Remove depipping


Can we pretty please have depipping removed. There has been a significant increase in killers tunnelling and/or slugging which is making it so much harder to even hit the safety mark, especially if you’re the first one tunnelled.

not to mention the large amount of survivors going afk or killing themselves straight away, making it hard to achieve anything in the game.

why should you be “punished” with depipping because of things outside your control. It is so hard to just play a normal game of dbd lately?

even if you need to make it slightly harder to gain a pip, it just doesn’t really seem fair to depip outside of dcing.


  • pigslittlepet
    pigslittlepet Member Posts: 432

    I agree. I think they should remove depiping except on dc. Maybe make a dc reset your pips to none for whatever rank you are on.

  • Decutor
    Decutor Member Posts: 161

    long overdue