So Survivors, which killer do you actually ENJOY facing?

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Sometimes it feels like no matter who I play a Survivor either gets upset in end game chat or gives up. I think the killer I have had the least amount of push back on is Oni, but even then I've had people (only like 2 but still) complain that "You're only using his power for downs learn to chase" which is just wild honestly. But other than that to be fair my Oni games are normally always fun with no one giving up. Other than Oni though, Slinger I had 3 games in a row with people giving up on first hook, Clown I had people DCing and giving up, Skull Merchant is obvious, even someone as simple as Legion I had people giving up. It's insane it's almost like people just don't like this game yet keep playing it for some reason, it baffles me to no end.


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    I have a tier list:

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    my honest tier list:

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    People are going to disconnect no matter what. Survivors will DC at times, killers will DC at times, it's just how it is; it's natural. You could play base-kit Hillbilly with zero perks and someone may still disconnect. You could play survivor, stun the killer in a chase once, and they disconnect. Four survivors means there's a chance for one of them to be sick of the game. It's really not that surprising.

    Here's a tier list for my case, though:

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    my opinions change all the time but here

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    Bubba,xeno,twins,Huntress,billy and myers

    Bubba: I love looping them and giving them company in the basement during egc

    Xeno: I love the mindgame and turret aspect that the survivors have to use although if it's on hawkings I'm screwed unless I'm in a swf since xeno on hawkings with randoms is easy mode for the killer

    Twins: I love playing with Victor and no joke I stop doing gens to play dodge the Victor

    Billy: I feel like I don't need to explain why facing billy is fun

    Huntress: love the mind games that I can do with a Huntress

    Myers: although not that powerful he still can give me the occasional scare especially if they go for a gen grab build and I highly respect that lol

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    anyone who isnt knight or sm.

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    I have fun with most Killers tbh.

    S I almost never have a bad game. People playing these chars are almost always fun to face.

    A is fun as long as they don't tunnel hard or use really cheap strategies/builds (e.g. Tomestone Piece Myers, Hard Tunnel Pyramid Head, Face The Darkness Head Pop Pig).

    B it kinda depends how they play. Played well but fair, they are amazing. Played dirty are frustrating.

    C you get good games and annoying ones. Basically B... but games tend to 50/50.

    D usually is a cheap strat... they can be fun but more often you're getting a lame playstyle.

    E always feels bad... even if fair.

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    Sadako and Amanda right up there makes me happy. ❤️🐽❤️

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    Not many.

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    I absolutely adore going up against ghost face, pig, and myers (unless tombstone, boooo). I'm a stealth killer fan.

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    Chucky and Wesker I've verse so much to the point I made a tier just for them, I can feel like I'm having a blast or the worst time of my life when playing DBD.

    The rest can be understanding in my opinion.

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    The most praise I received was when I played Scratched Mirror Myers. There were a few who couldn’t handle getting scared but they never complained to me.

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    With the exception of Ghostafce, I like killers who are a bit more silent on their approach.

    Old Freddy, Myers, Pig, Wraith... I believe they are fun and help keep what little we still have of the horror atmosphere alive.

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    Bubba, Pig (unless they tunnel the first RBT-ed survivor), Legion, Doctor, Huntress, Freddy.

    Everyone else is either merely tolerable (Oni, Demo, Shape) or makes me wish the DC penalty finally got removed (SM, Nurse, Blight).

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    It entirely depends on the player, some players make fun games, others tunnel and facecamp.