Y'all need a new person to oversee balancing

For instance normal Pinhead not good especially if you know how to dodge the chain. Irri addon Pinhead? Way too strong and unplayable survivor side. Never ending chains/screaming leaving your position constantly exposed, inhibited from doing gens due to the chains (which have no counter other than dodging them) and unable to loop or even hold W since you are always hit by random chain spawns.

Base Pinhead needs a buff and irri pinhead needs an extreme nerf. Allowing him to see his own box, have constant judgment chains and killer instinct from screams is unplayable and that's without any perks making it even worse.


  • okaayletsgoo
    okaayletsgoo Member Posts: 108

    That's what I said in the post. Improve basekit and nerf irri add-ons. Tombstone Myers is annoying and there needs to be an activation requirement not just one and done. Yes it takes longer for evil within 3 but add-ons shorten that and then it's ggs. Definitely needs balancing as well