Current Game State


Dear BHVR,

First of all, thank you for constant work on game we really appriciate that, but ...

I'm playing both of roles but the biggest problem is that currently there is no fun while playing survivor.

We are facing in ~70% of the games Alien which you cannot counter by any means. "Quattro" mode is infinite, turrets cannot do anything with it. He can hit trough everything, even high obstacles, stunning him is like punishment for survivor since most of them are playing endurance or even worse red addon which makes you injuried and with mentioned perk you are double tapped. Another OP killer with no weakness.

Tunneling and camping is still a thing and it is not punishable for killer. Simple counteraction like turning off killer power near hook and for few seconds after unhook would be fair solution, let us find safe spot from which we can start proper chase.

While slugged as one of two last survivors give us button to surrender. We do not wanna waste time for killer to find 4th survivor.

Another problem is 3-gen by Skull Merachant mostly but even by some other killers which is uncounterable. Just give us hatch after completing 4 generators on which we can work as on generator, located as far of these 3 gens.

Probably now killer mains will start to argue that we have Made For This as survivors. Nerf it to the ground like Dead Hard we do not need it, we just want to have some chance to play fun game, enjoy it by some kind of point but now there is no way for it.


  • Bran
    Bran Member Posts: 2,095

    Well I can turn that all around.

    I hardly find it fun as killer. Can't play any I'd like because they are too weak and looping is just awful to go against. Almost no way to get hits if your just a casual.

    Xeno can be countered by the same things any other killer can be countered by. Just keep in mind it's xeno and it's pretty easy.

    Tunneling and camping. Boohoo on that honestly. Killer can't kill without doing those half the time. I mean, just by hitting a loop your practically wasting a time as killer.

    If you don't wanna wait around for the last 2. DC and take the penalty.

    I can't say anything about the skull merchant stuff.

    Any good or competent enough survivor will have a good enough time.

  • Wiccamanplays
    Wiccamanplays Member Posts: 130

    The killer's barely been out for a week, maybe wait for the dust to settle before calling Xeno OP?

    At the moment the game doesn't seem very fun for either side. I'm actually enjoying Survivor a little more these days because as Killer I'm waiting ages for a game only to get put against people with double, triple or quadruple my hours, and since I don't play S-tier killers I have to sweat just to get 1 kill.

  • SzeroX
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    Unfortunatelly after 3days facing him I could easly say that he is one of the most op killers even very close to nurse and blight and with red addon far better than these two. Especially that he isnt so difficult to master.

    You cannot drop pallet vs him since you will get hit, you cannot doge it since ultra potato servers will register it as hit anyways. You cannot take him out of power since flame turrets do nothing.

    His power is loading outside tunnles which is stupid since this power immiedietly makes chase very short.

    His map controll is out of this world, he doesnt need any aura perks as well since he can track you while in tunnles.

    Developers does not care about us having fun anymore, it is sh## fiesta who will make more op killer.

  • SzeroX
    SzeroX Member Posts: 6

    As an killer player I have no fun too since as you wrote waiting for games is longer than game which I finish in 2 mins after first hook because most of all players are frustrated that as sruvivor you can do nothing vs some killers.

    We need understand that this game is COOP but you cannot see evrything as you were playing every match as SWF.

    About Xeno, Sorry but xeno cannot be countered as any other killer, there is no counter for him. How you would like to counter xeno, give me one possible way to do it. You cannot vault you cannot drop a pallet, what you can do ?

    There are plenty of ways to counter every other killer but xeno is not one of them, he is 4,6 killer with better Huntress playstyle around pallets and windows and you can hit somone trough high obstacles when you even don't see him.

    Excluding poor hitbox at least balance him with his usage of power.

    I am finishing this rift and drop this game for a month unless there is a change since it is waste of time because you cannot have fun in it.