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I'm interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on both..what you do and don't like, and what you think could be better?

New Map: I have to say I severely underestimated this map..I thought this Chapter was going to be trash tbh..but I think the new map truly does have a creepy feel...the creepy crawlers..the sounds....everything just looks so visually cool. Even though it's inconvenient and a challenge, I like how you have to go waaaayyyy to the top to completely that one gen. I love how you can go in that little tunnel underneath...idk it's all pretty awesome.

The Killer: I have no played as. I am not enjoying playing against. I don't like how the pod (?) things he sets up can be used to once again...three gen.

I don't entirely understand how to play against him..if anyone can clarify a few things..

When he shoots the thing on your back (sorry for my lack of proper terminology throughout this, describing his powers) or you start with it..what exactly does it do?

And it seems that with the thing from the printer box, you can get it off of your well as destroy the pods on the walls?

Should I know anything else to get a better understanding?

Thanks so much!

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    The new map is an abomination and has an exploit in the main building.

    New killer is very weak and frustrating right now but with a couple of changes could be a very well designed killer.

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    Hux kind of sucks as a 3-gen Killer.

    EMPs are way too easy to get your hands on, and you can easily shut down any attempts to camp a 3-gen. Had a match earlier in SoloQ (before I did some SWFs) and we easily beat a Singularity that was camping a 3-gen since they had to take time to replace Biopods constantly, and EMPs just denied them their power entirely.

    In a SWF setting, he effectively has no power, when playing some games with some friends, it was way too easy to just deny him of literally everything. "Oh, but you were trying too hard, what about teams that dont try," trust me, we have 2 braincells when we all use our brains together, if we can deny the Singularity of their power, then something is clearly wrong there.

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    When he shoots the thing on your back (sorry for my lack of proper terminology throughout this, describing his powers) or you start with it..what exactly does it do?

    That is called a slipstream, and having it can cause disaster in a chase. When infected with it, it gives him the ability to teleport right on top of you via getting "slipstreamed" by a pod again, or getting directly hit by his gun (do note he can't inflict slipstream with his gun, only with pods). Doing so puts him in an overclock state, where his interaction speed (breaking, vaulting) gets buffed by 75% and he becomes immune to pallets; dropping one on him will destroy the pallet, no stun will occur, but he is slowed down (like to 20% movement speed) for a few seconds. You're going to get hit if this happens anyway, unless he broke it because he teleported under it, so if he's in this state don't drop, just run and hope he wildly swings expecting a drop and comes up short, and if you predrop it will be destroed as fast as you can drop it. You can tell if he's in overclock because he'll be glowing green. Staying close (6m) to another survivor will spread slipstream to them after 2s.

    And it seems that with the thing from the printer box, you can get it off of your well as destroy the pods on the walls?

    Those are EMPs. They will cure the slipstream of you and anyone in range, as well as temporarily disable any biopods in range's ability to infect you with slipstream. He can still see through them, just not infect you with them! Normally they're in this state for 60 seconds, but an addon can drop that to 51 seconds. Recently removing the slipstream does not give you invulnerability to it at all, you could EMP it and be instantly reinfected again.

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    I don’t think he’s a bad killer, but that’s the consensus you will get from these forums. He’s tricky to go against and I haven’t gotten a good idea what to do yet either, but he definitely has the potential to be a fairly decent killer

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    Aiming the pods with the controller sticks is unpleasant and slow to respond, even with max sensitivity. And apparently around 118% of the entire surv needs to be visible as well.

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    New map: Too many stone blocking line of sight, lot of windows, lesser pallet, many interesting design can make use of balanced landing, totem are super easy to find compare to other map. (Overall I like it, maybe redesign the the map abit for better line of sight)

    New killer: M1 killer if you and your teamknow how to use EMP at the right timing. Deadly killer if you doesn't carry EMP / teammate doesn't back you up with EMP. (I like playing against this killer, have lot of interaction with EMP || I doesn't like playing with this killer, your brain will super dizzy cause need to keep switching pods, and yeah this killer too weak if survivor know what to do)

    New Survivor Perk: Most of the perks can synergy with other existing perks, making it somehow OP build, either OP in looping / OP in gen rush (choose 1 of your playstyle) || Overall I like all these 3 perk.

    New Killer Perk: only 1 perk is useful if pair with slug build, other peak are very weak, won't gonna touch those 2 perk since you got better perks already. || Overall I dislike all 3 perk, not useful and I rarely play slug build.

  • Beatricks
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    New map is absolutely horrible and as a Killer I won't be playing on it.

    Killer is complete garbage, will get the adept and never touch him again outside of tome challenges.

  • Wiccamanplays
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    The new map is awful to navigate, I don't understand why BHVR keep making maps that are so cluttered. At least it looks pretty.

    The Killer seems very difficult and can get screwed over by map RNG even harder than many other Killers, but with some more tweaks could be really strong in a non-oppressive way.

    The perks on the Killer side are mostly okay, but could be a little stronger and aren't exactly meta-defining. The Survivor perks range from the weird to the downright problematic. Scavenger was going to break the game but was changed in PTB, but everyone missed that Made for This was also going to be an issue. It's another typical situation where Blight, Nurse and Spirit won't care about MfT but the weaker killers will be made to suffer even more, which at this stage seems to be BHVR standard operating procedure.

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    Killer is high risk, virtually no reward. You spend an inordinate amount of time setting up pods, so that you can... powerlessly watch survivors repairing gens on the other side of the map while you stand there like a lemon doing nothing.

    When I played against him, I had virtually constant access to EMPs, the killer tried to maintain pressure on the gen I was repairing, but every time I got slipstreamed, I popped the EMP, then grabbed the freshly printed EMP from the nearest printer.

