Some changes to reduce the aliens power

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Turrets also feel quite week, a good killer can tail hit turrets well before they knock them out of their power. Increase the speed or distance for turrets. Turrets are currently a glorified baby monitor.

Missed tail hits don't seem to be effecting the killer at all. They are able to hold people in one area and guarantee a hit. Increase the cool down or slowdown of her tail attack. Possibly bugged?

The red stain feels awkward in crawling stance. Idk what to suggest, it just doesn't feel right.

Make the burrows/turrets visible at all times.

Her tail hit seems extremely generous for an ability that can be spammed.

Even when the alien is knocked out of her power, she has the ability to immediately burrow and get it back. This shouldn't be the case.

Burrows near hooked survivors should be blocked from being able to exit from.

For how quickly she exits the burrows they are awfully close to gens.

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