Rank best to worst Alien films.

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Although be interesting why if you could say so, please :)

My fave was 2, had a great story line, LOTS of Aliens and was introduced to the Queen Alien in that, though disliked whiney Hudson it still also had a lil bit of Jonesy in it. The it was 4, appreciate that Brad Dourif was in it, had another good story line, lots of Aliens, then it's number 1 it did have a great story, this was where was introduced to the franchise, but it was lacking Aliens in it, and then number 3. God the CGI! they could of put thse dot things on a dog and used a green screen for better! story line was okay, but again lacking any aliens, also the ending pending on which one, I prefer the one where Alien bursts out of her chest, also Ripley looked bad ass bald.


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    1, 3, 4, 2

    I love all of them, but the pacing of 1 and that twisted colony on Fury 161 in 3 are my favorite parts.

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    1. Aliens
    2. Alien
    3. Alien: Covenant
    4. Prometheus
    5. Alien: Resurrection
    6. Alien 3
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    I treat Aliens how I treat Terminator.

    1, 2, mostly forget the rest exist.

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    There were only 2, not sure what you're talking about...

    Nah seriously 1 and 2 were excellent, can't really pick between them cause they both hit their strengths perfectly. 1 is the horror/thriller masterpiece, and 2 nails the action/thriller masterpiece.

    3 makes the fatal mistake of killing off Newt and and Hicks offscreen. These 2 characters provided us with such a good story ark and emotional payoff for Ripley, going from the untrusting, resentful, fearful survivor who is emotionally cut off from the world after finding out her daughter died... to the heroic, determined, badass mother figure who fought off the damned Queen... Regardless of recent attempts to rewrite history, this was a horrific mistake and puts a teally bitter pill in the audiences mouth before the movie even starts... and as time goes on the film keeps getting more and more hopeless... its so hopeless it's hard to be invested in her escape because she can't escape... and ofc ultimately she doesn't.... so the film falls flat as just a "well... that sucked..."

    4 is a good popcorn film. If you switch your brain off and just go with it you can enjoy it. Characters are colourful and interesting, if not particularly deep, and you get some really badass entertaining moments... like water scene for example is really cool... Xeno-sharks 😅

    Everything else does more harm than good... but to conclude... I enjoy Alien more as a horror fan, even the outdated low budget moments like air vent jazz hands... but I'm more entertained and invested in the characters in Aliens.

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    I like it when people say exactly what I'm thinking so I don't have to spend the time writing it down. It rarely happens, but it's very convenient when it does.

    The worst part of 3 is that it retroactively makes 2 worse. 4 was a mixed bag but Ron Pearlman mostly made it work.

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    I've only seen the first four (and quite recently!), but my general ranking would probably be...

    1, 2, Resurrection, 3

    I don't think I need to explain my reasoning for the first two, they're both masterpieces and which position you put them in comes down to personal preference- I prefer slow creeping tension to bombastic action, so 1 ranks a little higher than 2, but they're both incredible movies.

    Resurrection I rank above 3 because I think it does what it's going for better, even though I do actually prefer what 3 was going for. It was always going to be controversial to kill off the previous characters and then also go for such a desperate and hopeless tone, but I do think a better edited and paced version of Alien 3 would've landed that well enough for it to be considered as good as the first two. The pieces are there, but they weren't assembled very well.

    On the flip side, Resurrection had way worse pieces, but because it decided to forgo even trying to assemble them in favour of juggling them in ridiculous ways, I had more fun with it. Plus, Sigourney Weaver chewing the scenery as Ripley 8 was just a blast to watch, she was so good in that movie.

    In general though I didn't dislike any of them. They all had their fun moments and individual charm.

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    Hahahaha I felt the exact same murmur in my cold dead heart when I read:

    I treat Aliens how I treat Terminator.


