I don't understand why people think new killers are always getting nerfed.


I keep seeing people worried that they are going to nerf chucky after release, and so they will not buy him.

I don't really get this, they have barely nerfed the last 12 killers released at all. Most have been buffed or received no changes. Xenomorph did get the missed tail nerf but i honestly found that change pretty minor, and it was a ptb to live revert.

Mastermind especially is a very popular and strong killer and he has received 0 changes in over a year.

The most recent new killer that got nerfed after release was TWINS from nearly 3 years ago.

So i don't really understand why people have these concerns when it comes to Dead by Daylight specifically.

When it comes to other games i absolutely understand. Hero shooters, new heroes get nerfed after release frequently. Do people get this fear from other games?

Let me know what you think


  • Seraphor
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    PC players miss much few tail attacks than console players, which means the nerf is affecting console players more than PC players.

    Lets say PC players hit 90% of tail attacks, while console players hit 50%. This "nerf" is barely affecting PC players, because they only feel it when they miss. Essentially, they've already discriminated, because this is in effect a 10% nerf to PC players, and a 50% nerf to console player. Imagine if other nerfs worked this way, imagine if Ruin was nerfed to 100%, but if you play on console you get a special version that's nerfed to 50%. Imagine if PC players were still able to selfcare with CoH, and it was only disabled for console players.

    But I agree with the larger point, that the killer should be viable on both PC and console anyway. A rework was in order, that makes the tail attack easier to hit across the board, because PC players aren't missing them anyway.

    I was the BIGGEST Alien fan. Xenomorph was always my dream DBD killer. I barely play it because it's insufferable.

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  • Marc_go_solo
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    It often comes as over-dramatic. Sometimes, even the most marginal of changes are made out by a few to be some form of crime against humanity.

    Maybe in exceptional cases there's a good reason to be concerned, but most is that feelingbof having power removed, mixed alongside a lack of confidence in their own ability.

  • CatnipLove
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    If a killer has ranged ability that has zero counterplay to it, there will be nerfs. Getting upset about that is pointless, as that's just how the game is balanced.

    Xeno had a ranged attack that didn't cause them to lose distance when making a mistake. All other killers have to deal with losing distance when they use a ranged attack. It was obviously going to get changed.

    Chucky's scramble made basically every pallet loop unsafe and gave survivors almost no counterplay. It was going to get nerfed.

    Slice n Dice didn't have much slowdown on whiff. Why BHVR tried this again after all the crap that was caused when Alien went live like that, I have no idea. It was going to get changed.

    Deathslinger is the same with his ADS speed. Although he was released before I started playing, so I know less about his situation.

    Wesker is still fine because, whilst he is very strong, survivors have counterplay in most situations. It's hard to avoid his rushes but it can be done. Scramble just invalidated loops with no counterplay and Xeno and Slice n Dice allowed you to play poorly and still gets hits, unlike every other killer in the game.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    I hope they make him better to play for console players. I really don't know why they are not getting mouse and keyboard support for DbD, a lot games are supporting k&m for console players already.

    And DbD already one of the games which makes console and pc players are playing each other. So console players are already going against someone who has keyboard and mouse. So i don't know why they are just not adding support for consoles. This would make console players to use it and have more fun with all killers.

  • katoptris
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    Freddy was probably the one who was hit the hardest on launch.

  • saintjimmy456
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    All I can give is my own experience. I have played another 30 games since my last comment and I have not seen Xeno once.

    "Devs did not change him at all." "They fixed bug and reverted his one buff to PTB version."

    Yeah... that's the change they made after everybody bought it.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    There is +30 killers, so ofcourse you won't see any killer that much. Even Wesker is not that popular for me. When i look total pickrates, Xeno has decent numbers. So just because you are not seeing him, it does not mean he is not popular.

  • ProfessorDunwich
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    Just bored and nothing better to do than complain. You got it.

  • sizzlingmario4
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    Most recent killers have been buffed from PTB to Live or buffed shortly thereafter.

    Artist did get nerfed from PTB, Xeno got nerfed after 2 weeks (which was only reverting a buff from PTB that made him too strong, overall he was still buffed from PTB to Live), and Trickster is getting nerfed from PTB.

    Sadako got buffed from her 1st PTB (and has since been reworked; and then buffed from her 2nd PTB), Dredge got a minor buff (excluding PTB Nightfall being terrible bc that was a bug), Wesker got mostly buffs from PTB (and the one nerf he got was halfway reverted 1 week later), Knight got buffed, Skull Merchant got buffed, Singularity was buffed twice. And Chucky got a couple of nerfs but is also getting a buff with it.

  • Redd
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    People want each new released killer to be the next Wesker. So a lot of players are hyper-sensitive to anything that could make them see less play.

  • Lost_Boy
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    Xeno just feels awful to play. The tail attack is so inconsistent that you can literally watch it go through the middle of the character model and not register. The slow down is too much for a miss and his power is way too weak to warrant being constantly attacked and harassed by flame turrets. Other ranged killers do what he does significantly better, but they don't have to deal with the god awful hit box detection, movement penalty, continuous staggering & having to constantly attack turrets so they aren't gimped.

  • Caiman
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    Not to mention the very uncomfortable lower POV when in Crawler Mode. Playing Xeno on the Swamp maps is awful.

  • egg_
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    Spirit is still the 3rd strongest killer in the game, yet the only moment her pick rate skyrocketed since her basekit/addons nerf was when the Hooked on you skin was released (totally because people wanted to try that skin, obviously not because incidentally her phasing sound was bugged with that same patch and non directional anymore, turning her into pre-nerf spirit again). Bug was fixed and she almost disappeared again, while still being the third strongest killer and arguably easier to play than other strong killers

    People simply read the words nerf and immediately think something is dead. Xeno might not be top tier, but it's still solid and the thing that affected it the most was a bugfix, not a nerf.

  • pseudechis
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    People hyperfocus on mechanics as a lot of players are "power gamers" as it were.

    So a recent release gets tweaked because its a bit over-tuned after the PTB and its often the end of the world to the power gamer crowd who are looking to squeeze every ounce of competitiveness out of the mechanics.

    (I'm not saying there is anything wrong with power gaming its just one way to indulge in gaming).

  • Ginnypig
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    They litterly nerfed HALF his addons from the PTB, the most nerfed killer ever coming out of a ptb. On top of that, they slowed him down after failed SND. All because of complains of survivors, guess you guys really only wanna face NURSE and BLIGHt huh

  • ratcoffee
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    There are 34 killers (33 when you played your last 50 games presumably) so it's not at all strange that you've only seen one Xeno in the last 50 games, statistically it's the most likely outcome even