Last Survivor Etiquette - What Do *You* Do?

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Unless someone has been blisteringly BM, spent the entire match hidden or AFK or otherwise were a deliberate detriment to their team, I'll generally give the last survivor hatch or gate. If there was a quitter, I may even give more survivors gate.

However, this can often lead to either frustrating or hilarious situations like:

  • You find hatch. You try to lead that survivor to hatch, but they insist on running away. So you close hatch and let them get gate, only to realize by the end of the countdown that they went AFK in a locker.
  • Canadian standoffs (both players trying to be polite, with the survivor trying to be hooked and the killer trying to let them out).
  • You give them hatch or gate, only to be accused of 'deranking' in postgame?

So - what do you do with the last survivor, assuming they tried?

Survivors - do you prefer hatch, gate or just to die?


  • tippy2k2
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    As a killer, I have a few "rules" for when I give out Hatch

    1. Do I feel like it? This is the most important rule for obvious reasons. I usually do feel like it but there are times when I need to get a challenge done or for whatever reason, I'm just not really feeling all that merciful.
    2. Did the survivor BM during the match? If they did, they do not get the hatch, regardless of whether they fulfill every other rule
    3. Did they impress me? During the trial, I try to keep in mind that if I have the option, X person is the one I want to allow to live. Usually it's because they impressed me in a chase with a slick move or they did something incredibly altruistic for the good of the team
    4. The Lottery. If the survivor didn't do anything impressive that made me decide they deserve the Hatch, the last shot they have is what I call The Lottery. Basically once I down them and start moving to the hook, if on the way to the hook I hear the hatch, I'll drop them at it instead of hooking them. Basically dumb luck for the survivor

    As a survivor, I don't care in either direction. I certainly won't say No to a hatch if the killer deems me worthy and/or takes pity on me but I don't ever expect it

  • proxy_taxfraud
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    When my needs are satisfied I'll think about yours. And if you haven't been a crook all game long I'll give hatch.

    Few days ago I had a match with what I thought to be at least 3man swf and a random claudette.

    Because those 3 guys did nothing but f* around (map offering, purple flash, sabo, map offering, etc..).

    Killed all 3 of them, let the claudette grab the purple flashlight, farm some points and get out.

    I got a soft spot for qt claudettes.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    If they were a sweaty squad and I had to work hard for the win then I wont give hatch/door... but then sometimes I will.

    If they left their team mates to die then I wont give hatch/door...but then sometimes I will.

    I cant be bothered slugging for a 4k though unless I am doing an adept or 1 pip off securing rank 1 for the month. But generally I cant be bothered and will just tab out of game while they find the hatch or open the door

  • Grandpa_Crack_Pipe
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    I give them hatch if they were sufficiently cute enough.

  • StarLost
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    One thing that I'll always give hatch/gate for - again, unless you've been BM - is when you get one really cracked survivor and 3 potatoes.

    I wish killers could send out a ping, so I don't have to go looking for the person when I want to give hatch XD.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Yeah I was playing Myers last night and I closed hatch but had what would be an ideal door spawn if I cared.

    I knew she was scared so I literally crossed to the other side of the map so she could get the doors but she hid until EGC claimed her lol

  • H2H
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  • illumina
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    How can you effectively say that you know what the 1 person is doing though? I've had matches where I've completed couple gens, rescued other survivors and still be at 0 hooks. I've even had matches where I've intentionally ran to the chase to try and take chase off but the 1-2 hook injured survivor is the juicier target so I go and recover and work on gens again. So how do you really know who is "hiding" and not doing anything?

    It works in the killers favor if all survivors are trying to be altruistic because then no one is working on gens. In solo q, with no aura reading perks, we don't know who is going for saves and who is working on gens. I run distortion so killer's can't see my aura either. So it sounds to me that your decisions are based off of assumptions, emotions, whims. Which is totally fine because you get to decide how you want to play. I just would like to know how you figure which survivor is the dead weight.

  • StarLost
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    I can generally tell, as I tend towards heavy info and aura reading. If you're basically invisible all match or doing the 'locker hopping while avoiding AFK crows' - I'm going to make it a sidequest to end you.

    It's also fairly obvious when an 1800 hour Meg gets put onto a team with a 200 hour Ace and two 60 hour Dwights. That Meg will probably get hatch or gate if she survives that long.

