Is dead by daylight killer sided or survivor sided?



  • KolbyKolbyKolby
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    In my experience it has been fairly killer sided since 6.1. I usually get winstreaks of several hundred when playing killer using no slowdowns and only 3 perks (as I'm a shadwborn diehard).

    Trapper, Wraith, Billy, Plague, Pig, and Huntress are usually who I play and I try to make sure I get at least 6 or 7 hooks before killing anyone. All these limitations on myself and it's still incredibly rare for a game to get to the point where the exit gates even get powered let alone have survivors escape.

    On Survivor, playing solo is almost certainly a guranteed loss unless your opponent is new or not skilled, and wins can only happen with any regularity in a group of 3 or more, but even then it's not nearly as common as on killer, where I might get survivor escapes on one out of every 20 or so games.

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    Assuming the MMR system is functioning as it should (it probably isn't) and it's managed to put together a fair match:

    I'd say it's Killer sided Vs a disorganised and varied Solo Q team...

    But Survivor sided if the Killer is facing a co-ordinated SWF.

    All things being equal, I think a SWF on comms should have the upper hand because they can break the game's balance completely. There are only two Killers in the game that can actually stand up to a strong SWF (and even then, they must be high level Killer players). All a half way decent SWF has to do is sit on 4 different gens at the start of the game and be above average skill at looping. In 90 seconds the game will be almost over. Most Killers on the roster won't be in with a chance against that unless they play dirty or bring a full endgame build.

  • Pulsar
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    Probably Killer-leaning on most levels of play and Survivor-sided at the very top.

  • humanbeing1704
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    I always thought of the game being rng sided tbh

    you can have the worst rng possible and have the least amount of pallets on a rancid abbaitor

    or for killer every tile is a safe spawn

  • UndeddJester
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    So by that logic: -

    • The game is killer sided when playing strong killers, and survivor sided when playing weak killers?
    • The game is survivor sided when survivors work together and organise themselves in SWFs for the objective, and killer sided when survivors are in SoloQ and not working together?
    • By extension this would mean an middle of the road killer and a modestly competent pair of independent duos is a balanced game?

    This would explain why high level survivors and organised SWFs tend to go up against Nurse/Blight, and low level soloQ survivors tend to go against Trapper/Myers.

    This means if we're taking overall balance, the game is pretty balanced and neither sided...

  • Shuma
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    It’s proven by stats that it’s killer-sided. There’s literally only 1 killer on that doesn’t have a positive kill to death ratio and that’s The Twins.

    Skull Merchant and Onryo are at a 67% win rate and a 28% lose rate.

    With 21 of the killers, survivors lose more than 40% of the time

  • Witchubtet
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    SWF sided, been playing since 2017 and I can assure you that survivors always got the upper hand when it came to QOL and perk balancing.

    Take DS and DH. Both very annoying and was run none stop. Yet it took years to change them. While it took about 5 months to turn a top 75% use rate killer perk into a trash secondary perk.

    Now killer powers? Yeah a lot of broken stuff there, but it only took a few encounters to learn how to handle them.

    As of right now? It’s more balanced but it’s a killer by killer basis. If 55% (just an example) of all killers are Wesker, blight, and nurse it screws up any killer win percentage, but their number will boost it for the lesser killers (Freddy, Twins, and Ghostface -depending on how badly they bugged him in a update-)

    so to clarify my position, it’s SWF>High Killers>Soloq>Low Killers. SWFs will always be on top and be the most annoying but the same can be said by a soloq Talking about Nurse or Blight.

  • Sylhiri
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    Not even sure the win conditions are comparable since you can have a state where both a survivor and killer can win the same game or lose the same game.

  • ChucksterMainin
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    i can tell you as a Spirit/Chucky main it is killer sided and i dont run slow downs.

    there is that 1 group every 10+ games that still thinks DBD Esports is a thing but that is every once in a while compared to all my 3-4k's (I dont slug just aint that serious)

    Edit: i need to add because a lot of killers do this now apparently, I dont check profiles that is cr*nge at this point

  • JudithMorel
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    this literally should NEVER be a thing, the fact that it is proves that the game is absolutely killer sided.

