Should certain killer powers be customizable?

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Certain killers will a physical power like Trappers traps, Billy's chainsaw and Bubba's too, Wraiths bell, Huntress hatchets etc.

I think it would be awesome if their powers could be customized in some way aesthetically. Though at the same time not for the sake of increasing auric cell prices on outfits.

It would be good for the game and make killers even more aesthetically unique without any advantages, and while I do get there are few caviots to doing this, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't happen.

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  • KolbyKolbyKolby
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    I would hope so, I would love to give my plague some Phazon vomit

  • Firellius
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    When Skull Merchant was released and I saw the add-on that made claw-traps break pallets, I figured that's what she'd be. Entirely different power effects dependent on your add-ons.

  • Xernoton
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    I want stickers on my chainsaw. Or maybe even give it a new coat of paint. That old thing gets boring after about 800 (could be closer to 900 by now) hours of playing Billy. Pleasy BHVR, give him a milk bottle sticker to match his milk bottle weapon.

  • Mooks
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    Yep. That should have been a thing for a long time already.

    i guess a problem would be that not all killers are eligible for this and this would be kinda ‚unfair‘ as well as for some licensed killers it could be problematic to retroactively change this/add new stuff as this requires new negotiations etc.

    also I guess it would lead to some gameplay advantages (disadvantages) and BHVR tries to avoid the Pay2Win aspect. Though frankly, some cosmetics already give some (dis)advantages, with visibility over loops and weapons possibly taking up more space in 1st person view….