Basement is outdated.

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almost everytime someone gets killed by basement the killer will put them on the hook right at the back aka the ######### hook and camp the top of basement so nobody can get the save and if they do go for the save it’s always a trade.

might be a hot take but personally i think basement should be removed or reworked into something less killer sided. i’m tired of my solo q games going from a-ok to everyone going down trying to save because killers just proxy camp and take away any chance of getting a successful unhook.

and don’t even get me started on killers body blocking the unhooked survivors on the stairs to wait out endurance and down them again.

was also watching a very popular streamer just camp it with bubba outside of the anti-camp proximity waiting for someone to go for the unhook, and we all know how that ends.

i just don’t think it is necessary and believe it is old news. get rid. plz.


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    b-word hook is crazy lmao. i also hate basement both because it simply guarantees a camp to death as some killers or forcing a trade as others, and because it sucks all nearby hooks so i can't find any, often resulting in survivors wiggling free. killers can also bodyblock stairway all the way until bt wears off. terrible design overall.

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    Basement only exists to camp and idk why it's still there. At the very least they should give it 2 entrances to make camping less effective.

  • itstofuuu99
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    yeah that’s why i believe it is a hot take, definitely should be tweaked some way or another though

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    I'm ok with a part of the map being very killer sided, an area risky for survs to mess around near or get caught out of position at. Although it's spawn placement is rng it can rectify some quite strong central buildings like that on Ormond, which without the basement there becomes super safe.

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    you can’t just tell people not to loop or run to a certain area of the map, especially when basement spawns in two of the most popular areas (main building and shack) because of the risk of getting hooked in it.

    it’s outdated because dbd has changed believe it or not and is being balanced equally for both sides. and basement is not balanced and is heavily sided towards killer and gives them an easy win which requires very little strategy and skill whilst simultaneously having little to no counter in solo q. just because “it’s the killers space” isn’t a valid reasoning as to why it should be there and why it should stay, imo.

    there are hooks located around the map for a reason, the killer can use them. rather than clutching with a one way entrance death zone.

    even if you don’t get downed near basement, there’s always people running agi/iron grasp/mad grit and make it their mission to hook people in basement so they can camp it and get an easy win, because they know there’s very little survivors can do once they have someone hooked down there.

    survivor assets and mechanics get nerfed because people who play killer complain about certain things being broken/op, killer assets also need nerfed because certain things are broken/op. basement being one of them.

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    Oh the ol' "its about balancing equally!" argument.

    In a horror setting something are a lil unbalanced. I like the fact that the basement is dangerous because it should be.

    If you wan a mechanically generic team A vs Team B game where you never die and get to re-spawn then COD is a great one. No threat no thinking just shoot mindlessly till you respawn.

    I like the DBD feels like a horror film sometimes because that's what its meant to be. Basement is a great horror item and an iconic piece of DBD. I hope they never change it.

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    I heard a recommendation online to make monstrous shrine basekit so the basement would have a purpose to exist in this game outside of the whole “only viable for camping” thing

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    basements like eyrie and hawkins are a bodyblocking campfest because the side of the stairs are covered by a wall so you need to go to the top of the stairs to get downstairs for the save. the stairs may have been widened, but it's as oppressive as facecamping. the anti camp mechanic needs changes and/or the basement altogether.

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    Stay away from the basement and you won't get hooked in it. Just like if you dont want a 3 gen, don't leave the last 3 gens closer to each other. Simple, doesn't need a special fix - means more strategic thinking by survivors. Survivors don't need a fix for every little thing they find "hard" in the game.

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