Hey BHVR I know nobody likes a cheater as they especially tend to sour the enjoyment while playing

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I like a lot of other players have slowly stopped playing DBD just because of how many times ive come across someone using some form of a cheat in the game. Its a pain to code out i know especially when you have either sloppy code or too many lines to sift through to find it. I just heard that Bungie have sued someone who was using cheats in Destiny 2 and won so maybe a precedent has been established and you can do the same. You still have a lot more stuff you need to fix and balance but i will tell you that when your anti cheat software is no longer working properly the game just looses all its value in fun. I do hope you figure it out and can punish the players that actively want to cheat in your games. Mind you dbd isnt a competative game so its a lil bit different but even still if you guys dont figure out what to do more and more players will use subtle cheats for a small advantage that sucks the breath out of dbd forever. FYI heres the article i read:


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    I've only ever met three cheaters in the two years I've been playing on console, so I've been lucky.

    I've only ever met one cheater that I sort of liked in any game I've played and that was here in DbD. They kidnapped me and took me to the top of a building so I could see the entire map, it was actually kind of cool. They were using their BS to show survivors things in the map they would never be able to see otherwise. It was a very emotionally confusing match lmao

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    Thankfully in my year of playing I have never encountered a cheater.

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    Cheaters are FAR less common than they were a couple months ago. I used to get them every other game or so. I don’t remember the last one I got.

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    heck, I just got done watching some YouTube and literally just watched a very recent video of a person having over 9000 hours on DBD and cheated in a tourney with wall hacks....it was so blatant how he kept spotting everyone's position yet he never saw them, and just leaving slugged people to go to the other side of the map to pressure someone else he didn't even know was over there or had any indication of them being on the gen. I'm nervous about this game as of right now, if they are allowing people to cheat during tournaments bro that says a lot about where this game is heading... only thing we can do is do our part with having video evidence and submitting a ticket but they would be able to spot things way quicker if they implemented a game spectator mode where you can go back and watch the full gameplay after it was finished like smite has. They can review the entire gameplay and see exactly what is going on. Who knows, maybe we will see it maybe we won't. Till then try to enjoy it as best you can if you want to stick with it, if not I understand and hope you find fun in a new game.

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    What you have to understand about BHVR is that they simply don't care.

    Now that the big name content creators have gotten their little preferential matchmaking that makes it all but impossible for cheaters to play with them there is little zero incentive for BHVR to give a damn about the rampant cheating issue, they can just sweep it under the rug, pretend nothing is wrong and release a wage statement every six months or so that they banned a bunch of cheaters. The spaghetti code still exists, the EGS exploit still exists and MAC address spoofing still exist, so cheaters are here to stay. Either accept it or move on to a game where the devs are actively combating the cheaters.

    I'm sorry, but I mindlessly spamming "arms race, arms race, arms race!" Just doesn't cut it after all these years with all these cheaters.