Killers, what frustrates you in the game?


As the titles states: Killers, what frustrates you about the game?

I'll go first. One thing I find really frustrating me as of late is speed hackers and the difficulty in knowing whether they are actually hacking, as it tends to be somewhat subtle. I know they are still in the game because I know for certain I ran into at least one last night and possibly one today. That's far too many.

Another thing that frustrates me is the number of vaults and pallets survivors get in a match to gain distance from a killer. I do think that maps should have pallets and vaults, but I question the number on many of the maps.



  • GRIG0
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    • Big maps for low mobility killers, patrolling gens can be a pain and boring, specially versus ninja survivors.
    • Some pallet hitboxes.
    • Boons, im not entirely against them, bit can be frustrating in good hands xD.
    • People that DC at first down (i hate this as survivor too tho).
    • Survivors that spam sounds.
    • Some tiny objects in maps for Billy (Bubba too but i barely play him).
    • Billy, but i love him.
    • The time it takes to swap between Victor and Charlotte.
    • Map offerings.
    • BM towards me or other players (this applies as survivor too).
    • The prices of killer skins when u cannot see them most of the time (other than arms/weapons).

    There are more related to specific killers like Pinhead's chains (the ones u control) but don't want to make it any longer.

  • Unimatrix00
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    People who DC period, I would say. Anytime I play Pinhead, Nemesis, Plague, Legion, etc I get people DCing before they are even in a chase with me. For all they know I could be the worst Pinhead in the game, but nope, they dip right out of there. Once one goes, another tends to follow. It's stupid and then I don't know whether to play sweaty so the others can get to the next match asap, or to go lax and let the survivors win, but that means they spend more time in a game that isn't very fun. I always flip flop between which one they probably want.

  • Thusly_Boned
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    I could name a bunch of small irritants, but one thing towers above the rest: map imbalance.

    Except when using a small handful of killers, whether or not you have a good chance of winning depends largely on what map you load into. With some killer/map combos, you're just screwed unless the survs are bad.

    I would say DCing survs, but honestly that is more irritating to the remaining survs than the killer.

  • Chaos999
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    Frustrate me?

    Mmm. Sometimes when I load into a game the games doesn't recognize my controller input for movement (yet it functions fully in the menus).

    This forces me to either swith to KB&M, which I don't like because I play comfortably from my couch, go afk and wait for the match to end so I can close and restart the game or just DC and take the downtime.

    It's annoying because I have no way to predict this will happen. Bonus points when I choose the second option and the survivors decide to not do gens and flock around me, vaulting pallets nonstop and such.

  • EvilSerje
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    Main thing that frustrate me: myself, the stupid things I make sometimes and that I cannot handle quarter of killers, which people render strong and powerful.

    Second thing: when someone have some personal issues and dc / kill himself. Then I finish whatever challenge I have and let all go.

    Other than that, not much frustration in playing killer. But playing survivor, oh boy.... I can roll out VERY long list.

  • tippy2k2
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    People who DC/Suicide right away

    It sucks for the survivors but it sucks just as much for me as a killer because I play pretty much 50/50 so I'm well aware of how much it sucks for the survivors. So now it's on me to decide how to proceed. I don't really want to just kill everyone ASAP because that sucks as a survivor to just get curb stomped like that. But I don't really want to kill a bunch of time hoping the survivors hammer the gens. Then if the survivors do communicate that they want to farm, there are times where I'm just not interested anymore (either because I've maxed out my score at this point or it's been like....10 minutes and I'm just really looking to get to the next damn match at this point).

    Sucks. As someone above stated, anyone who tries to suicide on hook in my games as the killer get to play a game of "lie here on the floor and think about what you've done". If my match is going to be ruined by whatever baby reasons you had to try to quit at 5 gens, your time is going to equal mine.

    THEFREAK420 Member Posts: 138
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    The Devs and their Non stop nerf everything in the game mission.

    Rage quitters

    Being forced to play with cross play on or never get in a match. I dont want to play against PC players in any game ever. The majority are hackers.

    The Imaginary survivors' rule book.

