Cutting the Perk Bloat

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This is probably a controversial take but I think it’s time for the devs to consider the option to finally overhaul all the perks in the game. It seems like there are just too many niche and useless perks that hardly get a use and all the new perks are generally underwhelming save a select few.

Perhaps it’s time to merge some perks such as (just an example) Botany & Self Care to where you get a speed bonus to healing your teammates while you heal yourself at the pre-nerfed Self Care speed. Another example could be (again, just an example, don’t roast me for this) combining Ruin and Undying. They can also use this overhaul to remove hardly used perks or perks like Knock Out that only serve to torture SoloQ since it doesn’t affect players on comms.

Going forward they can reduce the amount of perks that characters are released with down to two rather than three in hopes of coming out with more interesting/useful perks. With how things are, there’s just way too many perks and it’s just daunting to try and decided what is worth running that isn’t the cookie cutter meta and it’ll make it easier for newer people to make a choice.

Also, it’s long been past time to do the same with all the useless brown offerings and add-ons. At lease let us sell them back or combine them for superior versions.


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    I'm not sure how well this would work out, or go down with the playerbase.

    I think they need to cut down on the frequency/amount of characters added to be honest.

    When we're already oversaturated with characters and perks there should be zero reason for multi-survivor chapters or additional survivor mid-chapters.

    Nick Cage was great, but could have been balanced against a killer only chapter, and I still don't understand why we have Thalita and Renato, none of their perks are interesting or useful. They could have been one survivor with a legendary skin.

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    That’s why I said it’s probably a controversial topic. I’m sure plenty of people are attached to their chosen perks and the idea of 3 perks per character, but in the end, I do think my suggestion would make for a better game. People will just need to adjust. I admit that I could be totally wrong with this and it could kill the game, but I strongly believe the devs should at least make a team to at least try it out and have some players beta test it.

    I do agree with your suggestion of cutting down with the frequency of new characters. Rather than the standard 4 chapters/killer releases a year, they could cut it down to three or even two chapters a year. It would give them more time to work on new perks and killer powers while ironing out bugs. It could potentially give them more time to even take risks with new gameplay mechanics in beta mode and see what response they get from the playerbase.

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    Totally for trimming the fat of the perks. Stuff like Brutal Strength and unrelenting (just %-stat boosts) may be the simplest to just remove with hopefully not much backlash.

    I'd trade all of Wraith's perks for improvements of the visibility and general mechanics of bloodstains and scratchmarks. Hell shadowborn finally got basekit'd. They could keep the new shadowborn as his sole perk.

    For the addon aspect, I'd probably want to either remove all %-boost (charge time etc) addons and make some (or most) of the lost stats basekit, or remove different rarities of addons with the same effect. For killers I'd go as far as making the playstyle changers alternate abilities instead of addons (Mirror myers, 1blink nurse etc).

    For survivor items and addons, I'd probably try to remove the Items from the bloodweb, give survivors infinite base items of each kind and rebalance the lost power into the base item and the addons. Then Survivors could be balanced around always having an item equipped. Would probably not work like i wrote it down cuz of chests. Well ,having chest items spawn with addons without the need of a perk (which can get removed then) would be perfectly fine in this topic.

  • Huge_Bush
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    I’d love if add-ons for killers would change play styles like Scratched Mirror does. Let’s hope the devs take some of our suggestions and implement them. The game really does need it.

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    Personally I'm against this.

    I enjoy experimenting and creating builds in DBD, and I also like doing the challenges. There have been several times when trying to do a specific challenge that there has been that one weird perk that has actually been the one I needed to complete the challenge.

    Having weaker perks in the game doesn't cause a problem, so removing them doesnt gain anything, and keeping them allows for creativity with your builds.

    That being said, I would like some perks to be buffed to be actually useful, E.g. Quick Gambit, Poised, Predator, Beast of Prey... Not every perk has to be meta strength, but it should at least be usable.

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    I think all the perks should at least be useful, some of them are just useless, thus adding to perk bloat. I don't think they can delete them now, but they can make em viable.

    Don't have to make them OP but make them decent like dejavu or we'll make it.

    I am no longer buying characters anymore unless it's one's I really like, like Aya Brea or some resident evil females anymore.

    Anyway if there is a new good perk then it just ends up getting nerfed eventually so who cares. Why waste money meh. And why have more perk bloat...

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    my guess to why they're not doing that is because of their business model. You see, if they re-vamp perks or modify killers, they get no income. you don't need pay for modifications. When they release Chucky... or Wesker, you need pay for the chapter to access content. So if they suddenly start decreasing chapter count, they will lose income. The obvious problem is that.... the game does not need more chapters or more content. It has enough content as is. It only needs refine its current content. The question is how long will BVHR be able to keep releasing content for revenue.

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    there should be an entire chapter dedicated solely to new general perks and buffing the already existing perks that bobody uses at all...