Not trapped... why BHVR, where exactly am I supposed to put a trap at a pallet?



  • daffyd
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    I'd leave two traps once I went to the far end of the map to get my power but the game doesn't let me put two traps together?!

  • daffyd
    daffyd Member Posts: 138
  • Shroompy
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    You placed it a bit too far back which gave him enough room to squeeze by it

    Place it more inwards so it covers the entire way, but not directly in the middle as then Survivors can just throw the pallet and vault over it

  • jesterkind
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    As others have mentioned, would slightly increasing the trap's visual size to accommodate be out of the question?

    In the grand scheme of things it's not really Trapper's biggest problem, but it sure is annoying when you're off by a small amount like OP's picture, lmao.

  • Krazzik
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    I mean Trapper is the worst killer in the game and has been for years now. Making his traps both visually and physically 20% larger seems perfectly fair.

  • Peanits
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    So this is also a little bit more complicated than it sounds. In order for it to not teleport to a survivor who didn't step on it, only the center of the trap (the actual trap bit) sets off the trap - the springs won't trigger it just like an actual trap. Since this part of the trap is only about a third of the trap's total width, the amount the 'danger zone' grows is only a fraction of the entire trap. Something like a 10% increase would only make the 'danger zone' marginally bigger, you'd still need to place it carefully. They can also only be scaled up so much before they appear comically big and require a whole new set of animations. It's also not really a perfect solution since making the traps larger has the side effect of making them even easier to spot and even harder to hide in small patches of grass.

  • jesterkind
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    Hmm, good points, I have to admit I hadn't considered that.

    I appreciate the answer, though- it's been a personal pet peeve of mine since I first started playing and first picked up Trapper, so hearing back on it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Halloulle
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    You don't trap the pallet/window. You trap the checkspots.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    Just as a bit of a rant, when I first started this game, I tried playing Trapper, since he looked like he was supposed to be the beginner character...

    ...and then stuff like this happened, all the time. If I tried placing traps at narrow spaces, I would be slightly off and survivors could just hug a side. If I tried placing traps at windows, then it was always slightly off, and depending on how fast a survivor was vaulting the window, they could bypass the trap ...Sometimes I tried placing traps at undropped pallets, just to find out that if a survivor dropped the pallet they could bypass the trap, and I couldn't find a place where a single trap would work at an undropped pallet, and still work if the pallet was dropped.

    If Trapper is supposed to be a "beginner" character, then he's an absolute failure, because the amount of game knowledge required, and the amount of pixel perfect trap placement required, is way way way too much for a beginner.

    Yes, I do think traps should be large enough that beginners should easily be able to block a narrow path with a single trap. Yes, I do think traps should be large enough that beginners should easily be able to block a vault or pallet (regardless if the pallet is dropped or undropped) with a single trap. And if this means the actual model of the trap needs to be made larger, then that should happen. I honestly have no idea how Trapper is supposed to be fun or fair for beginner killers, when it involves constantly watching survivors run straight by their traps, and not get caught, because "technically the survivors didn't go through the trap".

  • daffyd
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    Animations are not an excuse, as a survivor I would fully expect to be pulled into that trap.

    Reading that the trap should be to the left or right or under the pallet (so the pallet can be dropped and trap made useless but understandably) is incorrect, this is the perfect location for any Trapper to place a trap.

    Trappers power is to stop choke points such as the one shown above otherwise his power is slow to obtain, timewasted to setup and pointless... I'm honestly lost for words hearing about animations tbh

  • gnehehe
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    You need a PhD in geometry to perfectly set up a trap 🤓

  • C3Tooth
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    They reduce the grass, bright up the realms, made choke points larger (the door outside Racoon for example). I dont think they want Trapper to play pre-setup anymore, the traps are so obvious. But likely to put 10 obvious traps like these and hope survivors run into it for a free hit, otherwise you will see their teammates constantly disarm traps.

    I miss how Trapper played back then, 5 traps, all are almost invisible, less traps but more quality. Especially thats mean you spend half your time to setup traps.

  • Aven_Fallen
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    "this is the perfect location for any Trapper to place a trap."

    Apparently not, when the Survivor can get past it...

  • TheGoodGuy
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    BHVR acts like someone who Traps doesn’t know how to hide the traps also lol. Instead of hiding a plain old Bear Trap, either in plain sight or in grass, just also have Trapper cover it in mulch. Always. Then give him the ability to always put down mulch even if he happens to have no Traps. Done.

    Now you get a new mind game, the anxiety/thrill of testing your luck in chase (as survivor), traps are always hidden, Trapper always feels like he has some kind of ability the entire match and you can make it harder for survivors to tip toe around traps or make them ‘teleport’ without making them feel cheated.

    Although I’m an avid fan of using Fake Pallets on Freddy and Survivors hated that too so… I’m probably wrong~

  • Alice_pbg
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    and then you gotta learn where the map collision is wonky so the trap goes under the floor so you can actually hide them. and hope the survivor doesn't also know (which most won't... who learns these things and commits them all to memory but trapper players?)

    but this game doesn't thrive on realism... I think it's fine if the corners of the trap triggers it to help in scenarios like the op. we can sacrifice some real life trap accuracy for the sake of gameplay here.

    like... how big are the hatchets hurtboxes compared to the model again? freddy has the same meele reach as every other killer right?

    this would mostly help begginers. who picked the game and decided to play trapper and don't know the advanced geometry required to block a door frame with a bear trap.

    or the weirdly precise distance from a window to place a trap.