    The post game messages after not obeying the make believe rules.

    All the begging for nerfs.

    People who dont ready up in lobby

    Only getting 625 pts when people rage quit. A sacrifice gives 5000.

  • Tsela
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    Cheaters. simple as that. It used to be rare but now every second or third match I get a few teleporters after being downed, instant gen repairs. Honestly I'm surprised that the game is still alive with this management. It's hard to find another game with more cheaters than Dead by Daylight :))

  • InvadeGames
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    the amount of safe loops in the game. very few are truly mind gameable, at least in comparison to how soon you'll win a mind game vs just taking down the pallet and forcing them to the next.

    There are very few 50/50 loops. So you have to pray the surv makes a mistake otherwise its flat out impossible to be able to catch them before they are in the right position to stun you as you run around in a circle.

  • StarLost
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    It's not so much 'things' as 'attitudes'.

    Here's what I mean.

    • Load in.
    • Get an early chase.
    • That survivor tries something fancy at a pallet and gets downed.
    • I hook.

    I'd say that there is maybe a 25% chance that either that survivor DCs, suicides or AFKs and a 30% chance that another survivor DCs or AFKs.

    That annoys me.

    Also - giving the last survivor gate or hatch, and they gloat at me in postgame. Argh.

    This. Because it means that, unless I want to DC myself, I've got to play out a slow, inevitable loss as a survivor or a tedious, unfun win as a killer. Plus everyone gets less BP.

    People will DC in games I bring flans to *and another* survivor brings streamers. It's...mindboggling.

    Honestly, if they tripled all DC penalties after the first and made them only decay by playing out non DC games, this game would be 50% better for everyone.

  • Hex_Llama
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    When I purposely don't walk under the pallet but I still get hit by the pallet.

    When I correctly predict the survivor's going to vault and tap M1 to hit them, but then the hit turns into a grab, but then the grab cancels, and then they run away.

    When the survivor wiggles very slightly side to side (without leaving my FOV) and somehow that means I can't hit them.

    When we're near a corner and I turn and hit a random piece of scenery instead of the survivor.

    When survivors become invisible because they're standing close to me.

  • Rulebreaker
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    Alot of minor things but the number 1, top of the list, grand prize goes to survivors just holding w for EVERYTHING

    We get it. Its the most effective against anyone who doesn't have mobility. But seriously, they hear a beat and they book it to the walls. While its funny to see them fail at this when we play artist, we would like some interaction, skill, or brains (seriously, half them don't even dodge the birds)

  • OmniSkeptic
    OmniSkeptic Member Posts: 21

    The fact that this is the only asymmetrical game I’ve ever seen to not have a map selection system. Give us map vetoes so we can pick a cancerous one or two to not play.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Dead Hard.

  • Sally_S_gay_son
    Sally_S_gay_son Member Posts: 285

    When I ALWAYS get RPD when I want to play Nurse

    When my devour (which is my favourite killer perk and I try to bring it with as many killers it can work on as possible) gets cleansed without even getting 1 down first

  • Okonar_
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    Badham and garden of joy.

  • RainehDaze
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    Maps. Particularly, getting maps really unsuited for who I'm playing when i choose to not lean in to slowdown, then have a terrible time all around.

    Also, how the tiny FOV interacts with basically everything. Those weird zig-zagging door connections in RCPD, for instance. Or having to spin back and forth constantly because someone attached horse blinkers to me.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
    MaTtRoSiTy Member Posts: 1,734

    Maps is obviously a big one for killers as I feel most are generally survivor sided and RNG can be pretty brutal.

    Survivors who don't leave when the match is over and wait until the last second along with survivors who just pre-leave gens and hide constantly.

  • DyingWish92
    DyingWish92 Member Posts: 768

    Maps and the lack of going for chases because the generators will get done to fast if you commit to chases. Maps have to many safe areas and to many pallets. Chases are trash and very survivor sided against 90% of the killer roster.

  • NewPlayer100102
    NewPlayer100102 Member Posts: 515


    Rancid twitch streamers, usually small ones.

