Am I the only one struggling with Xenomorph?


I don't know if it's because I play on console, because he's relatively new, or because I'm just bad, but I cant hit dick with xeno's tail. Either the hitbox clips the wall, or it goes straight through the survivor without registering, and what's worse is its far too punishing in my opinion. I'm fine with them reducing the movement speed after using the tail, that's fine, but it takes 5 god damn years to re charge and in that time the survivors can vault three pallets, teabag you, and have a nice vacation in Portugal before you can do anything again.

So with the terrible hitbox that means I can only hit dead on with the tail, combined with the heavy penalty for missing, means that what keeps happening is I go for a tail attack, miss, and can't even try again before they make it to the next loop. either you need to make the tails hitbox better and more generous, so that when you go for a tail attack it's easier to land, or make it so that you can use it more frequently so that when you miss you get another go, sort of like tricksters knifes where you'll probably miss a bunch but you can throw them fast enough to where you can land some hits.

Or alternatively if you made it like Nemi's tentacle where if it hits into a wall you can still drag it as that would solve the issue of me hitting the frames of windows or a random bush.

maybe I'm just bad though, so I wanted to ask you guys, especially other console players, do you struggle this much or am I just trash😂