Do you use the bots?


Why or why not. If you do use them do you find them helpful to learn a new killer/shake off some rust? Do you play them just for fun?

As for me, it's pretty much a yes across the board. I feel like they're the best addition to the game in a long time.


  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 9,003

    I tried them a few times with the new killer.

    They seem much better than some actual survivors. They will 'hold W' the moment you start heading in their direction, and it makes chases last forever. They're not overly efficient on gens but they're competent with them. They very occasionally get stuck in a vaulting loop, where they will run to a window on a very short unsafe wall, and just hide on one side, slow-vaulting when you move around it.

    So basically you have to commit to a long chase, and then eventually catch them out on a stupid unsafe tile. It's not the most riveting gameplay, and the games aren't fast.

  • Marik1987
    Marik1987 Member Posts: 1,700

    Yes, I am using them. For example to test some stuff, new killers and so on.

    Most of the time they are good for testing new killers.

  • AcelynnBen
    AcelynnBen Member Posts: 1,012

    i do use them to try a certain strategy or perks on certain maps

    but ngl sometimes their pathing feels worst than nemi zombies, they get stuck everywhere, or just keep crouching near a window

  • LegacySmikey
    LegacySmikey Applicant, Member Posts: 541
    edited December 2022

    I used them 3 times on release l just to show my kids a few mori animations they'd never seen.

    Will probably give them a go when I finally play new killers I've never used but it confirmed to me without massive AI buffs once this game is done with its current online version even if bots & offline are a thing I'll still be done with the game.

    Sad day that will be (hope I get mori murdered by Oni in my last ever game)

  • Solomonkane
    Solomonkane Member Posts: 112

    I've used bots mainly to practice drift billy before going into real matches.

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    I dont use them cause no BP means no point in spending time in this game for me.

    But I like them and hope they are helping players when testing lots of stuff

  • BrightWolf
    BrightWolf Member Posts: 402

    Yes, I use them when I don't feel like playing against real people, especially when I'm first timing a new killer or testing out new builds.

    They're competent enough to give me (admittedly a new player) a run for my money but they're also not overly punishing either, there are a few odd quirks with their pathing and a few other things that are more than a little challenging. Such as them having an ESP with stealth killers, which is a pain in the ass when trying to practise Sadako and Ghost Face, they also seem to know when killers like Legion activate their power and can dodge like pros when against Trickster or Huntress. But I suppose that's the beauty of the bots, is that they couldn't be too dumb that they offer no challenger or super mega smart terminators that would suck all of the fun and chance to learn out of the game.

  • Phantom_
    Phantom_ Member Posts: 1,275

    Yush! I've used them to learn Wesker's powers, perks and add-ons! As well as to try out perk builds I usually wouldn't and get the hang of those!

    It was hilarious how they accidentally t-bag or sandbag one another 🤣 There's been one or two that can give you such a pretty decent chase, love it!

  • MaTtRoSiTy
    MaTtRoSiTy Member Posts: 1,800

    I use them to practice Billy sometimes as I find him impossible to play as he is so going into live matches would be miserable. I also have used them to learn the basics of killer powers as I am finally getting around to playing all the killers I own but never played.

    They are a useful tool for learning basics but no match for human opponents and I could never only play against them over real opponents. You learn their quirks pretty quickly and it becomes only useful for getting used to basic mechanics rather than mastery of a killer

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,147

    I've messed around with them, but being bots they are highly expoitable.

    Bots vs Pinhead: The bots only attempt to solve the box while you are carrying a survivor. They also don't understand to dodge the chains.

    Bots vs Nemesis Zombies: I've seen the bots get by zombies so much without even being around so I don't think they fully understand to avoid the zombie.

    Bots also love to run to the edge of the map and run around a Z wall.

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 22,637

    I think it's great to use the bots to practice if you don't have a full group for a custom match...they're not going to feel like you're playing against a "real" survivor for the most part but they're pretty good. It's also great for getting the hang of a killer power before playing on the Live game, I definitely like that time to practice and get to know the power...and for me, I'm practicing throwing hatchets at them, because I really want to get good with Huntress but my hatchet throwing skills are abysmal!

  • GRIG0
    GRIG0 Member Posts: 274

    I do for:

    - Trying killers like hillbilly to understand some collisions

    - Testing some perk combinations

    - Understanding add-ons I've never used

    - Playing killer at times where killer queues take too long and I really don't feel like waiting


    I like them, the only think I dislike is when they go to the edges of the map and always behave the same at those windows 🤣

    I find some killers like ghostface particularly annoying against bots tho, they always seem to look at you and reveal you from distances and angles that i rarely experience when versing players lol.

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,147

    Speaking of Ghostface. Bots also seem to always know when you are approaching them regardless of LoS while you are shroud. Makes testing out stuff with Ghostface much harder, because it's nearly impossible to sneak up on bots.

  • Volcz
    Volcz Member Posts: 1,126

    Nope. Used it on the PTR, didn't like how bad the bots were. Legit running to the corners of the map and running around a wall with a window, vaulting back and forth through it, etc.

    I also just typically prefer real interactions with real people, but I do see the incentive for people who want to learn a new killer or practice without any stress.

    Its a nice addition and maybe the AI has been improved but its not really for me, per say. Enjoy though.

  • tippy2k2
    tippy2k2 Member Posts: 5,111

    I do not

    I play DBD for the multiplayer and playing against robots kind of goes against that

    Don't get me wrong though, it's great they've added the option for people who do want them for whatever their reasons, I'm just not interested in them

  • Grumblephant
    Grumblephant Member Posts: 79

    Yeah sometimes. More to get used to maps and to try out builds. Using bots will never replace actual human brain and reflexes, but can be entertaining to a degree. But I've said before, these guys are skittish, playing as GF or Pig and if you crouch, the second you're in the general area of a bot, they book it to the edge of the map.

  • SweetTerror
    SweetTerror Member Posts: 2,695

    I absolutely love playing against the bots. Not only is it a great way to practice, but I don't have to worry about sweaty matches as killer. If I'm in the need for blood points or shards then I'll hop into a live match, but otherwise I'm perfectly content playing with the bots. No one is guaranteed to DC, and no one will be toxic in game or in end game chat. It really is the best thing that BHVR has added to the game in a long time.

  • JoeyDonuts
    JoeyDonuts Member Posts: 106

    I play against the bots when I'm at work and using cloud gaming.

  • Beatricks
    Beatricks Member Posts: 857

    Quite a lot actually! It's very nice to just chill and not get genrushed in 4 minutes if I'm not packing 4 slowdown perks.

  • TheSubstitute
    TheSubstitute Member Posts: 2,292

    The bots can be incredibly realistic. As an example, to see what they would do I stayed close by a hook on the second last bot. The last bot only got of his locker and ran for hatch after the bot sacrificed its teammate for a better chance to get hatch. What better imitation of at least a quarter of solo queue could you get?

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,147

    Another thing I've noticed with bots is that they will often let their teammates go on to next stage. I wanted to see bot behavior vs plague, but everyone died on 1st hook because chasing a bot near hook made it so other bots wouldn't go for save.

    Bots seem to just cleanse against plague. I tried with both thana and without thana and the bots just cleansed when they got fully infected. Though they will let themselves get fully infected while working on a gen with another survivor and then leave to cleanse.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
    JustAnotherNewbie Member Posts: 1,941

    I use them sometimes when I try Nurse. She's so bad on controller and much more intuitive on mouse and keyboard, it's insane.