Anti Camp Feature Needs Improvements

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I have seen so many killers still camping and tunneling without penalties. Killers just camp a few meters away from the hook or right above the hook (shack) which completely ignores the anti camp mechanics. The progress bar for self unhook takes forever to fill itself plus the hook stage bar still progresses while killer is next to the hook.

Suggestions: make hook progression pause while self unhook progression is active. Other improvements could be the increase in self unhook progress bar speed, bigger radius and adding anti camp mechanics for camping from different floors.


  • Emeal
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    @dakhnas The system was never meant to affect Killers who proxy camp, only Killers who face-camp.

    Thats why they called in the Anti-Face-Camp System.

    Now I agree that Killers such as Slinger, Huntress and potentially Trickster have been able to game the system and still be able to camp with face-camp levels of success, but still its a great success cause I have not seen a face-camper in a long time.

  • Stroggz
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    Anti gen tunneling needs some improvements too. If there more than 1 survivor or killer around the repaired gen it should pause and blow up, or just regress. If the gen is repaired with toolboxes it should be blocked on half for 30 seconds or until survivor gets 30 yards away.

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    its called ANTI FACE CAMP. I don't know why survivors are genuinely refusing to believe this. it does nothing to proxy camping or tunneling. quit complaining about that.