Are you using Renewal, and if that's the case, why?

For me, the fact that you need to heal 16 charges (aka 1 heal on normal speed) on another survivor doesn't seem appealing to me, because I like running We'll Make It. You can't also get progress by using a medkit since it's considered as a different action.

So, if there are some you using it, could you tell me why? Also, did you get good value out of this perk or almost no value at all?

PS: I know, I could have made a pole, but people seem less likely to comment on polls unless they are quite provoking.


  • Seraphor
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    It works perfectly fine with We'll Make It, what's your issue?

    I run Renewal with We'll Make It and Empathy as my 'healer' build. I score the unhook, rapidly heal the survivor, and fully charge my Renewal in the process. Scoring me 2 heals for the cost of a half heal (8 seconds), which is a 300% increase in healing efficiency.

    (Throw in Botany Knowledge and a purple Medkit with 40 charges, and you can get that heal down to 5 seconds)

    Renewal requires you to complete 16 charges of healing. We'll Make It doesn't decrease how many charges you complete, only how fast you heal those 16 charges.

  • Krazzik
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    Renewal is a perfectly decent perk, and yeah it does work with healing speed perks, even if you heal faster you still only have to heal a full heals-worth on another survivor.

    The only thing I'd maybe like to see changed is to reduce the requirement by a couple charges, just incase someone else starts healing themselves for a second before you start heaing them, but besides that it's fine.

    The reason Renewel is rarely used is because firstly, if the killer tunnels and hits you right off the hook, it only heals the deep wound so it's basically useless there, and secondly there are just better perks in the game, why bring a 'decent' perk when you could instead bring another 'strong' perk?

  • Beatricks
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    In my experience it's far too unreliable. I just go with a medkit instead.

  • Vorahk08
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    I like Renewal on Deliverance builds. As others have said, it works with We'll Make It, so it's great for a rescue, quick heal, and then you're ready to go with a guaranteed self-unhook and free heal.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    It's a decent perk. Best paired with WMI but not required to make it work.

    (Also as others have said already - it should be working perfectly fine with WMI, if they're not working together it would be a bug)

  • Marc_go_solo
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    It's been the difference between surviving and being sacrificed on a few occasions and, with a team working well together, healing isn't a big issue to get the perk working.

    Also saves a bit of time and can really throw a killer who tunnels when I hold them off for long enough.

    As a randomizer player, I am never disappointed when this perk enters the build.

  • IHSGames
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    When I get unhooked, it allows me to instantly apply pressure to a gen without the need of having someone else heal me or stop in my tracks to use a medkit, saving time overall in matches.

    It also helps with tunneling surprisingly. If a killer comes back to tunnel and you last those 16 seconds before youre healed, you wasted the killers time looping them, as well as gain a health state mid chase which you wouldve died if you didnt/a teammate tried to heal you

    It also counters sloppy, as theres no need to manually heal. Its the same 16 seconds as usual.

    It also works like a great value adrenaline in endgame, just without the exhaustion which can be VERY useful sometimes. Renewal is HEAVILY underated a very useful

  • K139K05
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    Well, than there was a bug in the game that didn't get fixed for decades. But it's nice to see that it works properly now.

  • Seraphor
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    The game isn't decades old, and it's been working just fine since at least 2019 for me.

  • delugeoffear
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    My reasoning for using renewal as a whole is because I just don't have enough faith in randoms to heal me. I tend to run healing builds myself anyhow, so it's just easier for me to take care of myself while also supporting my team. Solo queue stuff.

  • Yatol
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    I recommend Renewal for players who are good in chases but advise anyone else to use Inner strength instead, I haven't used the perk in a while but its main issue is other perks are either better like Adrenaline (even resurgence in some way and now we have plot twist) or don't synergies well with it like Deliverance.

  • K139K05
    K139K05 Member Posts: 215

    I think there was a case where it didn't work for me when combined with Botany Knowledge. I did a full heal and didn't get 16 charges for Renewal. But it could just be that my memory is a bit obscured. And the "didn't get fixed for decades" part was an overexaggeration. I just wanted to make clear that there might have been a bug that didn't get fixed for a long time. But it could that there never has been such a bug and only my memory is not working properly.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,105

    Did any other survivor help you with the heal? That will cause you to only get credit for the portion of the healing that you did (thus causing Renewal to not be fully charged).

  • zarr
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    Second Wind could do with buffs. You first having to have fully healed someone and it then healing you only after you get unhooked (so at most two times, if that) are already conditions that limit how much value you can possibly get from it, not seldomly not getting any whatsoever. On top of that, having an unhooker heal you isn't a huge time investment, it's nice not having to spend that time but it simply isn't at all worth spending a perk slot on when compared to other things you could be spending it on instead, particularly given again that you may not even have the perk active due to its condition. The only case where the perk really is impactful enough to be worth its slot is that of being tunnelled. The issue with this being that it's not unusual to be put into Deep Wound shortly after getting unhooked, after which all Second Wind will do is mend you, which doesn't do much of anything for you in the chase. I guess it can give you access to Dead Hard, but then you are much better off using Decisive Strike instead.

    A buff could be to simply remove the condition of having to heal someone else first, maybe then increasing its time-to-heal to 30 seconds however. Another buff could be to have its effect on a "buffer", similar to Adrenaline. Meaning that if you get downed, it heals you up to injured again if you are still on the ground at the time of its activation; if you get picked up and it procs while being carried, it heals you to healthy from injured should you wiggle; if on a hook, it heals you after the unhook; and so on. This would guarantee (well, not completely) that you get value from the perk after having fulfilled its condition.

    In either case it would still just be two times per match at most that it can activate, and only at very specific timings, so I don't think it would be problematic. Just good.

    A collateral buff could be to make unhook Endurance unhook invincibility instead (but also removing collision for the unhooked survivor during that time), which I think is a beneficial change for the game anyway. That way the killer would not be able to put the survivor they're tunnelling into Deep Wound, with obvious benefits for Second Wind.

  • Nos37
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    I use Renewal with Autodidact.

    I fill up Renewal while I get Autodidact tokens. Then I get auto-healed off hook (assuming the killer doesn't hit me right off the hook; something that counters so many survivor perks like Off The Record, etc.).

    Then I use the Autodidact tokens to quickly get Renewal back up (assuming I wasn't tunneled and had a chance to heal another survivor).

    Plus Autodidact + Renewal completely counters Sloppy Butcher (haemorrhage) + Coulrophobia