used to using Save The Best For Last for years, saving up those eight Tokens for Rancor's guaranteed kill. Works for me. I do try to go for the rescuer 24/7, but if I can't find the rescuer and only find scratch marks pin-pointing the location of the rescued survivor, I'm forced to tunnel. I don't like it, but the one to blame is the rescuer for exposing the recently unhooked survivor to me. If I find both of them, the rescued survivors gets a getaway card, unless it's the obsession and I have Save The Best For Last; If I don't have Save The Best For Last, I'll go for the obsession aswell, but I'll try to keep my Tokens for the duration of the trial, if possible, but that sometimes makes me too cocky and have the obsession literally run in front of me and do whatever he or she wants for the entire time, so I do usually hit them and see what do they do next..

    I do refuse to camp, unless it's EGC and I have had literally no hooks. I don't care about the amount of hooks or sacrifices that I do get, but I don't feel like letting them all escape, you know..

    Most of my matches in high MMR against SWF premades have been resulting in ~1 - 4 hooks; If I got lucky and got the obsession with Rancor, then I got one outta the match, but I don't care. I have had fun, survivors have had fun, and I've even received a compliment or two.

    With Rancor and the Mori system getting reworked, I'll probably stay away from Dead by Daylight until they add it back. I do refuse to play hook simulator with no animations and watching the dead disappear when sacrificed and taken away from the match. That's right; I do love watching survivors screaming in pain and seeing their corpses.. but if there are no bodies to be found and no killing animations.. I'm not gonna bother. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get a survivor or two matches per a day for hearing them scream in pain, but that's about it. Recently, I have been less and less interested in playing the game, and with those changes.. My interest will furthermore decrease.

  • SMitchell8
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    I play as Tinkerer Oni. Unless you have Spine chill or an swf calls me out, im ambushing the Jeff out of you regardless of how the gen is positioned. If that's not exciting then I don't know what is 😅

  • Katzengott
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    This is BHVRs job, not mine.