  • Quizzy
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    If they are invisible throughout the match and still managed to do their objectives and you want to end them for being a good stealth player, i think thats just a skill issue on your part. Also, that's weird behavior, but its your decision of course

  • illumina
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    Can you clarify? What is this "heavy info"? Like I said, I run distortion and a majority of matches it never stays at 0. If I'm doing gens, rescuing survivors but just so happen to never see you because you are in a different chase then what is this information you are using to determine if I'm invisible all match or not?

    We are deemed to be bad teammates if we don't purposefully run to the killer to take a hook if everyone else is at 2 hooks, is that it? There is a post about tunneling and camping being "legal" tactics and so people should stop complaining. Then we're told to "git gud" if we can't forever loop. Avoiding killers while still trying doing objectives and trying to survive is legal tactics. So on this basis, I would be someone you would "end" because you haven't seen me all match and I don't willingly put myself in front of your face?

    Again, I would like to know what information you are using to determine what you do.

  • GRIG0
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    I love ending matches in a "friendly" way since it releases tension on both sides. Unless they BM, afk, etc. I give them hatch or gates.

    I've even become "friends" with some "bully" squads, you know, the ones that throw the game trying to do fancy stuff xD (i don't blame them since gens are boring as hell). But I don't consider these true BM, more like ppl fooling around.

    If someone DCs at 5 gens or suicide on hook, i always chill with the rest.

    If someone was particularly good, i try to not kill them and give this person hatch, specially when a good survivor reaches second hook because no one rescued them. And I also try to compliment them during chat.

    And if all survivor are cuties or give me their items, i let them live too 😌

    I know, i know, I'm too soft, the Entity is always lecturing me 😩

  • StarLost
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    I have the same problem, especially since I started learning survivor earlier this year. I struggle to be sufficiently mean even when it costs me games.

    This does set up a bit of an unfortunate feedback loop where other people aren't as nice, and then I end up going extra mean for a few games because I'm now annoyed XD

  • kisfenkin
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    Giving the hatch or a gate is a gift to yourself. You are fudging the numbers so BHVR doesn't nerf the overbalance of killers.

    Kill them all! And stop lying to the devs.

  • Xendritch
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    I don't really do anything in particular, I never ever slug for 4k so they always have a chance to find hatch first and if they do good for them if I find it first well unless they have good gates they probably arn't getting out.

  • Grumblephant
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    Pretty much what you said. If I somehow get a 3k, last survivor can have the hatch/open the gate. If you're a butthead, then no, I'm not gonna be nice. As much as I dislike being stunned, BM is uncalled for.

    My thing as survivor is just stun and run. I know it's hard to say chase me in two gestures, but seriously.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    Most of the time I get killed. If killer is nice and the game felt close I feel lucky and give them "<3" in post-chat. If we got absolutely destroyed idk, it feels a bit weird to be honest.

  • Volcz
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    I find that perspective is very different from killer to survivor. Both sides I play.

    I played a match on Crow as survivor, versus Clown. Did 3 gens while my teammates all got in chase. I saved 2 of them, and we were down to 1 gen. But 2 of my teammates had died already while I hadn't been chased once because killer stayed on 1 side of the map and focused on the others. No gen defense or even terror radius near me. Just stayed on the side by shack.

    I start working on the last generator, Claudette comes over to me injured and motions for a heal, I say no lets get this gen progress started in hopes of 1 of us getting out. Terror radius starts so I get off the gen and proceed to start running through the main building, Claudette following me, trying to alert or get the killer after me. Was clear she was mad at me for not healing but I wanted to grab chase while she stayed on the gen. Again, trying to focus on 1 of us getting out whether it was me or her. She didn't stop following me and as I got to a doorway, I decided to stop and block it. Killer shows up right at that moment, sees me blocking the doorway, downs her, chases me, hooks me eventually, and then gives her hatch.

    To me it was odd, since I was the one progressing the match or trying to play it out. But the killer showed up to only see me blocking doorway so in his eyes, I was the bad guy.

    Anyways, I try to always get gate as survivor. I'll accept hatch if it was very clearly not a fun game for the killer or I and they insist. But in those matches, I usually stop caring about getting out or being hooked. Most killers aren't going to be nice or considerate, better to just accept that and not think too much bout it.