    Being called ***, like its a slur. Watching BHVR not perma ban people for that, also very annoying.

  • BrightWolf
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    Things that get me heated: The short list.

    • Me messing up extremely simple things, like missing what could have been an easy down or pressing someone off a gen etc. This is just a me thing that I'm working on, having a short temper is fun.
    • Trying to track survivors through Rotten Feilds or any of the Coldwind maps. I don't know what it is about that map, it's either the lighting, the colours or a combination of many different elements but something about that map just messes with my ability to track and I just end up lost as hell.
    • Maps in general, not that all of them are awful, but many of them just have a lot of unnecessary loops that are just annoying as killer or survivor. It also just ties back in with my dislike for Rotten Feilds, in that I just get lost so easily.
    • Low-mobility killers on large maps, it turns what should be a challenging game into a slog. Especially if I'm not running any gen regression or chase perks, because I don't want to wipe sweat off my controller at the end of the game and I just want a nice chill game.
    • Pallet hitboxes are extremely strange, in the same game I can miss a pallet when I'm literally right under it, but then at the next loop, I'll get hit by the pallet that I'm nowhere near. I know killers have larger hitboxes than survivors, but I shouldn't be hit by something I'm not even under. Though that said, it could be a lag/ping issue.
    • Horrible controller support. Due to IRL wrist issues I use a controller while playing on PC, KB&M is smooth as silk and your character responds with the merest touch or flick. With Controller it is a damn-near nightmare. Honestly, I feel like I'm fighting the camera for control of the killer in some matches, especially when survivors start to get fancy.
    • BM-ing, just don't be a dick. Admittedly this is probably my short temper talking but I can't stand BMers. Killer or survivors. There's no need to be so rude. Please stop waiting at the exit gate for four minutes just to T-Bag me, just leave so we can all go onto our next game.
    • People who DC on the first down or first hook. Up until recently I had crappy internet, so I don't believe that all DCs are from salty rage quitters. But that said, some DCs are too convenient for my liking, their internet/game just happened to have a stroke as they got hooked or were downed. I mean, could be a coincidence, but 90% of the time? I highly doubt it. With the DC's I end up feeling frustrated and confused, do I play nice? Do go whole hog and just kill everyone?

  • Firellius
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    I think one of the things that's really holding killer gameplay back is that you're always on the clock. There's no breathing room.

    When playing survivor, you have moments of downtime when the killer is after someone else. You can get healed, heal someone, maybe do a totem, most likely you'll be doing a gen. With killer, you can't do that. You are either looking for a survivor, in a chase with a survivor, or bringing said survivor to the hook. You're always on the clock. You have to keep going with no chance for a moment of respite to take the pressure off.

    It's also why Cenobite is my favourite killer. Although I really love the playmaking potential of Pyramid Head's power, if, as Cenobite, you pick up the box and unseal it, you can at least be assured that there's almost zero progress being made on gens. That kind of momentary pause on the pressure is super satisfying to get, as you can commit to a chase or afford to make a mistake or two while the chain hunt is maintained.

    I really think this is at the root of a lot of killer frustration in the game, and it's really annoying that 6.1.0, rather than fixing this, basically just copy pasted the same issue over to the survivor side.

  • Beatricks
    Beatricks Member Posts: 857

    What doesn't? The fact that the game wasn't designed for constant communication between survivors and voice chat gives a ridiculously huge advantage to SWFs?

    The fact that the overwhelming majority of maps have strong pallets that can be chained together and if you are playing someone without anti-loop you can lose the first three gens before you first down?

    The fact that on top of these issues items and perks can win survivors games where they played poorly?

    The only fun in this game is going up against a SoloQ team or a wannabe bully squad that can't actually loop or efficiently do gens.

  • egg_
    egg_ Member Posts: 1,933

    Getting auto aimed

    DEMONANCE Member Posts: 800

    maps and dead hard

  • Jay_K
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    For me the thing that frustrates me the most as Killer (and survivor when i play it) is Meta gameplay.

    I'm at the point now where every single game i go against 2 or 3 players running gen rush builds and its just boring as F. If 3 gens fly in the first 30 - 60 seconds when im activly trying to defend them i now just scrap the game, afk and then go next.

