Why is the bathroom from the first Saw movie in The Gideon Meat Plant map?

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The bathroom wasn't in the Gideon Meat Plant as it first appeared in Saw 3. Does anyone know the lore reason for it if there is one?


  • Steakdabait
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    Just for a call back i imagine

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    Lore wise the Entity's realm isn't the real places. It's just the entity making the realm look like places that tilts people (usually killers). For example the Clown's circus is next to the Crotus Prenn Asylum although it doesn't make sense. An other example is the shelter woods' map being changed to add stuff related to SM when she was added, or The Artist's map, which isn't even trying to represent something real.

    Long story short, the entity just does stuff for shits and giggles. I believe Amanda did go into the bathroom in one of the movies, so you can justify it by that i guess.

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    You're right Amanda helped John set up the game in Saw 1 and went there in Saw 2.

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    I think they should lean further into the movie lore callbacks tbh. Remove some of the random rooms and give us things we've seen in the movies — the needle pit, John's body lying on a hospital bed, other traps we recognize, etc.

    The Entity can copy-paste at its will, so we don't really have to worry about whether or not specific locations were located in the meat plant or not.

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    The Entity takes the memories of the Survivors and the killers but twists them

    It's why we have the Plague's Temple but inside the Red Forest

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    Amongst a couple of people who wrote that the Entity conjures maps based upon memories, it was also explained earlier on to not understand how things are organised. It cannot replicate exactly because it doesn't know how. Instead, things are warped from people's minds and manifest in a way the Entity interprets, without knowing the function.

    This is why in the realms of The Wraith's memories, walls are made of crushed cars and parts. The Entity knows of those cars, but not what they were there for, nor does it really care. It just pastes things into a trial area. Likewise, Midwich is even more gory and messed up, probably because of Cheryl's memories but also not fully understanding the gore. Heck, even chairs hang about for no reason!

    The bathroom area was lobbed in because it must have been conjured from Amanda's mind. Then it was shoved in as part of the trial. The Entity isn't interested about accurate representations, nor real meaning. It just wants to feed.

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    its like a scrap book the entity just takes familiar places and puts them together to remind the killer (in this case amanda) that she is a killer

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    This is a really wack thing i just thought of on the spot but what if when the entity takes people they also take core memorys and specifically negative memorys and ears of that person and mash them into the map and stuff as much as they can idk bro