    As a killer, I do give hatch but its rare. I typically try to give it to someone who played well, tried their best, didn't give up & just had a lousy team. If its a good game though where everyone is playing well and I manage to kill 3, I will usually kill/hook the final survivor as well just because it was 'earned' IMO.

    But again, perspective is very different survivor vs killer. Where I might think someone did very little, they might have been the ones who progressed the match and been the reason why the match even got to the point it did. Sometimes hard to judge, but I just make my best call and go with my gut feeling.

  • Triplehoo
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    Depends on multiple things. Like, what my mood is for the day or the match. Usually I tend to give the hatch or gate to last survivor unless I see that he/she is being a douchebag either towards me or the other survivors. Or if the last survivor has done nothing but kept hiding etc...

    And just playing poorly is a reason for me not to give the hatch to last survivor unless the other players were trying to bait and/or troll him/her

    P.S. I have to add that I always let the survivor do the glyphs.

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  • JustWhimsical
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    I give hatch if they 4%, give me their items, or are just not toxic to me generally though it depends on if, in the previous game, I was beaten up by more toxic survivors. Then I am not as likely to give hatch unless the survivor really was cute. Then I can't really say no. :c

  • HugTheHag
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    I always give hatch or gate. (In the limits quoted above)

    I've given hatch dozens of times by now, and only ever once had a survivor be ungrateful or rude about it.

    The positives outweight the negatives on this one for me =)

  • thrawn3054
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    If there is a DC/HS. If they were trying but it was just a rough game. Teammates didn't do anything. Sometimes to be nice.

  • TDtheDoc
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    Kill ‘em all!

  • GRIG0
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    I also started learning survivor this year! I've always behaved like this but now i understand more some things from survivor's perspective :)

    Yeah those matches can really ruin the mood, i wanted to play Pig after months and had 3 miserable matches in a row and some survivors were not very nice even tho I'm pretty chilled (like i run perkless, 0 regression or meme builds) and after those i swapped to Pyramid Head since I was tired...but during the match i remember that those ppl are not the ones from before so I try to stop the "hate loop" 😂 but I know the feeling.

    Also something similar happens to me as survivor and for example during this Christmas event, out of 10 matches only 1 killer chilled with snowmen and stuff, when this happens (or too many tunnel/camp in a row, which is not needed at my MMR...gens don't fly) i swap to killer and play some matches in a way I'd appreciate killers to play with me 😂

    What's your favourite survivor perk so far? I love blast mine 😝

  • illumina
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    This, pretty much. That's why I want to know how players deem that certain survivors are invisible or hiding throughout the match. I've been in several matches where I'm trying to complete objectives but the killer happens to have their eyes set on other targets. I end up being a survivor with 0 hooks but get judged as selfish.

    Now I don't really care about being given a freebie and can't tell you how to deem someone hatch worthy but unless you have concrete proof that a survivor is locker hiding and not contributing, you're just making unverified assumptions. If it's to make you feel better then have at it but it doesn't "clear tension" when the survivor getting the freebie is possibly the one that didn't contribute as well.

  • kingcarl2012
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    Ok this is fun here are my rules and they change slightly based on where I am in my rank climb, if I'm in gold/iridescent and climbing I have no mercy, but for when I'm already Iri 1 or lower when its easier to pip and I dont think it will downgrade my pip score then these are my rules:

    1. If you have not been hooked in the match, you die. This is part of the emblem mostly, but also If your whole team is dead and you havent been hooked once I see you as a selfish player and show you no mercy.

    Rule 1 also applies if you've been toxic or pissed me off.

    2. Unless the gate is open I do not give gate, if it is open and rule 1 has not been broken, I will accept and offering of an Item or a crouch of submission and allow you to go.

    3. Finally, again provided rule 1 has not been broken, if you are the final survivor I will spin twice before picking you up and twice again once I pick you up, if you wiggle you die, if you submit and dont struggle I will carry you to hatch, i will also go in the opposite direction of the closest hook or stay wide of the hook as a secondary warning to try and show my intention.

    I basically will only show mercy when the survivor acknowledges that they are at my mercy.

