What charms are you running?


It may seem minute but charms really do add that small layer of personality to each player. What charms are you running? Show them off! Maybe some of us will recognize each other while playing! 😊


  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
    MikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 6,564

    I am using different charms on different characters but i am using same combo on my main characters:

    Silent Hill Dog charm

    Pupper's Warrior charm

    Cat with witch hat charm ( i dont know where i got this charm but it's super cute )

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 7,167

    I got the same loadout on all my hooks right now: Trans Pride flag, Progress flag, and the pride-coloured bird. Big fan of those ever since they were added, haven't taken them off since putting them on.

    Though, shoutout to the "heart in a cage" charm from... I think Trickster's tome? That was a cool charm, I used that one before.

  • Harbinger1985
    Harbinger1985 Member Posts: 69

    I usually picked in Trial Bloodpoint one, the Auric Cell one and some special stuff what I liked. I recently playing through old Tomes and getting charm from their. But for my favorite characters I sue their respective perk charm since I P9 them (p100 sound insane).

  • Quizzy
    Quizzy Member Posts: 862

    I always have a pride flag on. Then the other 2 are related to the character, be it their own figurine and any charm that came from their tome.

    But I do have characters where they don't have that so I just put on any iri charms from the rift or tome completion that look good on them.

  • supersonic853
    supersonic853 Member Posts: 5,378

    Puppers, pride progress, and pride crow.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,163

    The cat with the witch hat is Little Sweetie from this past Halloween event 😊 I’m using that one too!

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,565

    Usually the latest Rift- and Tome-Charm (the Iri ones) and the Pride-Bird.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,778

    On Dweet I have two Dwight charms and the warrior Puppers. On Mikey I went with two pumpkin based charms because he is THE Halloween killer after all, and Dwight crow.

  • Shroompy
    Shroompy Member Posts: 6,280

    I always try to run "lore accurate" charms on my killers, (Things like the MacMillan charms on Trapper, or Coldwind ones on Billy) but on Survivors I usually run the same. Meg being my main I run the Serum Vial, her little figurine, and the DbD Mobile one.

  • GeneralV
    GeneralV Member Posts: 10,216

    None, actually.

    I wanted to use the Shock Splinter and New Moon Bouquet charms, because they are directly connected to the Old DBD, but I didn't get them when they were available.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,776

    I use the saw rift charm

    I like little tricycle Billy on my hooks

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    I really like the spherical ones that glow purple and the blue glowing candle ones. They go well with the glow in the dark Halloween cosmetic (Vittorio)

    As killer, I try and make them fit the theme of my killer so Oni has the gold Chinese symbol which kinda looks Japanese. I also have the Sheild for Knight. I also have Nowhere to hide perk charm to try and fool the survivors into not hiding around gens as I go to kick them 😅

  • MarbleThrone
    MarbleThrone Member Posts: 320
    edited January 25

    All my survivors have the Broken Mill charm from Rift 14, no exceptions. As a Dutch person I can't afford NOT to run this charm now, can I? :P

    Aside from that one, I run many different charms on my survivors and especially on my mains I switch them around from time to time, often in accordance with seasonal events. Right now, my two survivor mains have the following charms:

    CLAUDETTE: Broken Mill (Rift 14), Jonah Vasquez Figurine (Rift 12), Incubated Plant (Rift 16)

    JONAH: Broken Mill (Rift 14), Science Girl Issue #1 (Rift 12), Pub Dartboard (Rift 11)

    Both my mains have a charm referencing the other!

    On Killer I try to use charms that fit them the most, and I'm sad I've missed a couple of rifts (like the Plague one). I have everything from Rift 9 onwards, so killers like Trickster, Ghostface, Skull Merchant and Twins have appropriately decorated hooks.

    My killer main is Artist and I have 3 cosmetic loadouts preset for her, each with 2 recurring charms and a unique crow charm that fits the outfit.

    1) Fascinating Assemblage dress + Anniversary mask -> Pentimento charm (Prestige reward), Crow in Disguise (Twisted Masquerade), Cyber Feather (Rift 16)

    2) Robe of Reprisal dress + Inky Gaze head -> Pentimento charm (Prestige reward), Creepy Crow (Rift 17), Cyber Feather (Rift 16)

    3) Wistful Grief dress + False Crown head -> Pentimento charm (Prestige reward), Undead Crow (Rift 13), Cyber Feather (Rift 16)

    During the last Bone Chill, I had the frosty dress + weapon and the frosty eyes equipped, and ran the Wormy Wreath as the corresponding charm.

  • katoptris
    katoptris Member Posts: 3,082

    As killer I run charms that are relevant to killers. As survivor it depends on how I'm feeling on them.

  • RFSa09
    RFSa09 Member Posts: 616

    auric cells charm and bloodpoints charm, i want a iri frag charm so much

  • LegacySmikey
    LegacySmikey Applicant, Member Posts: 538
    edited January 25

    My survivors have their doll charm (if they have one) otherwise nothing.

    On killer I generally just use charms for 3 of the 4 perks I'm using its fun to see if any survivors will actually work it out!

