Maintenance Chapter


BHVR should do a maintenance chapter once per year in replacement for new content. The game isn't really in a healthy spot right now in terms of balancing and bug fixes. There is enough content in this game and honestly, maintenance will bring new interesting aspects to the game (like meta shakeups which this game NEEDS) WHILE making the game better, more balanced, and healthier for the community.

Maintenance chapters will also open more resources for developers to properly communicate with the community in terms of concerns. I believe the main problem right now for the DbD community is transparency and communication between developers and clients. I have seen plenty of complaints/concerns from creators and top players alike (namely Otzdarva: regarding the direction BHVR is taking in terms of the future of the game. Maintenance chapters, I believe, will be beneficial for DbD's longevity.


  • pigslittlepet
    pigslittlepet Member Posts: 432

    I agree but also I would add in here that in terms of balance and bugs the game I definitely in a better state than it's ever been. Is it great or even good? Not really but in comparison to the past it's definitely much better.

  • TheRealChessBoy
    TheRealChessBoy Member Posts: 14

    @pigslittlepet True, but if you look at updates/balancing/meta shakeups in the past it has been laughably slow (old DS took YEARS to get changed), I don't think one can make the argument that because things have gotten better that there isn't a problem for why there are so many problems in the first place (lack of communication, slowness of balancing in favor for new content, etc)

  • Paternalpark
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    Agreed. Spaghetti code is really tangled up rn. Look at Knight being killswitched as an example.