Failed Tail attack CD needs to be longer.


It was reduced to make destroying turrets not so punishing by losing a lot of distance, but it made missing the tail attack hardly punishing at all.

This attack is already hard to dodge at all, you should be rewarded for doing so and the killer should be punished for missing.

Could potentially also do something about that, the attack comes out so fast thats its almost impossible to react to it, unlike the likes of Nemesis's Tentacle or PH Range attack, this is basically the same situation of old Slinger that had no CD for aiming.


  • poujh
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    yeah i thought the same, the killer almost doesn't get slowed sometimes when missing. Also i totally agree with you for the second part, there's no way of knowing if the alien is about to use its tail unlike nemesis or pyramid head or any other killer which cleary shows if they're about to do a special attack.

  • Tatariu
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    Alien's move speed is buggy during the cool-down; sometimes 2m/s applies and other times you stay moving at 4.6m/s like nothing happened. I would definitely wait until a hot fix comes out before making any serious judgements.

  • Viktor1853
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    Xenomorph tail attack are not that hard to dodge

  • Devil_hit11
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    edited August 2023

    missed cooldown for most attacks is like 10% m/s. his cooldown makes complete sense because he is suppose looping around pallets because his power does not break pallets like nemesis. the killer does get punishing for missing because he did not get the hit. you just cannot hold shift-w mindlessly and transition between loops for him missing.

    it definitely feels around 50%. you move a lot slower than survivor but your not completely stuck in place like regular m1 attacks. they should implement 50% on all basic attacks. the attack feels much smoother. what I find funny while playing xeno is how this speed exaggerates the survivor that optimize distance vs those that have poor movement when getting hit. it is like mini-sbtfl vs weaker players.

  • JudithMorel
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    nerf this broken ass killer already!!!!!!!!!

    Yours truly, A Solo q survivor.