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Friends Til The End !!!


The Good Guy’s perk Friends til The End is such a good perk. i’ve been running it and it’s great, I think it’s a much better alternative to info perks after hooking someone such as bbq or ultimate weapon.

It also reduces the need to tunnel because you have information once you have hooked someone and can instantly go and begin a new chase!

Chucky is a super fun killer, probably an easier blight for people who don’t wanna learn to play blight because they find him too difficult.

At first i wasn’t to fond but now I can definitely understand why people would want to main him, very fun to play and way better than the recent killers which have been released!

I get bored of killer too easily but i really do enjoy him and struggle to see why people would dislike him.

I do think he needs a longer missed swing cool-down bc I missed someone three times when they span me and I still managed to hit them before they reached a pallet which was like 5m away. and his hotbox is a bit wild but other than that he’s great.