This chapter won't make me stop playing Wesker

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Alien isn't better than Wesker, Ellen isn't ellen in my eyes and her voice isn't from the OG movie. Survivors have once again a busted perk that makes you run silently. Killer perks are god awful. Nicolas Cage is still #1. You're still going to face more Weskers just saying as I am not gonna buy this chapter and I'll keep playing Wesker for my own amusement.


  • Frogsplosion
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    yeah this chapter really offers nothing to shake up the meta for killers the way survivors have benefitted from the last two releases.

  • Xernoton
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    Meanwhile, there's me. Happy about a killer I would actually play again with mobility, some stealth, cool addons to play around with, a skillful anti-loop and the best part: S-tier nodding.

    There are some screws to tighten for sure but overall this killer is absolutely great.

    The perks aren't too great but not absolutely useless (looking at you, Chess Merchant). The killer perks could use some buffs. The survivor perks are nice but not all that strong either.

    You won't see that one perk (can't remember the name), that makes your footsteps quiet anyway. It's only good against Spirit. The other killers don't care too much. The pallet trap on the other hand might actually be pretty good. I know I wouldn't want to play against this with Freddy. Come to think of it, how does this perk actually interact with dream pallets? If it works on dream pallets, I cry. Because Freddy isn't allowed to have any synergy with pallet perks himself.

  • solarjin1
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    That Brazilian guy survivor we got in the skull merchant chapter footsteps are nearly silent. I don't think the perk gonna be that impactful. solid perk tho

  • Ayodam
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    I thought they would say Chemical Trap was OP. Lol. Lightfooted is outclassed by several other perks.

  • Skittlesthehusky
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    have fun playing wesker! there will always be somebody that enjoys the chapter for what it is, and thats cool too :)

  • Majin151
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    It won't work on dream pallets as you can only put the trap down on used pallets

  • Alice_pbg
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    Was it supposed to make you stop playing wesker?

  • Nazzzak
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    Nothing says you have to buy or play Xenomorph. Even one of the devs said the other week they don't expect people to play every killer, that they expect people to have their favourites. So keep playing Wesker

  • Xernoton
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    Ahh. Good. Thanks. I wasn't sure how exactly the perk worked as I haven't tested it yet.

  • bearr_trap
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    Oh no, the footsteps are silent --- Didnt realize it made the scratch marks invisible too.

  • Sharby
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    Hey OP can you post a screenshot of you playing Wesker?

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    The real DbD meta is whining about everything.

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    Honestly the silent footsteps goes against accessibility for the visually impaired and should be reworked entirely. Any perk that removes grunts and sounds should be reworked. Look at SF6 and MK1 having literally noises to indicate how far and whether or not you and your opponent have switched sides.

    The sound design needs accessibility reworks for those with visual impairments.