Can we PLEASE put an end to the Tombstone add ons.

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There's a lot that's unbalanced in this game, but nothing is so ridiculously broken as the tombstone add ons.

I recently moved to Japan, and playing survivor I run into AT LEAST one Myers running tombstone piece MINIMUM daily.

I'm so sick of these games where I play well, I do what I should, I avoid feeding the Myers, but because of the joy of teammates he shows up with 2.999 tiers of Evil Within, chases me for a grand total of one second and my game is over.

Or, conversely, a teammate plays poorly and gets eliminated in the first minute of the game and it's basically over as a 3v1 that early.

There is simply no justification for add ons that instantly kill a player on their first chase of the game, especially the tombstone piece paired with anything that stalks faster, because at that point it's barely harder to tier up than his baseline.

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  • mikewelk
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    I wish more people knew about the locker tech... Nevertheless, the add-on needs to be worked on because solo queue is already enough of a nuisance as is.

  • anarchy753
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    Yeah, great. Instead of being instakilled, I can be pulled out of a locker and slugged for 4 minutes. That's so much more engaging and rewarding.

  • finalgrrl
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    there’s so many things in this game that are busted, complaining about the rare tombstone is craaaazy. in the last month i’ve seen zero tombstone myers.

    and tombstone is fun to play against. it’s high stakes. it adds some extra tension to play around. he’s the only killer who has the ability and he’s a relatively low pick killer.

  • Volcz
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    Genuinely don't have a problem with it.

    Never once have I died to a Tombstone Myers and thought 'wow this shouldnt be in the game'. There is counterplay to it & thats what makes it fun (after you know its in play). I do think there should be more of a 'tell' in identifying it because most often, the first person who has to deal with it usually dies..because they didn't know it was a Tombstone Myers. Sure you can be slugged if the Myers is stubborn but that is literally true to every killer. That isn't anything new to Myers.

    Tombstone and SM are his best variations, take that away and he's got nothing that really incentivizes anyone to play him.

  • bjorksnas
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    Mikey is just a silly little guy he can have some mori addons as a treat

  • Caiman
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    It should work like Pyramid Head where he can only do it to survivors on death hook. My only real complaint with the Tombstone is that it often kills a survivor before they really get to play the game at all. And then they depip because we still have that awful system. So fun.

  • OnryosTapeRentals
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    I've always loved this sound effect. Gutted they removed it.

  • GeneralV
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    Supposedly they were going to bring it back, but only for the killer to hear. Not sure why this wasn't done.

  • UndeddJester
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    Judith Myers Tombstone Iri should stay for a few reasons: -

    • JMT is surprisingly balanced, and the fear/suspicion of it can mind game survivors to run much sooner from gens in of itself.
    • It's obviously a requirement for the Evil Incarnate achievement/trophy, which several people have sunk a lot of time into getting.
    • The instant execute is a unique trait of Myers, who is the most lore accurate and roleplay perfect adaption of any DBD killer, and that's not a trivial thing.
    • It's one of the few things that actually forces survivors into lockers for grabs, which is a requirement for certain challenges.

    Tombstone Piece on the other hand, yes this should die... he'd need a slew of buffs to compensate, but TP as it is is just broken.

    I think Myers should have a basekit Stalk pool replenish on survivors that recharges at a rate of 0.5 charges per minute (maximum pool is 10 per survivor, and it takes 5 stalk to pop each EW level). I would then have Tombstone Piece trebel that recharge or something so Myers can stalk much more freely. That's 1 of Myers issues fixed.

  • C3Tooth
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    Because Blood webs are cheaper, at the same time earning more BP. Each match you use 2 addon, but the BP you earned can let you get 10 addon. You would never able to deplete your addon at all. If after a match you get a Brown, a Yellow, a Green, a Purple and an Iri. You should use the strongest addon.

    Making the rarity system / strength of item/addon almost pointless.

  • Chiky
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    they are absolute bullsshut and should be deleted. It's not even fun to play against

  • MrDardon
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    For me Myers isn't that common. I play on Vienna Server.

    I had one yesterday after quite a long time.. guess what he had..

    He also got lucky to play on his best map.. Hawkin's. Unironically, I had to check if he had dropped an Offering.

    But regarding Tombstone, it's so powerful and fast that you have to respect it even though they might not even have it, resulting into a potentially gifted down because you had to jump in a locker cuz of safety reasons.

  • tjt85
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    I don't know if the add-ons are the problem, or there's a wider problem with how easy they are to get in a blood web. Same goes for any problematic add-on.

    If you dump enough BP into one Killer, you will never ever run out of their strongest add-ons.

  • Aven_Fallen
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    Yeah, the Tombstones need to be removed. Dont understand how they can last that long. Jumping into the locker is an option, but a) there needs to be a locker and b) it might not even help, because he might not have the Tombstone (e.g. Unlimited Evil also takes longer to achieve, but you dont know if it was Tombstone or Unlimited Evil what he had when he takes longer).

    Furthermore, you dont know how long he actually stalked. I had a game months ago where a Myers was at Tier 3 very quickly. He then downed a Bill, found me and I was tombstoned. Never expected it because he downed the Bill instead of killing him and he was on Tier 3 so fast... I basically saw the Myers 5 seconds and was dead. While not feeding him any Stalk at all.

    In general, Myers needs some changes. He is the prime example of an outdated design with his Kit created for DBD 7 years ago but with broken stuff which also was around back then. When I started playing, Myers was considered an A-Tier Killer, nowadays he can be seen as one of the weakest Killers on Tier Lists.

    But I think, removing the Tombstones should be done regardless of other changes. If the Devs need to think what they want to do with him, it is fine. Better a well-thoughtout rework than a failed Rework. But there is no point in keeping the Tombstones in the game any longer.

  • Seraphor
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    It would be pretty simple to make it so it only applied to survivors who have had 2 hook states already.

  • Reinami
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    That's because without it he may as well not have a power unfortunately. He would be much better off if they reworked him and removed those addons while buffing him.

  • I_Cant_Loop
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    I'm not surprised it's been in the game this long. It helps sell DLC content so of course BHVR aren't going to change this add-on.

    I hadn't seen it in a while but just went against two in the past two days. I can't say what I recommend people do when they face a tombstone Myers because it's against forum rules. It's really not even worth trying because you can loop him all game and then once he finally catches up to you bam you're dead. But I guess selling DLC content is more important than ensuring everyone has a chance at a fair match.

  • OrangeBear
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    This is the change i would want. I think removing the ability for myers to kill without a mori completely would be a shame.

  • solarjin1
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    It pretty much for the free when u running TS peice or infinite tier 3 with stalk increase addon. always been like that.

  • edgarpoop
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    They're really cheap add ons. The game doesn't need to go full competitive with its balance, but stuff like the Tombstone add ons should go. The counterplay can't be "pray for good locker RNG". And even then, you have absolutely no way of knowing whether Myers has a tombstone or not. It's not quirky or random. It's cheap. The game doesn't need stuff like this to thrive. I'd argue that add ons like Tombstone hold it back more than anything.

  • anarchy753
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    I wouldn't mind that at all because it solves all the problems. It means he has to do real chases, and hook players, so everyone still has opportunity for bloodpoints and pips, and it means you aren't deleted from the game for 3 seconds of misplay, or running into an almost-no-terror-radius killer after completing a gen you couldn't possibly have seen him from.