How do I explain the main objective for DBD?

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So I’m terrible at explaining how video games work and I’m just asking how do I explain the objective for DBD in the most easiest way possible to my friends that would be interested in the game.


  • RaSavage42
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    It's really simple... as already stated

    But getting those Objectives is the "hard" parts

    Then Perks, Items , Addons and Offerings might take a little longer... but knowing is half the battle

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    Spicy Tag

  • Thusly_Boned
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    Trying not to die of exasperation is my DBD objective most days

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    Mention killer “hookers”.

    you know….…

    ….. because of the hooks.

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    Easy its to either get solid saves from flashlights or its to meme and get clips for YouTube

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    It's an escape room crossed with hide-and-seek tag.

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    Killrush vs. Genrush - The game.

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    A game of cat and mouse where 1 person takes on the role of the killer and 4 take on the role of the survivors. Survivors must work together to repair 5 generators to power an exit gate and escape, while the killer tries to halt their progression by putting them on sacrificial hooks.

    While the game is simple on the surface, there are plenty of variables that make each game different from the last. No matter what side you play, you dont know what youre up against.

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    Mention that burn out is very real in this game and it can be infuriating and if they are on PC warn the about endgame chat.