Preferred Killer with uncommon or common add-ons


Do you have a killer where you tend to use yellow or grey add-ons more regularly? Disregarding the rest that you have available including the iridescent ones.

Rarity doesn't always mean strength and rarer add-ons sometimes require you to employ a completely different playstyle (e.g. Hag's Waterlogged Shoe).

For me it's the Clown. His Parade Gloves and Robin Feather I find most useful. I can throw bottles really (and I mean really) fast. I rarely touch any of his other add-ons as these accompany the build I use the best.


  • WeakestNurseMain
    WeakestNurseMain Member Posts: 308

    Nurse, her add-ons are arguably Pyramid Head level(which is good).

    And I will say this to the grave: Her 3 blink addon is a detriment to good Nurse players, it's just a crutch for bad Nurse players.

  • HugTechLover
    HugTechLover Member Posts: 2,482

    Wesker with his speed between charges, and cooldown speed.

  • Maelstrom808
    Maelstrom808 Member Posts: 684

    Twins with the sword and fingernail reducing time to get Victor out and pounce charge.

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 7,332

    I play Clown with low-rarity addons too, though I usually favour the reload speed addon. Greens don't really count, but reload speed and movement speed while reloading is my go-to addon combo on him if I have them.

    Obvious answers are Demogorgon and Twins, too, but that's kinda cheating. Their best addons are brown and yellow.

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,776

    Ghostface. The stalking speed add on is one of his best and it’s a brown add on.

    I also like to use his power recovery (also brown).

    Remember back when his power recovery was 30 seconds and you had to use a green add on just to knock it down to 24 seconds? Well now with a BROWN add on it only take 14 seconds!

  • Dreamnomad
    Dreamnomad Member Posts: 3,736

    I like Singularity's brown adds that give +2 pods and +25% overclock duration. I like Knights add on that gives increased detection range. I like Cannibal's and Hillbilly's spark plug add on. I like nurses add on that lets you see where you'll teleport (console player, cut me some slack).

  • Sava18
    Sava18 Member Posts: 2,438

    I've been using yellow speed and nothing else for the past 3 weeks on blight. Before that it was no add-ons. Trying to break my green speed addiction.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,813

    Legions friendship bracelet easily allows you to get some frenzy hits you wouldn’t without the add on

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897
  • IamFran
    IamFran Member Posts: 1,605


    Rat Liver and Black Heart are his best addons and are both common, haha.

  • GreyBigfoot
    GreyBigfoot Member Posts: 954

    I basically always use browns & yellows because I'm so cheap even in video games lmao. Or sometimes it feels like I'm going to hard on survivors if I use very powerful things.

    Ghostface's brown addons are his best. Specifically the night shroud recharge and the camera.

    For The Dredge, the calender & the skull are both yellow addons, and among its best.

    Demo with rat liver. Barb's glasses are also quite good.

    Chili is very good for bubba, and one of them is yellow.

    Hag, Doctor, and Wraith almost all of their addons are simple numbers increases, but just the brown/yellow versions can be helpful specifically on Doctor where it unlocks a whole new side effect to Madness.

    Nemesis now has the broken syringe which is better than the yellow equivalent because they forgot it existed when they buffed the brown. That's pretty funny but he still needs some work. Marvin's Blood is his best and is yellow, so he still counts.

  • PotatoPotahto
    PotatoPotahto Member Posts: 250

    Never Sleeping Legion, double yellow addon. I can't stand basekit Legion, it's lame to go frenzy hit+m1 every time. Never Sleeping Legion with his mapwide runs should be the basekit Legion IMO.

    ARTRA Member Posts: 916

    Knight with map of the realm and call to arms 24/7.

    Also demo with faster nomnom movement and recovery after noming a pallet.

  • HugTheHag
    HugTheHag Member Posts: 3,140

    You beat me to it ! That's exactly what I came here to say XD