    He can't really 3 gen, at all. He can slow down your repairs as you waste a bit of time fetching new EMPs, which makes the game take slightly longer, but he's powerless at actually defending them if you simply walk away from the gen for a bit.

    It took 1 game as a survivor to master EMPs thanks to the new infinite inventory feature. If there's a way to master him as a killer (doubtful as even the worst survivors can flawlessly counter his power), he must have a steeper learning curve than Nurse.

  • MeanieDeeny
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    Thank you so much, this information was so helpful! Gave me such a better understanding when playing against him over and over and over last night lol

  • MeanieDeeny
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    I thought he can transport after viewing you in the cameras?

  • Seraphor
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    He has to 'view you' twice, for about 3 seconds each time.

    So you get up to 6 seconds warning, more than enough time to use your 2 second EMP charge, that you should always have on you because they're constantly being reprinted.

  • Xernoton
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    I like the new map for the most part. There are some really nice new structures and with the color intensity toned down I can actually play on it. There are some problems though. Visually it's as stunning as always (except Borgo). The amount of visual clutter screws pretty much half the killer roaster (including Singularity!) and the thick vegetation makes it hard to track blood and scratchmarks. Also, the main building doesn't need a strong pallet and a good window. I've seen some weird set ups as well multiple windows right next to each other and perfectly lined up.

    The killer is great in theory. The power is fun to use with a high skill ceiling and has the potential to be quite strong. However, currently the Singularity is way undertuned. The EMPs make it into a powerless M1 killer and that is neither fun or viable. It feels even worse than Trapper. And even, if you do get everything built up and can actually teleport to the survivor, you are not really a threat. Shift + W is enough to outrun the killer's little boost, which renders its pallet breaking ability and faster vaulting speed useless in most situations. Combined, this makes Singularity to a killer with a lackluster power that can be completely denied. For a killer to require that many restrictions, their power would basically have to guarantee hits.

    I really don't have any issues with Singularity's 3-gen capabilities. Yeah, they can hold a 3 gen but really, what is the worst that could happen? You disable their set up with an EMP and leave them as a M1 killer. Or you rush gens and risk them teleporting towards you when they are already in the area to begin with to do what exactly? Chase you like any other M1 killer? All killers can get nasty in 3-gen scenarios. That's very important, because the survivor should break possible 3-gens before it comes to that. Any more hand holding in that regard would only lead to survivors rushing through gens with absolutely no brain power required against everything but the very top tier killers. Pretty much the situation we have now but worse.

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    First off, I do like the new map. It has a very cool atmosphere, and it plays pretty well. Might be a tad survivor sided due to its size, but I only have a limited sample of killers versed on that map as of now. Meaning more play time required to truly find out how balanced the map is.

    Second. The new killer (Singularity) seems a bit on the weaker side for now. Takes a lot of setting up to do, and he gets easily countered. One change I might suggest is to reduce the EMP duration on the biopods, as they are rendered useless for a long time with a single EMP use.

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    I love the new map visually, as a survivor. I love that it has a lot of hiding places. As a killer it feels too cluttered. The flying shadows from overhead also could do with dialling down. They are too overbearing and distracting.

    Thanks for the warning. I won't be buying this killer. Controller experience is already poor compared to KBM in this game.

  • MeanieDeeny
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    After going against him over and over and over again, I hate how he's being used to camp..and then being told, they're "not camping" they're "checking the cameras." So they hook you, stay there and check the cameras....which apparently is fair gameplay for him...? Idk, it's not a lot of fun.

  • Smoe
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    Map is fine, could use some loop adjustment but overall is fine, it's flexible for mobility killers and stealth killers from my experience.

    New killer is pretty good when mastered, only the EMPs being overtuned at the moment is holding him back, however once they're nerfed, the killer will feel better to play as. Singularity works extremely well in narrow corridors or in open spaces with little cover when placing more than one.

    Don't care about the Survivor.

  • uganda_calm
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    At first i need to state that i am a killer main, because if i dont i sound like a survivor player.

    The map:

    I LOVE the new map, it is beautiful designed and all details are so fleshed out. There are many structures on it but they are mostly just for design and not for use. Most structures feel pretty balanced (just a few are a bit too high) and the pallet placements a split 50/50 into save and unsave loops. The high position on the Ship (or what ever this is) helps the killer to find a way through the jungle. For me personally it feels pretty evenly balanced.

    The Killer:

    I enjoy playing with him. He alone is pretty strong but he gets a bit weaker through the EMPs. It just feels right to teleport and just walk straight through pallets, hitting the survivor. In the matches i played the EMPs not really bothered me. But sadly he is very much relying on the Map he gets. He needs maps with high structures and a lot of vision.

  • CrimsonMothKing
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    New Map:

    • Very nice design, but has too much clutter and random ramps.
    • Very high skill killer.
    • Being able to constant stay in chase is fun and engaging
    • Survivors can counter its power, if a little too easily. (EMPs are getting tuned luckily, they are just too plentiful and easy to access/use)
    • Anti-Camp mechanic can be too taxing (Checking cams to see where to go next, slows you beyond belief)
    • Awesome visual design.
    • Some mechanics need tuning and/or mentioning in the power (Overclock extends based on number of Slipstreamed survivors)
    • Despite the above mechanic, no real reward for slipstreaming multiple survivors.
    • Is heavily reliant on gen slow down (Corrupt, Ruin, Jolt)
    • Open Maps are extremely fun, while indoors map make Biopods non-existent
    • 3-gen is weak, but I don't care about that
    • If he had more ways to infect survivors or another bit of his kit for slowdown , he would be perfect (But he will never replace Dredge in my heart)
    What I would change:
    • Biopods that have been inactive for long enough could auto infect survivors