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    1 - Aliens

    To me it's the best movie with xenomorphs in it. Almost perfection. Introduction of the queen is amazing, ripley is amazing in this, has probably the most memorable line in the entire series and I do not dislike anyone in the cast.

    2 - Alien

    I have nothing but praise for this movie. The slow suspense is amazing. the fact that we know so little about the xeno is terrifying. Jonesy survives. The chestbursting scene can never be done again to the same effect. my only complain is that is has a couple lackluster kills in it which really aren't that much of an issue but bumps aliens to #1

    3 - AvP

    I know this movie has issues, but it fully delivers on it's premise.

    Lex and Scar joining forces and she getting a sick scar to show that...well Scar, considers her an equal is cool as #########.

    they fight a queen together... this movie is so much fun when it gets going.

    also grid is in it... grid is great.

    4 - Covenant

    I like david in this one. It has some cool stuff in it. the ending was expected but really well done.

    I like it but it could have been so much better.

    also the replacement captain is just an absolute idiot... I hate when characters are idiots because of the plot

    5 - Ressurection

    It has great scenes. I do like the newborn, they are creepy in a good way.

    some of the characters are interesting.

    the scene seeing the 1-7 clones is suberb.


    the issues? ripley isn't ripley anymore. joss whedon humour...

    6 - Prometheus

    Has a couple memorable scenes like aborting the alien. cool kills... but I honestly sometimes forget this one in technically an alien movie.

    7 - Alien 3

    Some really cool scenes like when ripley meets the xeno and it gets face to face with her. Ripley dieing while holding the xeno queen and stopping her from escaping.

    but I could not care less about the rest of the cast...

    also... they killed newt. this is an unforgivable sin.

    8 - AvP Requiem (this would be higher if not for a fatal flaw)

    Who even are these humans we are following? Why can't we follow wolf? wolf is awesome, easily one of my favorite Yautja.

    this has some of the collest kills in the series. and a freaking predalien.

    like, remember that time wolf threw that shuriken thing and killed 2 xenos and cut that nothing character in half? cool stuff (pictured below)

    WISH I COULD ACTUALLY SEE IT PROPERLY!!! why is it so damn dark?!?

    for some reason the video could not go in the spoiler thing... oh well

    and that's it. that's my ranking that I didn't spend too much time thinking about.

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    Aliens wins by a margin because the marines are great. Between the action and the characters, I find the movie infinitely rewatchable.

    Then Alien. It's a horror classic. The xenomorph is barely on screen but it's felt as a constant threat. A supremely well done film.

    Then AVP 2. Then AVP. Then there are some xenomorph sequels and prequels which aren't really worth mentioning in my opinion. The Aliens comics from Dark Horse are way better.

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    1 >>> 2 >>> 3/Resurrection/Prometheus/Covenant

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    if I am honest I forgot how long the films were myself lol

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    Aliens and Alien.

    After Alien 3 they stopped paying/crediting HR Giger (the artist who Xenomorphs/Alien Planets were based on/designed by). Alien Resurrection just ignored him by saying it's based on the designs in previous films, and since they owned the rights they don't need to pay/credit him again.

    He sadly passed away with grievances about it.


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    Alien 3 he was just a new producer, so sadly what the company wanted they had, hence the final Ripley scene, sadly cant se that about any of the other 3 -s-

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    Mine is:

    1. Alien
    2. Alien 3
    3. Aliens
    4. (here starts the list of bad movies) Prometheus (has a few cool support characters atleast)
    5. Alien Ressurrection (just no. Aliens not cool or scary anymore, they are more like communist workers doing their job, Ripley is ridiculous)
    6. Alien Covenant (garbage)

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    Pretty much in chronological order. The older - the better.

    1. Alien vs. Truckdrivers (great horror)
    2. Alien vs. Marines (great action)
    3. Alien vs. Convicts (much worse)
    4. Alien vs. Pirates (much much worse)
    5. Alien vs. Idiots (facepalm)
    6. Alien vs. Imbeciles (double facepalm)