Unlike the other beasts of the Fog, you have adapted to the light.

After being blinded by a Survivor, Lightborn activates and the following effects apply:

  • Blindness duration is reduced by 50%.
  • Stun duration caused by blinding flashes of light are reduced by 50%.

When a Survivor successfully blinds you by any means, their aura is revealed to you for 8/9/10 seconds.

Changes in Detail

  • Buff: Added the effects of reduced blindness and stun duration from certain blinding scenarios.
  • Buff: Tiers 2 and 3 of Lightborn are longer.
  • Change: Lightborn no longer grants immunity to blindness by any means.
    • This benefits the Survivor team by granting them the ability to still blind the Killer in crucial scenarios.
    • This also benefits the Killer by giving them more opportunities to use the perk as Survivors will be more inclined to use it.


  • Dream_Whisper
    Dream_Whisper Member Posts: 722

    No, it needs to exist as the perfect counter to full flashlights SWFs whom intentionally drop out in the open, just so no killer can pickup near walls and have perfect opportunity to pickup anf get flashlight burn everytime. Even if they nerf flashlights being visible in prematch lobby, this perk see less and no play at all; due to the fact that Gen Regression is always and still is best play

  • Viktor1853
    Viktor1853 Member Posts: 932

    Lightborn are fine no need to nerf it

  • Archael
    Archael Member Posts: 725

    I would remove aura reading from lightborn, i find it unecessairy. It also could work only for flashlights.

    I would agree for adding new perk that gives partial immunity with aura reading ability (long duration, or reveal all survivors within some range). This perk could be used as alternative for lightborn, also working against all blinds, like flashbangs, blast mines, firecrackers.

    Lightborn would be a perk against bully sqads because outside of them people just dont use this perk, myself included.

    But with strong aura reading i would use nerfed version of this... tho i will always against nerfing ability to being immune to bully squads.

  • Clockwork_Enigma
    Clockwork_Enigma Member Posts: 529

    Let me give you guys a reality check since you don't seem to understand.

    Lightborn in its current state is a useless perk. The moment any team or individual realizes they aren't blinding you, the benefits of the perk become useless and you have what is effectively an empty perk slot.

    You would get maybe one, two uses of Lightborn in its current state, at best. Then it's useless.

    Even then, it's a crutch perk that people without skill use to mitigate something that is meant to outplay them. So removing the ability to nullify an entire item (and instead just making it reduce its power) is a must. Just because you guys are afraid of a niche scenario happening once in a blue moon in games (e.g. Flashlight squads) shouldn't cloud your judgement over the fact this is a completely unhealthy perk in the game at the moment.


    As for the version of the perk I created, this would be more commonly used simply due to the fact players will almost never know you're running Lightborn. Even if they realize it, the change to remove its nullification of blinding means that Survivors will still be inclined to hit you with any source of light more often.

    The result?

    • You get to use the perk more.
    • You get rid of the blindness 50% faster.
    • You get 50% stun resistance to any source of light-related stun (Blast Mine or Rescuing).

    So you think it's a nerf, but in fact it's a buff to its overall utility and, in an era of the game that doesn't need perks like the current version of Lightborn, is 100% healthier for the game.

  • Raconteurminator
    Raconteurminator Member Posts: 617

    My reality feels decidedly unchecked. Maybe you checked it with a perk as effective as your Lightborn rework. I mean, seriously; you buffed the perk that stops you being blinded by making it so you can now be blinded. Up next: the fireproof suit that's actually made from kerosene-soaked rags.

    You get to use the perk more? The existing version of Lightborn prevents 100% of initial blind attempts and then deters 100% of future attempts. You can't use a perk more than that. Lightborn was never meant to be some weird passive slowdown where Survivors are still encouraged to blind you every other second. It's just there to stop Flashlight bully squads, and it does its job admirably.

    I await the topic where you fix MFT and make it 100% healthier for the game by making the Survivor slower.

  • Archael
    Archael Member Posts: 725

    Wait... If people realize they cant blind You and they stopped even trying thus NOT blinding You entire game... Means perk is useless?

  • Archael
    Archael Member Posts: 725

    I have a counter suggestion:

    Nerf aura reading from lightborn, and its effectiveness against flashbangs and blast mine (make it work only for flashlights) (also, add a sugestion for killer to add lightborn when there are 3+ flashlights im lobby).

    Create another perk:

    Reduces blindness duration from all sourcess by 50%

    Increase time for blinding the killer by 10%/20%/30%

    Reduce all stuns by 15/20/25% (multiply with enduring, so using both would reduce pallete stun by 62.5%)

    Shows aura of survivors that stunned and blinded killer for 3s.

    This way we would have 2 perks:

    One that removes bully squads totally and flashlights, but useless in any other scenario.

    Second is perk that works for much more things, but do not grant immunity, thus not making flashlights obsolete and allow survs to at least try flashlight saves.