My suggested changes to The Onryo


I loved the Sadako Rising chapter and I've been playing her a lot recently. However, I'm sure most agree that she's a mediocre killer at best, and playing her against survivors with even modest game hours/experience/knowledge renders her 'special abilities' virtually redundant. Her 'Condemned' power poses no challenge for survivors and they will quite literally interact with a TV right in front of you. Here are a couple of my ideas for improvement:

  • Reduced cooldown on her teleportation and TV 's being off. This is arguably one of the most glaring issues with her design, as decent survivors are not afraid to build their 'condemned' status in exchange for denying her her teleportation power.
  • Better TV spawns: why do some spawn in dead zones? They need to be closer to important areas on the map (gens, main buildings, etc.).
  • Make her 'Condemned' power an actual challenge for survivors so they have to factor it into their gameplay. Just a suggestion would be that, for example: survivors are exposed for a certain amount of time after copying a tape; condemned stacks build faster than they currently do; or survivors are oblivious whilst carrying a tape. These are just rough ideas on ways in which her main power could be improved.
  • Finally... addons. I would argue she has the worst addons amongst the entire killer roster. Pretty much all of them are minor variations of TV cooldown improvements, incremental improvements of condemned stacks, or visibility during her demanifested state. Her iridescent addons are not worthy of being in that category when some of her green addons are actually much, much better. They could be so much more creative, like one I thought of would be that when a survivor rescues another from a hook, the hooked survivor condemned stacks transfer to the unhooker (or something like that).

What're your thoughts? I love what they did with her visually and she is by far one of the coolest-looking killers in the game, but she continually gets stomped on by semi-decent survivors. In her current state, she is unviable against high MMR players, and dare I say it? SWF.

Thanks for reading!


  • Thusly_Boned
    Thusly_Boned Member Posts: 2,808

    I agree on most of this; the reduced cooldown on TVs is a must, imo.

    I believe the TVs all spawn within a certain radius of a gen, but they are often facing a direction that makes it disorienting when you manifest; I might have them facing toward their corresponding gen. Freddy TPs right to each gen, so this doesn't seem like an unfair ask.

    Condemned should progess faster, and I might have the carry a tape make a surv exposed. To offset this, I would nerf the slug-condemnation strat into the ground by fundamentally changing the add-ons that facilitate it.

    I think the high kill rates we see for Sadako has two causes:

    1. Not that many people play her, but those who do main her. This is common among some of the killers with lower pick rates and higher kill rates, and doesn't indicate a killers general strength.
    2. Many of those Sadako mins also employ the condemnation-slug strat, which to be honest, sucks from all sides.

    tl:dr, she has a high kill rate, but not because she's strong. I'd rebalance by killing the strat that props up her global kill rate, but buff her general skill set.

    I'm not as down on her add-ons as you are, and she certainly doesn't have the weakest set in the game (Pyramid Head takes that title, easily). All her add-ons the buff the stealth I think are good. The Iri tape is really good.

    One other change I would make would be to nix her "lullaby", as it makes no sense on a steath killer. At least make it really, really subtle. Also make Bloody Fingernails basekit, and reduce the manifestation time shorter to give it utility at tall loops.

  • UntilValhalla13
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    I think it would be interesting if she was able to phase through breakable walls and dropped pallets while demanifested. It would have a short animation and delay like vaulting a window. It would definitely add to the creepiness to just see her come through a breakable wall while on a gen or something.

  • Phasmamain
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    As far as I know TV’s always spawn close to gens. Condemned can be seriously deadly if used right (Look up the player onepumpwilly if you want to see it in action)

    She needs a nerf to ring drawing and iri TV and a buff to her speed boost post teleport and stealth imo