Fun Moments From The Event Thus Far! Especially Snowmen.

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Team had a suicider, so I got them to their death hooks and let them do two gens (flan game, if I recall).

Although, I was also going to have my fun.

Be vewwy vewwy quiet...

Claudette got the invisible car she wanted for Christmas. Seriously though, no idea how this happened, but she was stuck flying around like this for a good while.

Unlocked at last! Dammit, why does Dredge have two of the best event skins ever? Also - all the spiders.

Got any more good ones?


  • Grumblephant
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    When playing Killer, I usually screw around in a snowman if I'm way ahead of schedule, multiple hooks, No gens done, etc. Especially during Nightfall as Dredge, you can tell Survivors get spooked when you pop out of snowman in the darkness. I could always get a couple of high fives or whatever.

    As survivor. Nope, nothing but smacked around and put on a hook. I literally only use the snowmen to hide from the killer. Oh well, can't expect a serial killer maniac to have festive fun all the time.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    I think I've only found one killer who wanted to play around with Snowmen. Everytime I get in one I get hit out of it.

    I had bond on so I knew Dwight was getting chased etc. And while I was doing a gen I see a snowman coming my way (Deathslinger) so I simply decided to join him and then Nea also joined us, later Mikaela as well.

    What you can't see is, after Mikaela comes out of the Snowman and goes to do a gen we proceed to shame her in a circle. I don't remember if Dwight ever joined us and if he did it was for a short time, I think he was scared or something.

  • StarLost
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    I was letting survivors play around in them, before I got shouted at in post-game. I guess they get bonus BP plus there's a tome for it.

    If I give someone gate, I will let them escape in one though :)

    I've found a handful of uses for them on survivor. They are basically an extra locker for avoiding aura reading, and you can use them to completely block certain projectiles if you use them as cover.