  • bjorksnas
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    why not just make set points at both sides of the pallet where it will place it perfectly instead of having to fiddle with it or get it perfectly, it would then be 100% consistent for both sides because a survivor knows that if there is a trap at the pallet they can't squeeze through it 100% of the time and the killer knows the survivor can't squeeze through it

  • CLHL
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    Trapper has been bugged for some time, I keep seen survivor walking over traps and I know they are not cheating. If you put traps on vaults, some survivors will jump over it while others can't do it. And the trap insta-release is super common again. I'm pretty sure it's caused by lag or server issues.

  • tjt85
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    I tend to put them right in the middle of the pallet, though others have said this isn't what you should do because they can easily drop a pallet over it.

    That said, if it's right in the middle they definitely can't use the pallet so you're still denying use of the loop. If they do drop a pallet over it, then you know there's a survivor over there and you can go investigate / break the pallet and retrieve your trap.

    If you're still facing beginner players, that should be a good enough use of your traps to win you lots of chases. I catch lots of Survivors in the dumbest traps possible (yes, even ones in the middle of pallets). If you're not, play another Killer. Trapper is easily one of the least viable Killers if the Survivors actually know what they're doing. Top level Trappers probably just go for basement plays.

  • BenSanderson55
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  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    We have killers who teleport. Go invisible. Etc.

    Why can't Evan's trap do this? lol <3

  • elderwitcher96
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    I do find it strange how realism focused you are with Trapper, but many other killers or survivors don't suffer because of realism. Like survivors hitbox is slightly behind them and hatchets hitbox from Huntress is definitely unrealistic, and when you add ping to all that, you get some very unfair looking hits pretty frequently.

    Or the fact that killers environment hitbox is a bit bigger than the survivors one, not allowing them to get as close to things in environment. The Trapper probably wouldn't be able to pass by the trap in the picture without being caught in it and that's really funny in an ironic way.

  • Akumakaji
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    Here is a wild idea, that might run contrary to the whole "Trapper is the starting killer and HAS to be as simple as possible"-Spiel, on the other hand, this whole thread showcases how trapper is actually pretty complicated to play as a first killer.


    Give Trapper-kun a special interaction with Windows and palettes, ie highlight then white and give it a "trap object" marker. When done, this will trap a window or pallet or maybe even a narrow doorway and automatically traps a survivor that uses it, no questions asked, no visually comically big traps, and especially no 5-15s frustrating fidgeting with a trap, only to have the survivor still squeeze by and fatshame Trapper-kuns sorry buttocks.

    It would increase his power slightly, bit also make playing him much, much more appealing, accessible and less frustrating, compelling more people to give DBDs posterboi a chance.

  • HPhoenix
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    Can the dev make a video of this? This sounds hilarious xD. Like, imagine if you by pass the trap only to TP into their feet a few seconds later.

    Not going to lie, that sounds like a really good add on. But make it where it have a downside.

  • Rudjohns
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    I never place traps right beside pallets. They are easy to spot and avoid.

    I always put in the grass by the loops

  • not_Queef
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    Maybe use more than one braincell and trap around the loop instead.

  • Devil_hit11
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    when killer players cannot play easy-mode killers properly. Trapper is not that hard, learn to place traps properly.

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    Trapper just needs traps like chain chomps from Mario bros. Solved.


  • cburton311
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    The solution is obvious, make the traps twice as big, and make them invisible that way there's no teleport issue or issue with the traps looking comically big,

  • zarr
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    While I agree that instances like this can be annoying, this is one of the very few ways for Trapper to have mechanical skill expression. If they were to dumb it down so much that you can just place the trap somewhere close to a pallet and it works simply by being there, that would dumb the game down. Precise trap placement rewards practice and experience.

    For pallets it's really rather easy though: place the trap halfway inside the pallet. That leaves no room to go through, but also doesn't allow a survivor to drop the pallet and vault over the trap (that's why you never want to trap fully under a pallet).

  • daffyd
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    For those that say not putting it near a pallet but in the obvious grass patch I think they have missed my comment...

    "Trappers power is to stop choke points such as the one shown above "

    Other people have correctly identified that paths have been widened and the lack of realism e.g. having a killer hit someone and that survivor sprinting bursting away and with perks, becoming stronger than when fully healed.

    With no comment from Peanits I've had enough of this game for a good few months to see if they actually do anything about balance rather than minor things like their poster boy killer having timewasting and useless powers.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Would it be possible to increase the centre of the trap and then reduce the size of the side bits so overall the traps are the same size as now but have a bigger trigger zone?

    It would make scenarios like this less common while not making the trap any easier to see or harder to place.

  • Batusalen
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    The only reason that trap didn't trigger is because the survivor is "wall hugging", which in this game technically makes the collision box of survivors smaller as it get inside the wall (you can clearly see how half of the survivor's body is inside the wall in the second image) so they are able to pass beside the trap, even if in the same situation it would trigger without problems if they walked straight through the same gap.

    I had the trap even more to the left in some cases and they still managed to pass through it thanks to this "phenomenon" that the devs seems to not even want to address.