the knight's new bug and why it could be a feature

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so, for those not in the know, the knight just got killswitched. this video explains why very succinctly:

thanks to DStrike for this video.

what i'd like to talk about is how this bug could actually be a cool feature for the knight with some small tweaks, and could make this killer a lot more interesting to play as and play against as a result.

with some small changes:

  • detected survivors cannot be detected by other guards
  • guards can no longer kick generators
  • the knight can quick-command guards with the CTRL button, making them either immediately kick the object in front of him or immediately chase the survivor in front of him

this could be the shake up that knight needs to actually be fun. knight, to me, always seemed like a killer that would be more powerful the more survivors are nearby. he seemed to be the ultimate multitasker, able to keep multiple survivors occupied at a time. however, what ended up happening is that he became a killer that could kick generators at range because survivors are too able to just run away from his power and he can only send out one guard at a time.

i know that bhvr isn't planning on keeping this bug in the game. but i urge you guys as game developers and as artists to consider the potential consequences of this happy little accident and what it could mean for a killer that has ultimately fallen between the cracks because of how one-note he ended up being on both sides.

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