5th Anniversary Crowns being given to everyone



  • ReverseVelocity
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    BHVR only care about a cosmetic's exclusivity when it can make them money, which is kinda funny.

  • Mondhirsch
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    They will still use Fomo because they keep saying that things are exclusive over and over again.

    Giving away old Cosmetics don't trigger Fomo, because you already "missed out" the Cosmetics.

  • Pepsidot
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    I just wish BHVR made it more clear at the time of these events. It is frustrating that bit by bit, all the events I participated in the past 7 years are having their "exclusives" or "time-limited" skins released via a code.

    What's more frustrating is that I lost my legacy 3 Claud And legacy 3 Billy due to a bug - one of the only cosmetics that seem truly exclusive.

    Nowadays it's obvious nothing is really exclusive anymore, even if advertised as so. Not having exclusives anymore is totally fine, I just wish BHVR would have better communication regarding this.

  • BigSwood
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    I don't care about the crowns too much. I get that the whole point is to have a token to show that you were there at that time, and with the limited rarity taken away, they really are just ugly cosmetics which everyone has. Which kinda sucks, but I feel like that's what charms are for.

    What I would like though is consistency on what exclusive stuff gets re-released. There's a yellow rarity Legion set from the fourth tome which hasn't reached the shop yet, and I have no idea if Prime exclusives or legacy prestige borders will ever be making a comeback. It almost feels random what resurfaces lol

  • Dinoraptus
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    Does this mean the 4th year crowns too? That would be pretty cool actually, I am all for giving this kind of stuff to newer players.

  • ExecutAble
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    I thought they were gonna gift the crowns but let the ones we got in the 5th anniversary as "legacy" or sth but they didn't.

    I don't think is THAT important, after all it's just a cosmetic. however, I feel that giving them so easily feels cheap.

    People say "FOMO sucks" And I can agree with them. But as I said earlier, it's just a cosmetic, why don't let veterans enjoy their old things?

  • GreyBigfoot
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    It would've been cool if you could start earning them the same way after you got all of the masks from this year. Going in reverse chronological order, but everything still obtainable from playing.

    Some consistency would have been nice, because selling the 2022 masks for 400 Auric Cells apiece is kind of...iffy.

  • brewingtea
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    I like having these, but I'm sorry you guys had to work so hard for them 2 years ago.

    Hey, wouldn't it be funny if I enjoyed them MORE because you guys got a worse deal than me? Lol, like anyone would enjoy an item IF AND ONLY IF someone else was getting shafted...

  • Deathstroke
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    P100 players should get their own legacy skins. Like golden or silver skin etc. That is very big grind and deserves reward just like legacies back then. Only very dedicated players do that.

  • BarnesFlam
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    There are no benefits going after P9, this is purely optional. The badge is its own reward.

  • Dreamnomad
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    Who cares? Honestly. I never see anyone wearing crowns anyway. Literally never. To all the people in this thread feigning outrage, how many times in the last year have you played a character wearing a crown? If you say a number higher than one then I'll call you a liar to your face.

  • ElodieSimp
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  • DavidHypnos
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    I think I’d only be upset if they started giving away things that they previously only had available to buy. I guess I can still kind of understand why some ppl aren’t happy… I mean when I look at those crowns I directly think of those anniversaries and think this player was around at that time. Now that’s gone. So I do get it to an extent. I don’t care enough to lash out but I do get it…

  • Barbarossa2020
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    I never liked them at all, all it does is put a big flashy mark over your head saying "im here come hook me" or "im coming run away from me"

  • katoptris
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    I don't run it on everyone for that reason. Why would I want people to see a beacon on my forehead.....

  • Phyrqc
    Phyrqc Member Posts: 77

    Because it was a 5th anniversary thing and should have stayed this way?

  • Cassiopeiae
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    Like for real nobody even uses it and you can see that crap across the entire map

  • AssortedSorting
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    Eh. Legacy is a bit of an eyesore and better done with the newer blighted cosmetics. I could see them adding it as a P100 reward for the OG survivors/Killers though.

  • RakimSockem
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    I get the whole "i grinded to get these things" argument but like..... do you really care? do you ever equip them? no, because they're ugly and give away your position when you try to hide behind things. so really you're just tryna gatekeep, let's keep it real

  • Shroompy
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    I just want my Wraith to have a smiley face on his big toe man

  • bornagain234
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    Legit point - give us legacy and year 4 items too then. Why pick and choose what youll timegate?

  • bornagain234
    bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 247

    Why not just have a code to unlock everything in the game each year then?

  • Ripley
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    The way I see it, you got to enjoy feeling special for a whole two years, which is a long time in game-time. TBH people move on, players forget these are even a thing. Some players don't even know about the older anniversary flashlight or these weird halos that scream "I'm going to loop you til you cry". I've only ever seen one person wear one and I don't even think it's their main. Maybe 2-3 players total. I think it's cool BHVR made them available to newer players that missed out.

  • Coriander
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    FOMO is one of the scummiest things any company can do. Spare your "business first" argument; the companies exist to make games, not wealth. Anything to make the players happier is a good thing for game and company health.