New chapter: The Tread of War// Killer & Survivor & Map

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New Killer: The Major

New Survivor: Sergeant Mike

New Map: The Death Camp


MS: 4.6 m/s

Terror radius: 30 meters

Height: Tall

Special ability: Combat equipment

The Major can swap between two weapons: Steel Baton & Colt. It takes one second to swap weapons.

Steel Baton: If Major hit a Survivor whith a Baton, Survivor gains an Injury and a stack of special effect "Discipline".

Colt: While using Colt, The Major cant do lunges, but unlocks ability to shoot. Colt shots dont stack "Discipline".

The Major can have 3 bullets at once. Ammo can be refilled in lockers. It also takes some time to reload.

It takes some time for The Major to scope and shoot.

The Discipline: Survivor can have up to 4 stacks of Discipline. If the Discipline bar is filled, Survivors cant repair generators, cleanse or bless totems, open chests, hide in lockers and open exit gates. Survivors can empty the bar by healing or unhooking each other. If there is no injured Survivors in game, or there is only one survivor left, Disipline is increasing (20 seconds per stack).

Perks(I got only one :( )

War ruse: Press active ability button while damaging a generator to place a trap. First Survivor who touched generator becomes injured and gets a broken status for 30 seconds. After the timer is out, Survivor becomes healthy. If Survivor was put in dying state by any means, healing effect is unavailable. This perk can only injure healthy Survivors. This perk has a cooldown of 90/80/70 seconds.

Sergeant Mike:


Teamwork: Unity: Each time you FULLY comple a cooperative action, you get a token (up to 3). For each token you get a 10% reairing and healing speed boost. If you complete an action with more than one Survivor, you get tokens for each Survivor. If you get injured by any means, you loose one token. Unly one Teamwork: Unity boost can be used for one action.

Last chanse: This perk activates after being hooked twice. Press the active ability button while in dying state to get up instantly. You get some negative effects after using this perk: 1)You cant get any buffs or positive effects untill you get fully healed 2)Next time you get into dying state, you instatly die.

Red herring: While beeing chased, your teammates actions become completely silent in radius of 16 meters untill you leave this radius.

(If you want for me to complete working on perks and write stories, please comment)

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    The killer seems fun, although maybe I'd limit ammo to 2 instead of 3, because I guess shooting will be a much faster way of knocking down enemies than say, throwing hatchets. Giving a slight cooldown between shots and having a much larger reload time when replenishing ammo. Maybe limit the shooting ability to injure survivors only and applying Deep Wound. This would make it so if, say, shooting the 2 bullets could be done in 3 seconds, you can't down a survivor with them, but instead being an 'easy' way to apply pressure. Then make it so reloading ammo once you've run out of it takes 5 seconds in which you move at a very low speed.

    War ruse sounds good but the cooldown needs to be way higher. Like maybe 100/90/80. Also, I wouldn't allow it to down a survivor and instead only damage healthy survivors while applying Broken whether healthy or injured.

    Other perks for the killer could be the following:

    Divide and conquer - Hitting two different survivors within 10/15/20 seconds makes them suffer the Incapacitated status effect for 20 seconds.

    Court-martial - Upon being pallet stunned, the survivor who stunned you suffers Hindered status effect and have their aure visible to the killer for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds.

    Teamwork: Unity is nice, but I would say 'for each token you get a 4/6/8% boost'. I know having all 4 survivors keep the max stacks is highly unlikely, but with Tier 3 and all survivors running this perk, a 10%/token would mean an overall 120% boost, which seems a lot.

    I'm not sold on last chance tbh. It's something similar to Unbreakable but worse, and besides, chances are if you're already on death hook and the killer downs you, he's going to pick you up or remain close, so being able to get up won't do much good, specially if you die the moment killer downs you again. It could be reworked to something different, but all I come up with rn are things too similar to Adrenaline and Dead Hard. I think it needs more thought to find something more original and unique.

    What about this for Red Herring: Press the active ability button while being healthy in the killer Terror Radius to grunt and moan like if injured for 10/15/20 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

    I changed Red Herring, not because I think your idea was bad (if a bit confusing) but because I thought of this effect more appropiate for the name.

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    Thanks for commenting!

    Downing Survivors whith Colt shots is strong, so I agree whith your changes. Adding some deep wound effect, more ammo and other things can be made by using some addons.

    I dont think 100/90/80 cooldown is okay, but it might be like 80/60/50. Yeah, perk will only injure healthy Survivors as you said. I ment downed whith a hit os smt else.

    Your perk ideas are great, but I think Court-martial perk should have a lower cooldown.

    Teamwork: Unity can be fixed by making it unstackable.

    Last Chanse is not suitable for every situation, but it might help alot if it is used just on time (under the pallet fo example). Also it is possible to change instant death on deep wond.

    Red Herring is actually a bad name for this perk, but the idea isnt bad, right?

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    Yeah, overall the design it's very cool. I like it. Tbh it amazes me the amount of enjoyable creations the community is sharing lately. Many of them have so much potential and look original and interesting. Great job!