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This perk provides too much value for just kicking a gen. There was a time when BBQ was meta, and this perk makes BBQ look nearly obsolete.

It feels cheap when killer just beelines towards you after a gen kick and you can't even mindgame because of wallhacks for 7 seconds.

It should work like BBQ where you can't see the auras of survivors within meters of the generator.


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    You say that but they hold complete opposite values. NWtH and bbq together make a 100% guaranteed aura on non-distortion users. The perk is fine for people who expect to be found. I dislike gen kick of any kind so I wouldn't be against it being nerfed for 0 reason but there really is no reason.

    What am I to say as someone who hasn't kicked a gen in over a year and a half now.

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    a no where to hide, windows of opportunity, and SBFL thread all nearly in the same week. I literally seen it all.

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    Run distortion if it's bothering you

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    NWTH is the golden standard of how good aura perks should be, it does not need nerfs. Other aura perks need to be brought up to its level.

    If NWTH was like other aura perks it would have a 60 second cooldown on it, thank goodness it isn't like that since it would be trash.

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    The "I have no game sense" perk by definition

    Cheapest users: nurse players (along with floods of rage)

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    When you realize the Killer has No Where to Hide (and you're not running Distortion) a good counter is to slither into a locker when the Killer is on their way to your generator.

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    Honestly, without Lethal what is the point to bbq? I only use bbq with Lethal on either Nurse, Spirit or Fast Wraith.

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    It works okay enough on Pinhead if you're into playing Trigonometry: The Game to work out the location of the box.