  • IronKnight55
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    I almost always give the last survivor hatch (unless I'm working on a challenge). I don't care all that much about kills.

    I don't mind if the killer gives me hatch or gate, but I never expect it.

  • Unimatrix00
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    I play the game normally 99% of the time. If I can get the last survivor on hook, I will.

  • Kirarozu
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    When I play killer I race them for hatch. If they find it first cool... if not then I close it and look for them. I never slug because I think its a crap meta. They need the slug update but without the stupid auto mori crap. There's nothing more frustrating than being left to bleed out forever because the killer just can't stand it if they don't 4k.

  • Hex_Llama
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    I try to let the last survivor have hatch if I feel like the match was unfair -- so, one of their teammates DCed right away, or the matchmaking system shouldn't have put us together -- stuff like that. In that case, I'll walk around and try to find the hatch, in no particular hurry, and if I find it first I'll try to lead them there.

    In other cases, if the matchmaking was fair, they played normally, and they happen to go down where we can both hear the hatch whistling, I usually let them crawl to it unless i have a challenge.

  • Rulebreaker
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    As killer if the survivor earned our respect or pity we'll usually give the hatch or door. Or at least try to as some just cant accept that the guy killing people will suddenly turn nice (we're some of them). This is dependent on our mood however, as sometimes we'll give it out for the hell of it. Also goes the other way as we may just hook em and be done with it.

    As survivor we want to earn our escape. We won't take hand outs to many peoples confusion and would rather die to endgame.

  • ByeByeQ
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    Basically this.

    Sometimes it also happens where it is dubious if I can even manage to hook the survivor and in those scenarios I usually will let the survivor go if it ends the game faster.

  • MrPeanutbutter
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    If there is a DC or hook suicide, I will always give last survivor hatch unless they went out of their way to BM. If it’s a normal match, depends on how the survivors played. If it’s obvious that the last survivor did nothing the whole match and was just hiding waiting for the hatch, then I definitely won’t give hatch.

    If the survivors intentionally waste my time and refuse to try to work on gens, then I will intentionally slug them and let them bleed out. BHVR could easily fix this problem with a mechanic to reveal survivor who don’t touch gens, but they’ve refused to address this

  • illumina
    illumina Member Posts: 73

    What if the survivor is really good at looping and is looping killer all day? It would mean they have their aura's revealed permanently.

  • versacefeng
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    I kill them unless I feel a certain type of way and let them go.

  • WesCravenFan
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    I give hatch unless you did something to annoy me.

    Teabagging after a pallet? That's a paddlin'.

    Head-On stuns? That's a paddlin'.

    Flashlight clicking? That's a paddlin'.

    Using Dead Hard? Ohhh, you better believe that's a paddlin'!

  • Steakdabait
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    I give hatch a lot but i don't really have a rhyme or reason for it personally, like i pretty often give survivors who BM a lot hatch i just don't really care.

  • MeanieDeeny
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    I’ve enjoyed reading these! I think some killers need to understand stealth survivors exist though, and it doesn’t mean they weren’t playing…they are just playing with a different play style.

    That being said, I hate when a survivor finds hatch first…but I don’t mind giving it sometimes. If somehow someone in the team seems like a baby survivor, I’ll usually give it to them. Even though I hate the SWF bully squads, should a baby end up in the match, I just don’t feel killing them to be fair.

    If the last survivor didn’t BM, I’ll typically give it to them..because why not? Sometimes I cave into begging lol but I try not to…

    I had a pig match the other day, where they all wanted to boop at the beginning (I just wanted a normal match) so I let them boop and then swung it into a normal match…it was a gg, one got really toxic though and after her second hook, I decided she definitely wasn’t leaving. She caught this vibe and as soon as she was unhooked she immediately crouched down and set down her flashlight.

    I was still upset, but decided we both were just playing our rolls…and tbf, she did a good job…she realized she got out of hand and I took it as an apology…we high fived in snow men and she got to live and I still finished with a lot of BP’s. I think it’s better to just somehow find a way for both sides to “win.” Whether that’s giving hatch or what not…

  • Aurelle
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    Honestly it depends how I feel. Sometimes I'll let the last survivor get the hatch, sometimes I'll just close the hatch and let them open one of the exit gates, or I will just sacrifice them.