  • DrDucky
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    It depends on the meta. During the eruption COB era it was the most killer favoured meta we had. But at least in this patch before grim embrace comes out killers have significantly less game delay compare to then. So I don't think you can always just make a blanket statement of "this game is killer favoured".

  • Shuma
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    DBD has the win/lose rates for games and it’s based on whether the killer wins or loses.

    For MMR, if a survivor escapes or dies, is used to adjust that survivors MMR. So for MMR an escape is “treated” as a win for an individual survivor.

    A actual game “win” for the killer side or team survivor side is whether the killer gets 4k or 3k as a killer side win and 0K or 1k as a survivor team side win.

  • CountOfTheFog
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    This about sums it up. If I have one friend in the lobby, even someone that I met in game, not using comms, we can escape roughly 4 out of 5 trials.

    In SoloQ, I survive about 1 in 5. I'm extremely Altruistic though, so I do occasionally lose so that someone else can live.

    Killer gets much harder as you start facing better and better teams as you rank up.

    As a BP Main (I play the role with the incentive) I see the frustration of both sides.

    I've been mainly Killer these past two weeks and it's amazing how fast generators pop with Deja Vu as compared to when you're using the perk as Survivor.

    It's all perception, of course, but you can feel it. That's why I think it's important to play both roles.

  • VdG232
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    Playing both sides almost equally, I think it is Killer sided in the majority of games.

    Average Solo Q matches swing heavily in quality between getting slaughtered at 4/5 gens and having a really good match with 3/4 survs escaping. I don't blame my teammates besides killing themselves on first hook or giving up at the slightest inconvenience. Everyone has poor performance in his matches from time to time, so do I. The lack of communication is such a big factor.

    Killer matches are more consistent in quality and I almost never have the feeling the match is unwinnable. Of course there are really good swfs out there, who give you a hard time, especially late at night or at the weekends. But hey, I can't win every game.

  • Bafugaboo
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    It feels like it does take a few things into account. What map is it on? Do the survivors understand what they need to do? What is the killer? Last is the killer skilled?

    Those are what it seems determines the outcome more than it being just one side or the other.

  • Nick
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    Nurse, 1 out of 34 killers who gets a streak like this (2 if you count Blight) makes you think DBD is killer sided. Oof poor you...

  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
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    I think it has switched over the years back and forth. But currently, as of right now, it's killer sided. The tunneling meta still hasn't been figured out by casuals and solo'Q for the most part. So new survivors and average survivors will likely get steamrolled.

    Of course, anyone can have a bad game. It'll happen. BUt we're talking on average I assume. So killer sided currently.

    Do as Rei says and ignore stats. We all see what everyone else sees, and Rei is telling you it is not what you are seeing. So be your own judge I guess. Personally I trust my brain and data. I trust my experience IN the game over the years.

    Swf on coms is greater than killer is greater than Solo'q. This has pretty much always been. This should be the only answer we need, and it makes each game individually killer or survivor sided. So in that regard, there really isn't an absolute answer to this question.

    And killers will say survivor, survivors will say killer. We're all human and tribal. :)

  • hxp
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    Absolutely killer sided. You just need to camp or tunnel, play Nurse, Blight, Spirit or the new hillbilly.

    SWF is not greater than killer. Definitely not!

  • sluc16
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    I'll say a little killer sided, mainly because I rarely play killer, and when I do I mostly get 3 or 4 kills, and I'm not even good as killer.

  • tak47888
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    On high level survivor sided. Otherwise it is pretty random, depending on maps, layouts perks etc.

  • pseudechis
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    There is a killer bias in outcome (kill rate) but as has been discussed extensively that's not necessarily a bad thing given what the game is about.

    As for gameplay itself, outcome is typically dictated by killer ability to manage time and apply pressure vs survivor ability to coordinate. That's why we see the disparity between solo and SWF games for survivors.

  • ImWinston
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    I was joking, just relax and touch the grass🤣🤣🤣

  • scoser
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    It's whichever side you're not currently playing sided.