Fix noed pls

Lex1291 Member Posts: 3

it happen to me a couple time, that noed doesnt work at all. the totem wasn't cleansed, and gates had been opened. in one match, one hit was just an injury, and the second was finally an instadown. but that's not enough.

you must rely on perks as killer! fix this pls asap, thank you

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  • crystalkitti
    crystalkitti Member Posts: 363

    Did the person you hit have Endurance? If they flash white when you hit them, that's an Endurance hit, which prevents instadowns.

    What Killer(s) were you playing, and did you use a Basic attack or a Special/Power?

  • Lex1291
    Lex1291 Member Posts: 3

    thank you for the answer.

    I was playing nurse. so i hit probably with blink, so special attack.. yeah it goes only on basic attacks.

    that explains it.

    thank you