People are allready playing different Killers? :-(


Where is my cyborg robot killer? Are you guys bored of him allready?


  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    He is bit difficult to play I will give you that but not terrible I think.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,982

    I've had 8 games, 3 against the Singularity

  • adam1233467
    adam1233467 Member Posts: 926

    If the killer is hard to play, less people will play him, but I can understand the frustration about the EMPs

  • KayTwoAyy
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    I haven't been playing DBD, but it sounds like Singularity got the Plague treatment--a power that wholey depends on Survivor interaction (or lack thereof) for value.

  • IamFran
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    I didn't play yesterday and this morning I've played about 8 matches as survivor and I haven't face him a single time.

  • MrSlayer
    MrSlayer Member Posts: 189

    I've played some games yesterday, going to play some more today. He's fun and will probably become one of my favs. I'd play all night, but adult stuff stopped me.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,390

    I feel this killer has a lot of potential but is extremely weak and unfun to play before you reach it.

    I've played Singularity once on live servers so far and from what I can see it's buggy, a bit undertuned for beginners with this killer, extremely unforgiving, one of the hardest killers in the game (in the sense that they are extremely hard to play to their full strength) and super frustrating.

    Especially that last part sticks out like a sore thumb because it makes you feel like a glorified M1 killer with pretty much no power. That's not exactly what I consider a fun killer to play.

  • fulltonon
    fulltonon Member Posts: 5,762

    Oh I forgot the best perk he got, he can indefinitely spam shot to survivors/downed survivors/hooked survivors.

    It does nothing but ehh it is shooting I think.

  • Fogas
    Fogas Member Posts: 1

    Playing as this killer is fun and interesting for me, but that doesn't mean that the games run effectively - the killer is weak with the current concept of EMP.

  • Stroggz
    Stroggz Member Posts: 498

    Switching between the killer and the cameras is disorienting. You can't put a probe onto survivor if his leg or hand is behind a wall. EMPs a way too effective against him. Pretty frustrating experience.

  • Sava18
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    If I didn't play wesker, in what world would I play the new killer over blight? Wesker is immensely well designed but singularity has glaring problems still.

    I don't play Blight because of how op he can potentially be, I play him because he counters the most boring aspects of killer far more than any other. Wesker is a better blight at small tiles but that's it, I respect how hard his hug tech is to pull off and the skill ceiling of the character but even then he still doesn't beat blight.

  • SleepyLunatic
    SleepyLunatic Member Posts: 397

    How many EMPs are there? i really like the concept and try to play him alot right now, but most of the time it feels like i have no power because of the EMPs.

  • jokere98
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    5 supply cases, that print EMPs automatically every 90 seconds. So, survivors just need to go and pick them up

  • CrowVortex
    CrowVortex Member Posts: 951

    Too much set up for very little payoff imo, hard to target with his camera pods on console too (Which is probably a factor for most people) Very frustrating with his mechanics and EMPS. I'd rather stick to playing Dredge overhim.

  • AetherBytes
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    He requires a specific mindset to play really. Many people prefer direct chasing, running around at the speed of (b)light, etc. Singularity requires stepping back a bit and seeing the larger picture. Where can I get the best viewpoint? Is it worth putting two cams here to make the setup more resilient to EMPs? Should I chase that survivor, or catch them later with slipstream (or make them waste time on an EMP)?

    Singularity is much more demanding, but is rather rewarding for those willing to take this extra step in the form of unstoppable power in chases. Complement with Enduring and Hubris (Eat a stun, teleport on top of them, instadown), BBQ (Identify far off threats and where to slipstream next), and Terminus (As his biopods make gates a nightmare for survivors, and being forced to stay injured is perilous when at any moment he can teleport on top of you)

    tl;dr: Singularity wants you to be more willing to stop chasing the mouse and start setting up mouse traps.

  • Jylppy
    Jylppy Member Posts: 44

    I just can not figure out how to play the new killer. When I watch videos or streams, it seems very clear what to do but in my games I can not use the teleport because somehow survs are able to instantly disable my cameras when I shoot them with it. It is literally instant. And I have zero interest to figure out what I am doing wrong. Terrible killer for me. I don't like "set up killers" in general so...

  • MrMori
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    I played him a bit and yeah, his power is just hard to use. You really do need the what, 50 pods you start with, because 80% of the pods you place won't see anything interesting. The remaining 20% will be disabled by EMP.

    I'll play him some more, but I'm just gonna forget crossmap infection and traversal, and try to play the chase. Idk. He's disorienting and ineffective like mentioned. Can't imagine he's very fun for console players either with all the snappy camera movements.

