Screams should not interrupt actions (except doctor shocks)

Screams interrupting actions creates miserable builds that revolve around interrupting actions that don't preserve their progress (ie pig boxes and totems)

Typically this is used to make uncleansable totems (FTD + thrill) or interrupt pig boxes to forcefully kill with the hats which is nearly unstoppable. Neither interactions are particularly fun to face, these perks can still be used as information in order to prevent these objectives from being completed since you now know where the survivor is doing that objective and can now move to protect it yourself, but it should not be possible to force the survivor off these objectives since they lose their completion progress.


  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,269

    Prior to Ultimate Weapon existing, I think it was only ever an issue on Pig if they also had the addons that make the boxes take longer to search and/or Tampered Timer. I've gone against plenty of Pigs using FTD but if they didn't also have those addons, it was never actually a problem. So change those addons (and nerf Ultimate Weapon which needs to be nerfed regardless of screams interrupting actions or not) and it won't be an issue for Pig anymore.

    The FTD + Thrill of the Hunt combo can be countered and isn't a problem. The injured survivor causing FTD to be active needs to go do the totems (since they don't scream), or cleanse Thrill while FTD isn't active.

  • Caiman
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    This issue does make Scene Partner troublesome to use sometimes, the screams from your own perk interrupt your own actions which can be very unhelpful depending on the situation.

  • Callahan9116
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    Theres literally calm spirit, run that. Stop whining a build is unfair when it is hard countered by a perk everyone has access to.

  • itstofuuu99
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    yeah this issue also occurred with me when i was healing against someone with ultimate weapon and sloppy butcher; i was healing with my medkit(which only allows one heal) and just when im about to finish healing my survivor screamed and all my healing progress is lost and i couldn’t heal anymore bc the medkit had ran out…is very annoying to say the least