Bendy and the ink machine should come into DBD

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TL;DR: bendy and the ink machine would be a amazing chapter in DBD

So I hear lots of content creators talking about what's next for DBD and when they start talking about licensed DLC's they mention the usual choices like Jason, Candyman, ect. But the killer I feel would be so much fun in dead by daylight would be bendy from bendy and the ink machine.

There are few cool things that the devs could do to make this killer feel unique. One example I thought of that would be very cool to implement would be a reality altering killer were the closer the killer got to you the more different the world around the survivor would change.

For bendy it would make the world seem more catroon-ish (like in the bendy game) at like 24 meters then at 16 meters the cartoon world start to flood with ink (like when bendy in near in the game) and when you where 4 meters from the killer the entire world would be black from dripping ink (think of the first chase scene in the game). Not to mention this would allow the survivors with hearing problems to visualize the terror radius which would be a neat bonus.

The actual power for the killer can be anything between his power to phase through walls or the ability to sink into a pool of ink to suddenly appear from another pool of ink somewhere else or just simply the ability to slow down the survivors with ink sorta like a stacking effect which could act like doctor madness which puts the survivors in different tiers of inked.

For those bendy deniers I would like to point out that attack on Titan exist in the game and both bendy and AOT have that cartoon aesthetic. And another thing to note is that in the bendy game you do visit the real world at some point and you get to see a more realistic world before going back into the cartoon world again which means bendy probably can exist in the real world as well.

Besides bendy and the ink machine is a horror game and could easily fit into DBD. Within the bendy and the ink machine game it has very good moments of suspense and jump scares which keep you on your toes. It even has some very interesting concepts that also makes it stand out and keeps it memorable to other people when they see it much later in the future much like other horror movie characters and games.

My final note would be the fact that the new game bendy and the dark revival is now out and with the traction of a second game in the series that is just single player more people might be more willing to play bendy in another game just to get that cartoon vibe.

Thanks for reading to the end especially with my problems with punctuation.

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