tunneling on hook


I would love if you could do something about killer tunneling on hook ? I have been tunneled on hook to death the entire day and i am really sick of it. It should be time you guys punish these toxic killers doing these sort of things instead of rewarding them because these types of killer really don't deserve it.


  • Nos37
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    Survivors would abuse it.

    Currently (without tunneling being a bannable/reportable offense), survivors who know they've been spotted and are being chased might lead me straight to the hooked survivor. At that point I will go for a trade, but furthermore, the unhooked survivor might use their basekit endurance to tank a hit for the unhooker. The fresh-off-the-hook survivor has now become my new target.

    Am I tunneling? Yes. Is it entirely my fault? No. Will survivors abuse that if it becomes a bannable offense? Absolutely.

  • Anti051
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    What sort of time do you think killers have to worry about hooking order?

  • AlanShin
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    Survivors can gen rush, but killers can't tunnel and camp?

  • codebibi
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    abusing game mechanics to get a easy win is the exact same thing as cheating i see no difference and this type of thing should not be allowed in a multiplier game. It's extremelly toxic and ruin the fun and game expercience of other. you probably have fun as a killer but not the survivors, this is selfish of them. and since the beggining of the event i have been tunneled on hook to death 99% of the game i've played. you really think this normal behavior on a multiplier game? i don't think so. killer need to be punished to make them stop this toxicity and make this game a better place where people can have fun and enjoy the game.

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    Consider the following: DS, OTR, DH, Guardian, Distortion, Iron Will, Lucky Break, Renewal, Deliverance, Unbreakable, For the People, Styptic, Syringe, Resurgence, We'll Make It, Borrowed Time, looping better.

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    Fun is subjective and, apparently, so is the definition of cheating. Tunnelling isn't cheating, it was never cheating, it never will be cheating. Neither is it, was it, or ever shall be, 'abusing mechanics.' No-one needs to be punished for playing the game within the confines of its rules, however, people certainly need to stop advocating for the arbitrary punishment of half the player base.