99.9% of Wraith killers CAMP THE HOOK

When are you going to stop the killers camping the hook, it’s not like they’re not already completely overpowered compared to any of the survivors!. You’ve given the killers one hit kill basically, like why??. You’re making it impossible for survivors to even think about escaping!. No one wants it easy, it’s all about the challenge and showing off skill but right now it’s not far off impossible !!. Everyday I’m hatIng the game more!!. WRAITH iS THE WEAKEST KILLER OF THEM ALL… take away his invisibility and see how many ppl play him as killer then!!. Guarantee you NO ONE WILL!.


  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    Let me guess

    you went against a hit and run wraith

  • Xernoton
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    There already is an anti camping mechanic, that affects Wraith just as much as every other killer. His invisibility doesn't change that. Also, Wraith is by far not the weakest killer in the game. In fact he is quite solid. Not increadibly strong but also not super weak.

    I can assure you, that survivors still escape. It's not nearly that bad and it honestly sounds like you let the game get to you. If that's the case, take a deep breath and think about, if you have any desire to play the game right now. If the answer is no, then there is no shame in not playing for a bit. Games are supposed to be fun and it seems like fun isn't the right word to describe your experience here.

    Lastly, you are correct that nobody would play Wraith, if you removed his power. I mean, what would be the point? He would be Trapper without traps and a different look. Nobody would pick Wraith for something they could do on almost every other killer and no unique power.

    If you have trouble going against Wraith specifically, then I recommend YouTube or the forums. Just ask how to play against him and there will be a lot of people more than happy to help.

  • ratcoffee
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    I mean to be fair there's still the undetectable that could theoretically exist independent of the cloak, the toggling between a high-move speed mode where you can't attack and a normal-speed mode where you can attack, the extended lunge you get while uncloaking. You could compare Wraith without the invisibility to Sadako, but instead of TVs she has a big move speed buff when demanifested.

    OP is obviously vent-posting and removing the invisibility would be silly (and I agree few if any people would play him), but there's more to his power than just the model not being rendered with a texture.

  • AddanDeith
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    people can play however they want.

  • Xernoton
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    Ok, what? How? When? Do you just have them lying around on your pc or did you draw that one in response?

    Or did the entity connect with you and give you a bunch of extra arms to give us more art? Oh my god! I figured it out! @C3Tooth is the entity! You only used Nea as a pawn in your game of chess and you created Chess Merchant to buy you more time for the creation of memes!

  • Unknown2765
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    Sadly my experience is also that most wraith players stealth camp.

    That being said, i had a game yesterday where our whole team got beaten by a wraith that did play very fair, no camping no tunneling, not even close.

    It was a good game and while we got our butts handed to us, it was nice to play against a wraith that didnt proxy

  • crogers271
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    Against a Wraith, do not rescue the survivor on the hook until the Wraith starts a chase with someone else.

    Do not heal by the hook, the Wraith can make it back way too fast.

    If the survivors play into his power, which way too frequently they do, he's going to have an easy game.

  • Nos37
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    It's likely because 99.9% of Wraiths have a bugged perk slot that only lets them equip Hex: No One Escapes Death on it (sarcasm), so they feel free to camp and tunnel, knowing they'll still get more done in the endgame if the survivors do manage to "punish camping."