    Maybe if he had fewer pods, but EMP only disabled one at a time? Idk yet.

  • Persephone_
    Persephone_ Member Posts: 157

    I can't say its the same for others but as other posters before me have pointed out, he is not the most straightforward killer to pick up initially. I enjoy set up killers and I also enjoy Plague and was very much looking forward to this release. I didn't have a chance to play PTB and didn't watch a lot of content on him either so I went in quite fresh. This was super fun but also requires a certain mindset because every time you learn a new killer you will inevitable also end up survivors that are not that mature and not used steamrolling killers like this. Some of these people can be nasty and while.we all know they are the idiots, it requires thick skin. The urge was there for me just go and pick up a "comfort killer" instead.

    The other issue is that he has a power than cam feel incredibly rewarding and slick when it works but also quite often doesn't. This feeling for me is similar to playing Twins or Trapper, even if it's for different reasons. I think there is a small playerbase for this kind of thing but most people play to win.

  • FilthyLegionRevival
    FilthyLegionRevival Member Posts: 306

    I've been doing good with him because of my good placement and the fact (a LOT of people forget this exists) I can shoot the disabled cameras and just... replace them like nothing happened.

  • Ripley
    Ripley Member Posts: 866

    Feel like I've had non-stop matches with him and the new map. Must be a region thing.

  • DavidHypnos
    DavidHypnos Member Posts: 730

    I think he will just take a lot of time to master. There are a lot of killers that, at first, I was like “how do people do this!?” Nurse, for instance, is a killer that I just can’t play although some people just slay as her. People just need time to learn and adapt to his mechanics although that doesn’t mean he’s suited for everyone. I won’t be going out of my way to obtain him, but I’m sure some will be able to turn him into the killing machine he’s meant to be.

  • MrSheep51
    MrSheep51 Member Posts: 89

    I played him enough on the ptb to not want to buy him.

  • Beatricks
    Beatricks Member Posts: 857

    If you want to play an M1 killer just never pick up/place/open a trap with Trapper and bam, you are good to go. Literally no reason to play him. Garbage power, garbage perks, the only redeeming factor is his awesome mori.

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

    I've been on a break so I can't speak to this. All I can add is the chapter didn't make me want to play.

  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,063

    Met quite a lot yesterday. No Singularity match today.

  • Exerlin
    Exerlin Member Posts: 1,352

    no money :(

  • djdepression
    djdepression Member Posts: 2

    I disagree with the other commenters about him being hard to learn. You walk around and shoot cameras in spots that survivors walk through. Not very much different than something like trapper setup.

    The problem is emps and the fact that his setup is high risk (wasted time setting up cameras with the high likelihood they'll just be taken out) and low reward (you get within distance of a survivor or break a pallet at a slightly faster speed). Also, his teleport doesn't even guarantee a hit and all but new survivor players can usually get to a pallet to avoid a "free" hit.

    I have almost 4k hours in this game, most as killer and I swear to God this is the hardest killer adept I've ever tried to get. His perks are dog ######### and the current meta has survivors splitting on gens while injured and finishing all gens within about 5 minutes most games. I have netted maybe 0-1 kills per game in my adept attempts. All this tells me his base kit is pretty weak.

    Lastly, he has elements that just feel bad to play. He sort of has the same thing going on as twins did where under certain circumstances he comes back from viewing cams and is unable to swing or move very fast for a small amount of time. Not only that, but his cameras are incredibly disorienting.

    So yeah, this guy will probably end up being played as much as twins or someone unless they buff him and make him feel better to play.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 9,002

    I played him once with bots, and once on live survivors. Never again.

    His power is awful, it may as well not even exist. His power is wasting your own time watching survivors win on the other side of the map.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 9,002

    But if you walk all the way over to the camera to reactivate it, you may as well just walk all the way over to the survivor and hit them instead.

  • FilthyLegionRevival
    FilthyLegionRevival Member Posts: 306

    That's why you do it mid chase instead of walking all the way over there like a goober. :I It's mainly a good idea to replace them if they happen to disable them while in chase. You'll lose no distance if you're good at replacing them by aiming well.

  • MDRSan
    MDRSan Member Posts: 298

    He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites to play when I play killer - though if a few matches as survivor I played earlier are any indication, folks need to use their bio pods more. I faced a couple killers who literally were just running him like an M1 and didn’t place any.

    Also, in case anyone doesn’t realize - you can shoot at a pod to remove it. You can replenish your available supply so you aren’t randomly replacing ones you didn’t want to remove or place another one right back if it was disabled by an EMP.