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Question about Avatars


Anyone know the usual time frame for the new chapter avatars to hit the forum? I mean I vaguely remember using DeathSlinger right after release, I thought Chucky and his perks would be available by now.

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  • Mooks
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    After the first Resident Evil chapter they stopped adding forum avatars for a looooong time. Then a two months ago or so a new BHVR community team member appeared out of nowhere, gave us almost all of the missing pics as well as rainbow birb and then they kinda disappeared again.

    though they have mentioned as well that some licenses will not be featured on the forums as avatars and I do not know if BHVR intends to continue adding them from now on and in which frequency.. haven’t seen any official words on this


    aaaand I just found an official statement (this one regarding Alien avatars which are also still missing):