Gen times


It’s crazy how long gens take now. I have played multiple games thus far and have yet to make it to end game. I’m spending most of the time looping and even then the gens can’t get done before everyone dies. Seems like this game is starting to turn killer sided. That they can’t find a way to make the game even between killers and survivors. The way the gens were before was fine.


  • Skillfulstone
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    The gens take longer (or at least feel like they do) because regression was demolished and all gen-kick perk, even if not regression-based (Nowhere to Hide, Trail of Torment, Surveillance etc.), were made a liability. Not to mention STBFL, the best chase perk for weaker/M1 Killers (that the best Killers couldn't really use), has been reduced to a tunnelling perk.

    Now the meta has turned to gen-block & specific regression perks (specifically Pop and Pain Res due to them having the strongest regression per activation), new Grim Embrace and/or DM are very common now due to a near-guaranteed 25 second slowdown (give or take a few seconds depending on Killer). Literally all they have to do to make the anti-3-gen system bearable is make it only activate when there is 1 gen left because as it is it only reduces variety.

    Update's been out for less than 24 hours and I honestly think more than half the Killers I've faced had at least 3 of those perks and the closest thing to an M1 Killer I've seen was a Tombstone Myers (not exactly standard M1). Somehow I haven't seen a single Onryo despite her getting a rework (granted it was a serious nerf from PTB but still).

    Ironically enough, due to how the "counterplay" for Grim Embrace + DMS works, this kinda reminds me of the OverBrine Eruption era where SWF teams could call out when to let go of the gen but SoloQ spent half the game Incapacitated. SWF teams can call out when to let go so the gen is only blocked for 12 seconds instead of more than 20 but SoloQ can only guess.

    Fun Fact: Potential Energy can kinda be used to "gen-tap" like before. when enough tokens are accumulated a Survivor can instantly stop the regression by using the energy in the Killer's face. This can be used to force the Killer to use another one of their 8 regression events to regress the gen again if it has high enough progress.

  • MechWarrior3
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    I haven’t had too much of an issue in all honesty.

  • LapisInfernalis
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    I played at least 15 matches yesterday and I only got out 2 times.

    Why? Because killers like tunneling those who try the adept as they know that those survivors don't have any fancy stuff.

    The gens did not get changed. Just all the ######### players returned.

  • KA149108
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    I would say the new meta for survivors is end game build Hope (to get to door quick if hatch is closed), Left Behind (to find hatch), Wake Up (to try and open door) and Unbrekable.l (if there's you and one other survivor left and you get slugged for the 4k).

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    Gen speed isn't the issue its poor gen efficiently from a lot of survivors players

    sadly even if you loop a killer for several minutes doesn't mean your team mates will do anything. If people actually do the gens they will fly by pretty quickly. In future matches keep an eye on the hud an watch how active or inactive your team mates are.

  • Chiky
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    "Seems like this game is starting to turn killer sided." "The way the gens were before was fine."

    So, survivor sided is ok? smh

    Also how is the new system supposed to be killer sided? They didn't even chsnge genrushing to say it got worst for survivors...