When is Badhama being Reworked?

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It has insanely strong buildings (4 to be exact) and they have 3 different levels of generations.

The main building window is by far the most OP window in the game, and in it are 2 godpallets as well as two car pallets near by out side

Double story house has too many windows

House of pain is house of pain


I can't bear going here any longer as killer, there is just no gameplay to be had

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  • Caiman
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    Probably my most hated maps along with Garden of Joy. I play on console and for whatever reason Badham is more difficult to see on than other maps which further adds to the misery. It's a boring slog to deal with, especially when dealing with survivors who use the preschool's basement (without basement hooks) and anti-hook and anti-slug perks to make themselves impossible to hook whenever they go down there.

    I also had a survivor match where a stupid bot trapped me in one of the hedges and wouldn't leave because it wanted me to heal it instead of cleansing the Hex Totem I went in there for, so I was stuck in there until the killer found us and downed me. So that's made me hate Badham as both killer and survivor.

    I think Garden of Joy's dining room window wins out for "most OP window in the game" but that hardly makes Badham much better.

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    I think I hate garden of hell a little more but it's a close matchup. Bedham is a horrible designed map and there are so many versions of it that barely make a difference. They all suck.