Is it toxic to take protection hits now? (legitimate question seriously)

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So I would generally consider myself a survivor main but I do tend to bounce around based on the BP bonus. Today I was playing a game as Ash against an Onryo. I was doing a tome challenge where I needed to sabo hooks so I had a build made for that sort of (saboteur, scavenger, empathic connection, and mettle of man). The killer got a fairly early down on a Laurie in the game and I sabotaged a hook, took a hit and they didn't make it to another hook. The game continued and the Onryo seemed to generally be trying to tunnel the Laurie (no one else had been hooked). So I kept coming in to try and take hits for her/take chase so that she could have a chance. At this point I had only taken two protection hits (according to my mettle) and we still had two gens left. The Onryo DCd and then was totally coming at me in the after game chat. Saying that all Ash players totally do this and its super toxic. I mean they literally told me to "go k yourself" and I didn't really think I was doing anything that bad. They could have downed me and kept going, demanifested and gone through me, etc. but refused to do so. What are your guy's thoughts?

Edit: For everyone wondering, I did in fact report them. They also said they would report me so... whatever.

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    sounds like someone needs to use forced penance

  • oxygen
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    No. Just someone mad that you're making what they're trying to do a little harder.

    And peak comedy that an Onryo would say that when she has the ability to go through you if she wants to.

  • MrDrMedicman
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    Onyro can go through him, but then they're demanifested. This is exactly why stbfl was made, to counter this playstyle.

  • katoptris
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    Probably didn't know about that part. They can also go for condemn kills as well.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    Protection hits are a part of the survivor toolbox. They are expected to do them and even get rewarded with bp for doing so. However, a bodyblock can be an extremely game changing tactic against the killer - so you are definitely putting a target on your back to get tunneled. Think of it as risk vs reward.

  • Rickprado
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    To me, toxicity mostly happens after the match has ended - in the post chat scenario or another type of harassment.

    Bodyblocking is annoying, but not toxic in any way. The only thing i consider toxic during a match is holding the game hostage.

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    If you don't bodyblock with the off the hook bt endurance, get downed, hooked and THEN cry "tunneling", then everything else in regards to bodyblocks is fine.

    But they do feel incredibly frustrating as killer because all the effort they put into two chases can be negated two steps before a hook. Because hook states are the only non reversible progress a killer can make.

  • Beatricks
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    No, that was just a salty killer handling the situation in one of the worst possible ways.

  • NerfDHalready
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    only if you are under the effect of endurance from bt or otr, to me at least. onryo should've been able to play around a bodyblock anyway.

  • vol4r
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    well, bodyblocks suck if youre a killer XD

    for example if i see somebody taking endurance hit after getting out of the hook - i take them out, tunnel them xD wait out the endurance or double hit. I am not the only one doing that, because most of my friends do the same thing xD but taking hits normally is fine

  • Nazzzak
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    The game rewards protection hits, so no. Alot of this player base sweats the small stuff, just ignore them.

  • Krazzik
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    Bodyblocking is annoying as killer, sure, but it's literally a part of the game and one of the things survivors can do to thwart the killer. Onryo in particular is a killer who can completely avoid bodyblocking with her demanifest so it's a bit weird they complained.

  • pizzavessel15
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    yes and no. no if your teammate is being tunneled or something and you do it to protect them, yes if you just load in and chase the killer around for the sole purpose of being annoying and blocking the killer

  • gothiclolitia
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    no it’s such strange behaviour that people think taking hits is toxic but inevitably if the killer is going to tunnel taking hits is useless

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    you did nothing wrong they were just a sore loser who is not the best at the game-killer main

    p.s. thats me looking at both sides as i usually do

  • Atsuka_Anarchy
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    How dare you take a protection hit for your teammate. How dare you deny the emotionally unstable killer his/her kill. How dare you deny them their happiness. You people take away all the joy and fun in the game by being so toxic and playing efficiently to save each other's peaches. How rude of you body blockers and tankers. Deny them will you? Well, there's a special place in the Fog for people like you..😡

  • crogers271
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    If you are trying to win the game, nothing should be considered toxic. Even the elements of the game I find very unfun, I don't blame either side for pursuing, those issues are on the game itself.

    The only game things that are toxic are the drawing things out for no reason / mocking (staying at the exit gates, hump motion on downs), and even those don't justify hostile end game chat.

  • Donkeybqlls
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    Nope, you're a good survivor dealing with a killer who has a bad mood. Don't let it get to you! <3

  • Caiman
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    Bodyblocks are a valid and intended tool for survivors to use. There's even perks that function off of them, and I wouldn't mind if BHVR made one or two more. Are they annoying? Yes. Are they fair? Also yes. No reason to get so upset over them, there's much worse things survivors can do.

    Every Ash player does it? Probably because a lot of them are fooling around using Mettle of Man like you were, which is such a difficult perk to use that I will give props to anyone who can make it work, regardless of which side I'm playing. Of all the perks to get salty about, this guy picked Mettle of Man? That's messed up.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    The only toxicity was that Onryō player. You were defending your fellow Survivors at the end of the day and there's absolutely nothing toxic about it!

    Survivors love a good player who helps out selflessly. Killers can get annoyed of course, but most sensible Killers understand that you're doing what a Survivor should be doing and not get pissy in the endgame.

    I hope you reported that Onryō player.

  • The_Yosh
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    Play how you want. The perks you were running encourage that style of play. Honestly, if you were able to get value out of Saboteur and Break Out, more power to you.

    However, you also have to be willing to take your lumps if the killer is unhappy. When I play killer, if someone forces a protection hit off hook, I will just go after them instead. They are now in deep wound, so they are vulnerable.

  • Nick
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    Toxic behaviour is things you do with the sole purpose to make the other person feel bad.

    That should answer your question.

  • Xyvielia
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    Hey, sincerely, thank you for staying alive!

    Your life is worth more than you may realize, even on the best day ever!

    …that goes for everyone in this community🫶🏽

    If it’s not a positively constructed comment in end game chat, then it really isn’t worth any attention.✌🏽

  • DrDucky
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    The killer played badly from the sounds of it so no that was not toxic in the slightest.

  • NomiNomad
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    It's toxic if you're winning and I'm not.


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