    4th perk has to remain a secret surprise though obviously usually a generic killer perk because I don't believe they have charms yet for some reason, been a while since I looked admittedly,

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,552

    Gnome Chompsky

  • Vorahk08
    Vorahk08 Member Posts: 228

    I use different charms on all my characters and try to pick ones that fit their personality. My absolute favorites though are the Demon pumpkin from the recent Halloween event (it's just so cool!); the Motion Tracker from the Alien Chapter because it's a dead ringer for the one from Alien Isolation, one of my favorite games; and the Dancing Marionettes as really sharp and elegant. I know those are all from the past year, but I actually think they really knocked their charm design up a notch this year.

  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 177

    Warrior Puppers.

  • AlphaYandere
    AlphaYandere Member Posts: 66

    I use two combos... one on Killer and one on Survivor:

    Killer combo:

    Observer Office (red), For Honor Helmet, 4th Birthday Cake

    Survivor combo:

    The 3 Attack on Titan charms

    I would love to have the Blightserum from the first Rift but sadly i had a DBD breack in that time...

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,861

    Just Warrior Puppers charm

  • ratcoffee
    ratcoffee Member Posts: 1,098

    Flashlight, Killer Sauce and Pride Bird

  • GentlemanFridge
    GentlemanFridge Member Posts: 5,400

    Very pleased to see so many people pledge their fealty to the Rainbow Birb

    I, of course, wear it as well, alongside whatever I feel suits the character best. On my mains, I have added the Ace flag as well.

  • Mew
    Mew Member Posts: 1,828

    shiba charm and trans flag charm

  • AzshFayd
    AzshFayd Member Posts: 37

    I only run the Puppers charm o7

  • tjt85
    tjt85 Member Posts: 710
    edited January 26

    The charms I use tend to differ from character to character, since I like to make themed builds if I can. Obviously, Ripley/Alien has to have the Tracker charm, Sadako her cursed video tape and Well charms etc.

    I love the Necronomicon charm especially though, so that's pretty much always equipped to every Killer and Survivor I own. I also like the various bird ones and the recent Halloween event cat charms, so they get a lot of use as well.

  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415

    These 3 charms: Blighted Syrum, Lantern and Blue Orb on all my Survivors and Hooks

    …some Hooks I’ve swapped the Blue one out for a Killer specific charm.

    Prefer charms that are ‘lit up’ or sparkly n shimmery

  • Droneinthrwind
    Droneinthrwind Member Posts: 92

    None. Couldn't care less about charms. You can't see them anyway.

  • Beano744
    Beano744 Member Posts: 77
  • Nathan13
    Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,639

    I just like to throw random charms on like decorations.

  • Beano744
    Beano744 Member Posts: 77

    I use Puppers charm, Rainbow Flag and Progress Flag.

  • Smoe
    Smoe Member Posts: 2,560

    Every killer charm slot 1 consist of charms that relates to their respective killer's power or weapon while every Survivor charm slot 1 consist of charms that relates to their perk specialities or perk themes.

    Every Killer & Survivor charm slot 2 consist of charms that relates to the character's lore.

    Every Killer & Survivor charm slot 3 consist of a figurines of the character themselves (if it exist, otherwise it's just a random charm that fills out.)

  • EQWashu
    EQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 4,704

    I have a few that vary through rotation, including being festive for whatever season it may be, or Halloween ones because I'm just feelin' them, but a few I keep on one of more characters always:

    • WARRIORPUPPERS (To stay comfy, and keep the Light in the Fog with us, always <3)
    • PrideBirb
    • Blighted Jack-o-Lantern on Oni (for my Oni Pumpkin Sculpture)
    • 3 various yellow-colored charms on Singularity (kind of a long story, but it relates to a health issue I got surgery for last year when the Singularity PTB came out, and the disease's awareness color is Yellow like the metal body of Singularity)
    • The DbD Legion Comic book charms on Legion (that came with physical copies of the comic)
    • And the last one.... I'm surprised no one else posted it yet:

  • ShinobuSK
    ShinobuSK Member Posts: 5,279

    Puppers, silent dog and that orange frog

    But mostly I just have puppers on everyone since before that charm was added, I havent used any

  • HexHuntressThighs
    HexHuntressThighs Member Posts: 778

    “Lovers In A Dangerous Realm”

  • LittleBigSunset
    LittleBigSunset Member Posts: 230

    Mr Puddles, the Pride Birb and Gnome Chompski. The ultimate trio.

  • Liam282
    Liam282 Member Posts: 219

    Puppers, always have Puppers on my characters/hooks.

  • CountOfTheFog
    CountOfTheFog Member Posts: 1,853

    None, they look awful and some, like the auric cells one, give you away if you're hiding in bushes.

  • AbsolutGrndZer0
    AbsolutGrndZer0 Member Posts: 1,281

    I usually try to tailor them to the character where I can, especially on killers, however on survivors I usually use

    Jeff's Ormond Sketch to represent The Legion (Susie)

    and Toilet Heart

    to represent The Pig

    The Pig and The Legion (Susie) are my two mains when I play killer.

  • Xernoton
    Xernoton Member Posts: 5,367

    On some characters none because I don't really care and can't be bothered to go through 20+ pages of charms.

    On others I use the perk icons for the build I'm running. It's especially funny when I have the Lightborn charm and even after the 5th missed attempt they don't get it.

  • DragonMasterDarren
    DragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,762

    Here's what I generally run