please try to prevent lobby dodging

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lobby dodging is probably the most important factor on why matches feel so off skill level wise, lobby dodging messes with the matchmaker and there needs to be some changes to lobbies in order to attempt to fix it, fixes such as;

  • killers can no longer see survivor's prestige levels until the end of the game
  • killers & survivors can't open each others steam profiles
  • (not sure but definitely a suggestion) remove the ability to leave a lobby, so the only way to leave is to quit the game

and with all those, maybe you could do something like reduce the total lobby time from 60s to 45-50 maybe because its awfully long. but the 2 bullet points, maybe the third one too, should be implemented into the game. i also know that the first one is most likely being implemented soon as its already available for some players, but still i felt like it should be included.

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  • Beatricks
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    Because the "current thing" in regards to why this game has such horrendous matchmaking is lobby dodging. Someone started saying it a few weeks ago and people jumped on the bandwagon. It's always like this. SBMM has produced absolute dog stuff quality matches since day one, but every single time it is brought up, people do the most insane mental gymnastics as to why BHVR's matchmaking is actually perfect, it's only some pesky factor that doesn't allow it to shine.

    BHVR has already hidden prestige levels and in 6-12 months they'll give time out penalties for lobby dodging as well.

    And it's not going to do jack all, because the problem with SBMM isn't lobby dodging.

    It's that hockey based MM doesn't work.

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    Just implement the DC penalty if you leave the lobby, 'lose connection' when you see an offering you don't like, as well as disconnecting from the match.

    Things happen, and the DC penalty is forgiving enough to allow that one in a while. But people deliberately lobby shopping will quickly ban themselves, and good riddance.

    Imo, lobby shopping is worse than intentional disconnect. Dropping from the game ruins the match for 4 other players, but lobby shopping ruins it for 5 other people.

    There's a lot that needs to be done to combat lobby shopping, but BHVR currently seems satisfied with both having MMR and allowing players to have a trivial way of disabling that same MMR system to try and game the system.

  • Evan_
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    Do we really need those lobbies?

    What would be the most impactful consequence if we just didn't have them anymore? Some killers would need to go all in with Lightborn or learn to play without it. I think it's a small price to pay.

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    Don't forget to also implement a punishment for early hook exit.

    So no one gets to cherry pick their match's and no one gets to leave a match early without proper repercussions. If it's for an emergency, it's already irrelevant since it will most probably take longer than the penalty duration is.

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    The Lobby is fine if the Killer actually wants to prepare for the match. E.g. equipping Lightborn for Flashlights, Franklins for Items in general, Sloppy Butcher for Medkits (if it would not be in any game anyway, but whatever...).

    The sad thing is that the Lobby is not used for this anymore. The Lobby is used to check the profiles of every player and Killers dodge if a Survivor has a 4-digit number of hours or if two or more Survivors are on each others friends list. And because of this the measurements from OP are reasonable and should be implemented.

    But in general, preparing for the game should still be possible. A Killer who is uncomfortable with Flashlights should equip Lightborn without having to use it every game. A Killer who wants to use Franklins against a 4 Item-Lobby should do that without having to pick it every game just to realize that nobody brought an Item.

    So removing information from the Lobby should be done, removing the Lobby completely IMO not.

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    I agree just delete lobby, do your loadout, click start and load in game directly. I'm guilty too sometimes I see 3-4 toolboxes or people with same names I just dodge I don't want to deal with this

    it's too easy to lobby shop until you find weak solo q teams, it probably explain why so many baby surv are getting killers mains with 5k+ hrs and vice versa

  • oreoslurpee
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    yeah that’s exactly why i said that that third suggestion was a very hard maybe

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    Lobby dodging is a symptom of a lack of faith in MMR, not the cause. I've got around 500 hours in the game and I only dodge lobbies as Killer when I'm pretty sure that the skill/experience balance between me and my opponents is not fair. As an experiment I accepted every lobby I was given for around 30 games and there was a strong (but not absolute) correlation between having high Prestige Survivors in my lobby and me losing. When I could check or ask I was getting survivors with at least double (going up to eight times as many) my hours in the game as I have and perhaps unsurprisingly they were destroying me. I wouldn't be able to dodge a lobby based on prestige if I couldn't see it, but it wouldn't change the fact that the matches would be horribly unfair and unfun to me, which is not what the objective of a MMR system should be.

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    I'd remove the lobby all together.

    I see countless killers dodge every day & even with hidden prestige it's items, names oh their on Twitch or whatever it might be.

    & its not just killers I see survivors dodge too & its often when another survivors has a low prestige or default skin character.

    That doesn't mean mmr doesn't need work it most certainly does but removing lobby dodging (shopping really half the time) would help give a better indication of performance & at least in theory allow for better changes to mmr.

    Not a total fix for sure, other things need to be done too & an mmr purely on kills & escapes was never truly going to define "skill"

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    I like your ideas but the one of leaving the lobby actually since sometimes I leave due to a friend suddenly asking me to play together, or maybe some last minute emergency. Definitely there should be a total amount of lobbies you can dodge per day (like I think Overwatch does for Quick Play? People can leave freely but not past certain amount.) Make it for example you can dodge up to 3 lobbies each 24 hours or something like that, I think it'd be cool.

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    some people will dodge if they see a cheater/exploiter or someone who has harassed them

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    I'd like to see the no lobbies idea tested out, maybe for a week. Allow their matchmaking to have its best chance to do it's thing. And as a bonus it would also get rid of that last second swapping bs survs can do as well.

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    You think DC penalties should be incurred for leaving the lobby? That's exactly how you end up ruining a game.