cosmetic descriptions are kind of boring now :/


so... this is a criticism my friend pointed out, and i agree with it.

cosmetic descriptions for the last while have been terrible. they've been like, "he wore a hat". literally the description of jake's new hat is "he put a feather in a hat".

compare with another one of his items, the wild suit jacket. "Custom-made suit, patterned with a roaring tiger. Jake skipped family dinners usually, but made an effort to please his grandmother, who stayed with him during her visit."

i know that writing these lore tidbits might be kinda time consuming, but they're cute. they give a look into the character's lives before they were taken and really help flesh these characters out, especially some of the earlier characters whose lore is a bit simplistic. and lately the descriptions on cosmetics have been like "he sneezed once while wearing this" or "she wore this to go buy milk" or quite literally "he found a feather and put it in a hat". maybe i'm in a minority here but i'd rather hear about what these outfits mean to the characters. i don't want to hear about how he found a feather, i want to hear about how he usually skips dinners with his family except when his grandma visits.


  • jordanjustice
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    lol.. interesting complaint. I like it. However, I think the issue is that the devs don't have time to think up descriptions. Their dev times is basically split between, fixing broken things, making new characters, and adding new cosmetics. They add so many cosmetics (that really no one asked for) that they don't have the time and energy to think up good descriptions for each.

  • thisislastyearsmodel
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    Simple solution is for them to stop releasing so much so fast.

    I understand that the revenue from cosmetics and new chapters funds a large part of the game, but I think it would be incredibly helpful if we had a "chapter" that fixed remaining issues rather than introducing more with a new update.

    Not to sound like I'm sh*tting on the devs, but their track record for introducing new bugs/issues and not fixing existing ones is pretty bad.

  • deckyr
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    i'm not sure what other responsibilities the writers have over at old behaviour incorporated. i'd like to think that they are not also developers and that they have a small writing team dedicated to keeping everything straightened and coherent, especially since the writing is usually of such a high quality. but, i don't know. maybe they really are pulling double duty with handling support tickets or something and are just too busy to think about a new snippet of lore for the characters for the new outfits.

    honestly, i blame rifts and battlepass-like content. i think this kind of monetisation sucks all the life out of developing a game, and i'm seeing it with the outfit descriptions the most.