    It's the same when playing survivor for the most part. My team either all runs gen rush and ignores rescues or the killer is running the eruption meta which is again very boring.

    This could very easily be solved with a second game mode that addressed meta game play or by behaviour actually balancing the perks a little better (both killer and survivor)

  • TheSubstitute
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    Survivors DCing and ragequitting. I purposely avoid camping and alternate hooks on survivors. Kills almost never occur before the 5th hook and generally start happening on the 7th and 8th hook. I still see ragequitting and DCing. The whole 'people DC because of camping and tunneling!' argument is BS. I've had DCs on games where I wanted to farm since the survivors brought flans or streamers and I wasn't going to kill anyone.

    The delta between the weakest and strongest Killers is too large. Some Killers really need buffs and QoL updates.

    It may seem odd here but solo queue icons. They're coming but I want them sooner so the impact on Killers and the subsequent rebalancing can happen.

    I used to find it annoying when survivors try to BM after a match where I took it easy on them, gave Hatch, etc but now I just laugh. If your game sense and/or level of overall intelligence is so poor you can't figure out I took it easy you're not intelligent enough to get annoyed by.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    New dead hard. Its the only thing that irks me .... besides bodyblocking at hooks.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Member Posts: 13,342

    Losing because of balance problems instead of because I was outplayed.

    You can play perfectly as killer and still lose if the survivors didn't make mistakes.

  • Anti051
    Anti051 Member Posts: 547

    Dead Hard,

    It's essentially 'Armor Lock' from 'Halo: Reach.'

    It generates the same vibe as the kid who refuses to be out in dodgeball after they get hit.

    If the gameplay in DbD is all mind-gaming, why should a player just be allowed to excuse themselves from the core aspect of the game if they screw up?

    It'd sure be interesting if the killer just pressed E within 0.5 seconds of a pallet stun and the survivor took damage anyway....Oh wait, that would be complete BS because the killer wouldn't actually have to be good at anything.

  • Unimatrix00
    Unimatrix00 Member Posts: 455

    Another thing that I don't get and it can tick me off is when you manage to down a survivor at the exit gates, and for some reason, you aren't able to pick them up, even if they haven't quite made the "finish line".

  • MrPeanutbutter
    MrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 1,586

    Multiple god loops strung together and getting matched against ultra-sweaty SWF squads when I play during peak hours

  • solarjin1
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    Just imagine if survivors had a option to ban 1 or 2 killers they don't wanna face...

  • Anomalist
    Anomalist Member Posts: 39

    When people said and still say that Slinger is a broken Killer. His counterplay was literally as simple as running away early, not running in a straight line, faking the vault and pathing, etc.

  • Steakdabait
    Steakdabait Member Posts: 1,259

    extremely safe play. It's just super boring when survivors pre run 2-3 business weeks before i get to the gen and then comp drop.

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

    When the map is gigantic. Also invisible walls. I swear the number of times I've had Bubba go into a tantrum after hitting thin air...

  • Nirgendwohin
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    The lobby times are to high for me. Thats why i dont play killer anymore.

  • Katzengott
    Katzengott Member Posts: 1,205

    Playing fair and getting tbagged at the end as a reward aka punishing the next team i'll verse.

  • MeltingPenguins
    MeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,742


    There is a special kind of frustration to those moments when your brain tells you 'The Patch Is Clear', and you throw your hatchet, shoot your gun, dash forward, and to be stopped by a single pixel of some shrubbery.

  • AverageKateMain
    AverageKateMain Member Posts: 949

    I hate how someone's lag literally pushes me away and allows someone to get to a pallet safely

  • Xendritch
    Xendritch Member Posts: 1,842

    Map Offerings.

    Nothing makes me feel like I'm wasting my time more than a SWF with stacked items taking me to eyrie. If it's random chance I get that map so be it but being setup to fail is feelsbadman.

  • Mew
    Mew Member Posts: 1,828

    predrop-hold W when im playing an m1 killer without sf/enduring